Pars Kutay on Evolving DNA.

I posted that I thought it would be 13 strands as he says in here he thinks it will be 12.

We are moving into 13:20 coordinate to achieve gender balance.

“One of the most Exciting Aspects about BE-ing on Earth right NOW is the Retooling taking place in our DNA.

Cosmic Light-Encoded Rays… as Photons… have been coming onto Earth… stimulating Change and a Reordering inside the human body.

The Scattered Data that holds the History and Awareness of the Living Library is NOW Reorganizing.

The Galactic Tidal Wave of LIGHT… as expressed through the Great Uranus / Neptune conjunctions of 1993… brought an infusion of Cosmic Rays onto the planet… Creating a Potential Third Strand of DNA in the Masses.

NEW Helixes or Strands of DNA are BE-ing formed as the Light-Encoded Filaments are impulsed to re-bundle themselves together.

The Scattered Data is BE-ing pulled together in our bodies by Electromagnetic Energies from Prime Creator.

As this Re-bundling and Reordering Progresses… We will Create a more Evolved Nervous System that will facilitate NEW Data to move itself into our Consciousness.

We will Awaken many Brain Cells that have been lying dormant…

and We will BEgin using our full Physical Bodies rather than the small percentage with which We have been functioning.

We have Agreed to Carry LIGHT and Return LIGHT to this planet.
As We BEgin to Fill our bodies with LIGHT… our Memory must BE Opened.

We must Evolve as the DNA Evolves… into a Multi-Dimensional version of our SELVES… Spanning many layers of Reality.

Picture your SELF Spiraled with Twelve different Strands of DNA.

The Double Helix has Two Strands. Imagine Twelve Strands all Hooked together. We can picture them as Six Pairs… although that is Not necessarily how they combine.

We play with this image making. Outside of our bodies… picture Energy Highways coming out of our Twelve Chakras.

We Live in a Web of Invisible ENERGY.

The Twelve Strands of DNA serve as links to this Web through the Twelve Chakras that act as Energetic Doorways into our bodies…

connecting us to the Vital Force of Existence.

It is through the Opening and Activation of these Portals of ENERGY that We can know our SELVES.”

With Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Very Cool pic from Pars’ post.

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