Friday. We’re Universalizing Self-Healing with Blue 12 Hand Theme and Blue 12 Storm Guide Power

I DEDICATE in order to KNOW. UNIVERSALIZING HEALING, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the crystal tone of COOPERATION. I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.

This is the essence of our primary job now which is TO RAISE OUR PHYSICAL FREQUENCY.

I just posted Michael Sallas’ video which you need to watch to understand what’s going on. We’re in a temporal war or Time War, although we are protected right now by the Galactic Federation of Worlds and helped in the self-healing by the Maya. That’s how I’m posting all of this. The Maya are HEALERS and I agreed to be part of this mission to teach people how to know their body by the Universal Harmonic and heal themselves. It’s our big power.

GAIA is alive and sentient as well as all life on her and she needs to slowly ascend, not traumatically ascend just as we need to slowly ascend in the process of evolution. That’s why I stopped posting the disaster cult videos of Suspicious Observers. He’s harking to the PAST. I’m eliciting a brighter FUTURE through intention and empowerment. I’m on the future to present timeline and so is Red 13 Skywalker (me)

Body Holon

CRYSTAL TONE 12 PULSES WITH THE LEFT KNEE ONLY, ALL DAY. We are on the right side, Galactic Karmic Inbreath, the male principle side of the double helix. It NEVER pulses alone and is always in communication with the right side. Please internalize this for big truth. This is the case whenever anything manifests in 3D in your body and it’s the case in all of your relationships. So, memorize the Interplanetary holon and know who is who in which tribe in all of your relationships. Mine are EXACT. It’s big information.

Theme is 12Isoluecine pulsing at the right abdomen below the navel and stopping at the thigh. This is Blue 12 Crystal Hand. The mantra above gives you the gist of the entire themeplex.

Analog 12Glutamic Acid is pulsing at the left abdomen below the navel and stopping at the thigh. These two lemniscate with the infinity symbol together in our evolutionary history and in creating our future body holon. Blue Hand ∞Yellow Human helped GROUND the planet and start the human species again after the Tiamat blow up. This is a BIG transfer point on the body holon and also hits the lower back as well as the front Dan Tien below the navel, the location of the attachment of the human soul when we our attached in our mother’s womb (the navel). Whatever 3D manifestation you have going on down there speaks to your mother and your hidden wisdom or the subconscious programming that you need to integrate and then elevate. Meditate on it and follow your intuition.

Guide Power is 12Tryptophan or Blue 12 Storm. This pulses to the LEFT BRAIN. This is wake-up energy. Get moving. Circulate. Stand up and walk. Don’t sit, bow, obey or be on your knees.

Antipode is 12Phenylalanine or Red 12 Crystal Earth. This pulses to the left side of the face.

Hidden Wisdom is 2Lysine or White 2 Polar Wizard. This pulses to the left breast or pec.

5GForce is 2Glutamine or Red 2 Polar Skywalker. This pulses to the left rib cage/thorax.

Earth Holon-Geomancy

Blue Hand is a Core Kin pulsing to THE HEART whose job it is to TRANSDUCE in us and on the planet. It is located at the Equator and 165 degrees east. It’s in Micronesia off the island of Nauru.

Again, feel free to just google search those coordinates, on your phone, and it will pop up. Humans need to start interacting with the Time Portals. Then, to usurp GOOGLE and the military, just remotely view or project your mind to that spot, making sure you protect yourself first in mediation, to see what’s going on.

Keep in mind the military knows how to block remote viewers from seeing anything connected to the cosmic web but THE MAYANS are around as well as others lifting up human vision that can probably get past their freaking walls. Go ahead and try. You have my blessing. I will intercess with my Maya helpers and ask them to help you.

This is all I have time for today. Our mediating planet is THE EARTH.

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