I’m Not Convinced The Earth Changes are Caused by Solar Forcing Alone

I think human consciousness and the earth are doing it. We’re just seeing the effects of what we’re doing in the ScR.and the Sun because they are managing the energy so that we are not a danger to ourselves or the local system.

I know hardly anyone agrees with me but I’m not on the planet to be liked but to help as many people see our potential as possible. We are not weak little Insects about to get squashed by the elite, E.T., or the earth.

In our urban myth, The Sun is seen as male and the earth as female. I believe that is a projection of patriarchy rather than a fact. After all the Sun birthed all of the planets in our local system and all DNA comes from the Sun during evolution. The Sun has parental influence also like our Earth Mother.

I view the Sun and earth as sentient and I’m not alone. It’s the ancient, intelligent understanding of our cosmos as opposed to the nihilistic, materialist, reductionist, view of modern science that anything that isn’t human made of flesh and blood is dead or “inanimate” and is passive and waiting to be acted upon.

My sense is these changes are not solar forcing alone but the earth and sun cooperating with the will of the earth and all DNA on it, like a married couple would discussing their maturing child. (Us). When your child is growing, a wise parent doesn’t force, they discuss. The only fathers who force their children regarding anything are psychotic. The Sun is not that way and neither is the earth. I feel we need to look at the Schumann Resonance and the solar activity together as a discussion. NASA factors in both.

The astronomers and Suspicious Observers are not treating the earth as though it has any power in evolution. It’s absurd. Is the sun forcing changes alone? No, it’s not. We and all life on the planet are doing this as embodied TIME and the Sun and the earth as our parents are managing our growth without chaos taking over, without letting us endanger ourselves or the entities in the local system. Children are powerful co-creators. As the children of the Universe, we are co-creators with all of creation. Humans are not here to be passive and it’s not in our nature. Good parents guide their kids and are obsessed with their safety. The Sun and the earth know us. They gave us life. They are our cosmic parents, but all good parents know that their children need to be self-generating, do it themselves as much as possible, and eventually be more independent.

We did not cause climate change but because our instinct is to grow, feel better, and be freer, the solar system is helping us, not trying to hurt us with a cataclysm of their making. Earth DNA (humans, animals, plants, all of creation) is initiating evolution, ascending to a higher mindset because it’s a natural growth cycle for all of us.

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