Watch “Multiple ‘Galactic Federations’ are Intervening in Human Affairs – Part 2” on YouTube

Please watch this.

TEMPORAL means time. This is a time war and control over our own time, making EACH DAY OUR OWN FIELD OF PLAY. Jose Arguelles said that in the Dreamspell. That’s why I’m blogging.

Other species will continue to be able to easily manipulate the human species and earth until we realize, accept, and ACT ON, the fact that we have fabulous souls, minds, body and spirit ourselves and can use them to create our own destiny. It’s all in the Tzolkin and I can do your chart if you wish. It will wake you up! Stand up. Bow to no one. Walk side by side with our Creator as A FRIEND.🙏 That’s not ego. It’s power in love.

We can heal and develop ourselves by learning about how the mind IS the body, to let go of the pieces thinking. We are not in pieces and once we feel our QI in our body and the magnetism of our minds, we can’t be messed with. It’s the only way to dominate the time war and reclaim our planet as well as end physical death and suffering.

You are a superhuman. Each breath you take is from the heart of the superuniverse in love and light. Let it in.

The main reason many don’t feel that is we’ve been programmed, mind controlled to give over our will, heart, mind and soul to greedy dark actors who view us as a snack for their empty souls. They gave away their soul long ago elsewhere and saw humans as easy prey.

The only reason we’ve survived and proceeded forward is because our universal parents, Mother Spirit working side by side as equal with the Creator Son, love us to eternity and have given us their Spirit to help us thrive. You have to let it on though.a

There are other species who are in light and love who have helped us also but the help ends at our FREE WILL. We have to choose to want to wake up our own minds. Love cannot be forced on us, but evil is. How ironic and how telling about which one is the correct choice. The forces of love and light never tell us what to do; they make suggestions and show us things. There is no control.

Any instinct to control and any behavior that feels like control IS NOT coming from love. There is your first clue about which way to go and who to trust. If the desire to control is coming from you, stop moving, sit and meditate or pray for the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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