Thursday-Daily Reading; Self Generation and Integrity Sometimes Mean Dredging Something Up From the Subconscious Mind.

Just acknowledge it and let it go. It’s a mistake to ruminate in the subconscious mind since we didn’t program it, our mother did.

The Power of the Psi Bank is 25, 3x the normal 8 so DNA is a bit geared up and will probably go up since today is Blue Storm.

The Body Holon

We land on Blue 8 Galactic Storm, 8Tryptophan, a transformer, kin#99. The 5gforce is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon. Kin 99 is the death of J.C. on 4/7/30A.D.

The inverse HF is 41; Galactic input informs the flowering of integrity. The Hidden Wisdom today is White 6 Rhythmic Wind so that is the meaning of the death of Christ. This HW is about organizing the details about what Spirit really is and communicating it. He did that and thus significantly sealed the input of Spirit on Earth with the rhythmic tone of equality. The Urantia Book says he came mainly to free women and bring gender balance to the planet (that the Draco and Reptilian with their dominant male ways seeded here.) It’s not at all normal in the local universe to be this way.

The Psi Chrono Mask is White 9 Solar Wind so we have 2 Wind placements today mediated by URANUS; The Hidden Wisdom, and the Hidden Mask. Interesting. Subconscious issues are not exposed. That can be seen in the 5GForce as the primordial Mother Red Dragon. And according to the Urantia Book, J.C. had a very tense relationship with his Mother Mary who was an aggressive, overbearing woman. It literally says that. Of course, she is not portrayed that way by the Church. Just another lie.

The Interplanetary Holon in Our Sol Ring

We are mediated by Pluto and the Sun today in 5th density so this is in exact synchronicity with the first bullet in 3D. Also pulsing are Saturn (5th density guide power as Blue Night), Mercury (5th density antipode as Red Moon), and Uranus (5th density Hidden Wisdom as White Wind). Heavy sync up!!

  • A creative aspect between the Sun and Pluto today points to gaining an advantage or edge through design, solving problems, and willingness to challenge ourselves (Blue Storm is self-generation!). We’re ready to put effort and extra work into pursuing our desires.
  • Mercury enters Libra today and will continue in the sign until September 23rd. Due to a retrograde later in the Mercury-in-Libra cycle, Mercury will retreat into Virgo and then return to finish up in Libra in October. During this Mercury cycle, we are diplomatic and friendly, bringing a more rational approach to one-to-one relationships. It’s an excellent time to think about ways to improve our negotiation skills. Mercury in Libra can be vacillating energy as we attempt to see both sides of any given situation. While indecisive, this is a fine period for considering others’ points of view.
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, aligning with Venus, and we can be enthusiastic, friendly, and perhaps indulgent.


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