Thursday Sabian Symbol

December 30“An Albatross Feeding from the Hand” Capricorn 10© 2021 Blain Bovee 

This Sabian symbol is illuminated 7:00 AM EST December 30

Balance Sheet-A balance sheet weighs expense against revenue. Not all balance sheets are about finances. Consider your words. You speak, you spend energy in words and sayings. Words, as we understand, have meanings much of which is expressed with tone, emotion, perspective, wisdom, or the lack thereof.  Dialogue and conversation then might be seen as energy expended on balance with what comes back to you.

The albatross points to how a thoughtful person may hang on an exchange as if floating still in the air, in effortless contemplative grace. Today, Venus, archetypal energy of relationships, love, joy, and desire, retreats into the temple where she floats on elevating wings like those of an albatross. Self-examination is questioning and questing of and for oneself. Very little is straightforward. Two pennies spent here do not always mean two pennies return there. Thoughtfulness lifts high, transcends the usual balance sheets. In silence and contemplation, (Self-existing meditation!) one is thrown back (revenue) onto oneself.

The space widens becomes still with a stinging silence. Little streams of desperation’s children run this way and that trying to fill the vast silence with noise, upset, and attention-getting behaviors, but it is just noise and ‘balance’ means harmony. In the temple, a man asks big questions of himself. He is resolved before God and all that is divine, true, and good. Memories peal old discolored paint from walls of yesteryear. Flaws are exposed. Expenditures past and present seem futile, never measuring up to full and complete realization. Heaps of failings and flailings. A bottom-feeding flatfish. A flounder wishing to, like an eagle, soar.‘Feeding from the hand’: in the suspended moment of hanging in the air, the albatross must receive from the hand.

There is a question of nourishment then. To be thrown back upon yourself in reflection is a development that requires sustenance. Therefore, we ask, what sustains the thoughtful, self-examining quest? Great day to take love and sensitivity into the temple. Great day to send your thoughts and prayers high to the mountain temple. Let your words and foolish desires scrape their knees on the rocky upward path. On balance, to the outsider, bowing one’s head in contemplation looks the part of someone weak and uncertain. However, this too motivates because an individual’s self-questioning needs to leave the confusion of the public market and the morass of the many. Simple questions. They cut just as well now as they did in early years… perhaps now, a little deeper. 

Blain BoveeBlain is the author of the book “The Sabian Symbols in Astrological Analysis: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed”, Llewellyn, 2004.

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