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I’m in between patients and it’s getting a bit intense in my office, but I want you folks to know I’m committed to keeping you posted and podcasting. We are up against a wall right now and those of us that are Light workers and bringing you the updates are dedicated to helping humans ascend. Most of our human condition has been foisted on us by nefarious entities that are very powerful. It’s not our fault. Do your best to let go of the guilt that’s been programmed into you and LOVE YOURSELF!!!

I will be posting a YouTube Video on synchronicities that keep coming through my front door and into my office. I will call it Matrix Updates so you can start to get an idea of what synchronicities look like around you and how they feel.

The other will be continued podcasts on the Quantum Body based on Quantum Physics, Modern Science, and not Newtonian Materialism. This is important. I never tell my patients not to see a doctor but keep them in perspective. They are trained as Newtonian Materialists and have a very limited understanding of your body. YOU HAVE TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF and tell them what you want. I will podcast on how to do this further as we go down the line. Always be respectful and firm with the white coats. They are learning too and honestly, are not at the LEAST ready for what’s coming.

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