New Discovery. Table 2 Has Been Updated; The Themeplex translated to RNA/DNA codons Master Document.

It’s on page 45 of my book “Time is DNA”

The illumination is the box on the far right in the table below. There are 64 of these in the book. The top line I had figured out long ago, TTC is the IChing DNA nucleotide that overarche the Tzolkin Harmonic and originally appears as a trigram-hexagram.

This is the first 3D oracle that overarch our DNA. The Chinese IChing is ancient also. It’s read from the bottom up, 2 lines at a time. The 2 bottom lines and the next 2 lines up are AA. The top two lines, one broken and one straight is G. It’s nucleotide AAG; Adenine, Adenine and Guanine.

It means that all kin and all evolving amino acids in the themeplex evolve the energy of SOVEREIGNTY, according to the Chinese. This is my birth Hexagram. Yeah, I am into sovereignty over my mind, life, and body because I’m supposed to lead, eventually. Tone 13 is like Tone 4 as far as Self-Existing. We have an affinity with ALL tone 4’s.

We know what our attributes are for Tzolkin kin. Red 13 Skywalker is the first one in the far left box and the rest of the kin spell out my Dharma. I looked at the table and saw that the Inverse Harmonic box (Our karma) on the right was not specific enough as far as the pulse from IChing nucleotide to Tzolkin HF.

Behold, the Tzolkin HF62 pulses to Hx8 which is TTC or…UUC if it’s mRNA which has URACIL instead of Thiamine as wiggly, uncontrollable, very funky mRNA that the geneticists called “junk DNA”.

See the middle box. mRNA is UUC. That proves the INVERSE Tzolkin harmonic codes the mRNA; messenger RNA.

Down to the last 2 lines of the far right box. Our THEME harmonic is HF4 and pulses to Hx14 which is AAG. Look at the tRNA-AAG designation. That proves our 5-kin Tzolkin line-up everyday codes the tRNA which is what I suspected all along. I explain in my book.

tRNA is the Transfer RNA. What is transfer RNA in the genome movement…in our bodies…as we speak? tRNA is an adapter between the DNA message and the protein. It codes the mRNA from the ribosome. tRNA surrounds the mRNA codon and translates the message from our Mother’s DNA into the tRNA molecule. In the Tzolkin, that is the Hidden Wisdom at the bottom and also our subconscious mind.

It then creates an mRNA strand and does its thing, changing and evolving us forward until it hits a Stop Codon (Yellow Sun, Proline, or Tryptophan (Blue Storm)), and then we have protein termination. Clear as mud?

HF4:13:13:13, 14:1:14, 15:2:15, 16:3:16 DNA-AAG-Lys-K

13-13Gln∞13Thr, 13Phe, 13Ala, 1Leu (+)
14-1Lys∞1Lys, 1Val, 1Ser, 13Ile (+)
15-2Arg∞2Val, 2 Ile, 2Ser, 12Thr (+)
16-3His∞3Ala, 3SC, 3Thr, 11Ser (-)

680.4 Hz  

1 Jaguar-4D  
2 Eagle-1D  
3 Warrior-2D
Tzolkin Inv. is HF62-DNA, TTC-Phe-F

HF62 pulses to Hx8; TTC and crosses to Hx7.  

HF4 pulses to Hx14; AAG, and crosses to Hx13.  
This is Red 13 Skywalker Harmonic parsed out in Table 2 of my book

Time codes us. OUR TIME as souls in the universe and our experience over lifetimes CODES US. That’s why we have a SET DESTINY that can be parsed out in The Sabian Symbols, The IChing Oracle, and the Tzolkin Oracle. I’m sure there are others.

I’m here to say we are each unique AS TIME and IT IS OUR BODIES, MIND, SOULS which are all DNA/RNA changing and moving all the time as we learn and grow on this one planet.

It’s a mistake to walk through life not wanting to remember who you are, where you came from, what you did, and who you knew, or where you’re going. The Universe wants you to know so you can pick the details of how your dharma and karma play out in your body, your DNA, your time on earth.

Dr. Chavez is physically blind now. His sister told me the details. It’s happened for a reason and I see it all through his Sabian symbols and his Tzolkin harmonics; dharma and karma. He can heal himself while he has someone read the clinical trials on his condition. I hope he will but who knows.

We all need to be on top of our lessons pulsing through our bodies and make sure we’re open and learning our lessons. Disaster can be avoided if you truly want to know what your hindrances are and how to remedy them.

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