Tuesday Daily Oracle; The End of August is Aligned with the End of the 260-day Cycle

NASA Image of our Great Star, the Sun

I endure in order to Enlighten. Transcending Life, I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire with the Cosmic Tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Flowering. I am a galactic activation portal.

65:20:13:260, The Full Tzolkin Count

Today is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. The Sun is our arbiter, mediator between Galactic Center and our Interplanetary Holon. All of it is changing quickly and affecting all DNA and every molecule in the Local Universe of millions of planets. The 5GForce today is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun!

Interplanetary Holon Today

We have a waning crescent moon and the moon is in Gemini until early tomorrow morning when it moves into Cancer. The Sun is still in Virgo and we’ve had a myriad of Mercury aspects changing our communication scenario. Mercury is now in Libra until November 4th so pleasant, balanced relationship movement is possible. Libra is ruled by Venus.

The Sun is quincunx to Saturn this morning so this is a challenging aspect. The antipode is White 13 Cosmic Dog, the full count of Love and Loyalty which is mainly an ideal on Earth. This is a propensity to enjoy ourselves, be happy and positive. Saturn is about responsibility. Ideally we can balance both. I suppose it’s possible that a majority of humans could at some point embody 13Dog. It’s always a possibility, but the limbic brain will have to move to the background. We could take a break but Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed is the Guide power! Cosmic Targeting and Awareness that has us questioning, creating, realizing our potential, cracking open a DNA seed pod inside to get moving.

Our Support is Blue 13 Cosmic Storm; Self-Generation, interdependence, no excuses, go through what we need to to get to the other side. The Hidden Wisdom is Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. We need some gratitude here for the Red Tribes that are full of fire and initiative or there would be no life on the planet. Thank you Red Dragon kin!

Body Holon

The synchronicity with the Tzolkin and the 3D Body Holon is our grounding held by Red Moon right foot and White dog left foot, both mediated by Mercury. Our bodies are changing as far as our DNA either for the worse or for the better depending on whether CNN is God or your own intuition and body with consciousness of the Matrix is in charge. It’s becoming more and more obvious regarding who is tuned in and who is tuned out. So be it. Best to accept it now rather than complain because there is no reasoning with someone full of fear and mind programmed. Everyone has a choice.

I had a wild session with a patient yesterday because he had a knee replacement. I put my Reiki hands on it and felt like I was in a magnetic tractor beam, the strongest I’d ever felt. It was terrible and very unnatural for THE BODY to be running that kind of QI. He is usually an extremely chipper and positive fellow and now he is down, in a funk and feeling unwell. The natural DNA Qi is loving, warm, mammalian, kind, and loving. That’s the normal state for equilibrium. I rarely feel it in people which is why they are ill, in pain, and in my office.

There is no DNA in a metal and plastic joint. Keep in mind now that there is a long list of “things”, food, drink, and people that hold chaotic energy that IS NOT in alignment with our own organic DNA/RNA and will create misalignment and thus illness as we move forward. It’s like oil and water. They don’t mix. There are many examples in nature. Neither are our phones or electronic equipment in alignment with our DNA. I’m feeling it more.

We are DNA as TIME, every cell of us, our minds, our souls. When you think about putting something in your mouth, Rx, alcohol, junk food, a new joint, or an RNA vaccine, ask yourself if it is in alignment with your cells of your body and will it strengthen or weaken them? The same goes for thought and feeling habits of ego such as fear, competition, greed, anger, and violence. Don’t judge yourself because we live on a very toxic planet energetically, the air and the water. But when very negative mindsets creep in, get some tea and meditate. None of us is perfect but we can take steps to improve and problem solve our hindrances instead of indulging in emotion which just makes it worse.

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