Suspicious Observers-Something of Value to Us

Starting at 1:18, he gives a nice list of all of the astronomy disturbances on our 9 local planets. Those changes are completely changing the DNA of the planet and affecting our 3D lives here on Earth. Pause it and note it well.

Also, there is far too much hype on Google about the Sun right now, basically fear-mongering again. Remember what Corey said, they feed off the “loosh”. Be peaceful and rational and they’ll starve.

  • Venus-rapid wind speed increase; mediates Yellow Star~Blue Monkey
  • Earth-magnetic field weakening, lightning rotation speed, much increase in the ELM levels in the Schumann Resonance (the time tunnel is opening) We have record auroras and storms also; mediates Blue Hand~Yellow Human
  • Mars-atmospheric warming, seismic surge; mediates White World-Bridger~Red Skywalker
  • Jupiter-radio emission, red spot anomalies; mediates Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle
  • Saturn-cyclic storms and anomalies; mediates Blue Night~Yellow Warrior
  • Uranus-record auroras, record storms (the time tunnel is opening); mediates White Wind~Red Earth
  • Neptune-storm reversal and an ice age; mediates Red Dragon~White Mirror
  • Pluto-atmosphere collapse and an ice age; mediates Yellow Sun~Blue Storm
  • Maldek/The asteroid belt ???- mediates Red Serpent~White Wizard

They always sweep the asteroid belt under the rug because it’s heavy karma. There you have the dang issue with the Reptilians on this planet.

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