The Epic I-Ching by Fu Xi of China and It’s Binary System of Divination. But Which is Older? The I-Ching or the Tzolkin?

The I-Ching predates binary code by as much as 5,000 years, and gives us reason to question our faith in digital technology.

The I Ching Round in the middle isn’t that far from the Mayan Round. Note the 64 trigrams on the outside circle, thirteen rectangles in the next inner circle, the 8 basic trigrams next in two sizes and then the pentagram in the middle which stands for Jupiter. Jupiter is the mediating planet for Yellow Seed or VALINE and Blue Eagle or Arginine. Remember the antipode is Red Serpent here so this evokes the Annunaki or the rivalry through Enlil and Enki. You can see the details in my previous post. This whole Oracle is very grounded and based in 3D. There isn’t much multi-dimensional aspect to it.

This is a great article on the I-Ching and how it’s binary system underpins our 32 and 64 bit computers.,China’s%20own%20Tihane%2D2%20supercomputer.

But as this article states, the I Ching is far more than a binary mathematical system. In fact it’s a bit heretical and quite a hack to take the trigrams and turn them into a a supposedly society changing digital system that is supposed to be superior to all spirituality and religion. But, that’s A.I. It seeps into and programs the Mind to replace Source.

“The I-Ching represents the binary poles of reality as Yin and Yang. Like 1 and 0, these are abstract concepts that can represent the poles of any binary set, but in the text of the I-Ching are often discussed as female and male. They are notated with a broken line for Yin or 0, and an unbroken line for Yang or 1. These lines are combined in sets of three to produce the eight basic trigrams, which are in turn combined to give the 64 hexagrams, which are at the heart of the I-Ching’s system of divination.

The I-Ching was far more ambitious than the current practical applications of binary code, even in the most powerful supercomputer. The 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching claim to represent nothing less than the archetypal situations of human life itself. To “read” the I-Ching, a person uses either coin tosses or yarrowstalks to generate a hexagram. Each hexagram is accompanied by an explanatory text – in fact, three texts written in different historical periods of the I-Ching’s analysis.”

I’m pretty sure the Tzolkin is older and has been around for 26,000 years. If not on earth, then probably on Venus. Then comes the I Ching, then comes computers so we’ve become more incoherent and out of touch as time advanced on earth. It’s not our fault. This is still a prison planet but not for much longer.

The Mayans relate that they were Venusian. I’m bringing this up because I’ve run into a snag pinpointing the Alpha and Omega point. The I Ching designates it in the 64 hexagrams as Hx12 and 33 for the Omega point and Hx56 for the Alpha point. That may be but that’s just for the 3D manifestation.

As we enter Harmonic 33 tomorrow, which has no I Ching Hexagram, by my estimation, Kin 130 is the Omega point and Kin 131 is the Alpha point. So, the Tzolkin is going to win on this one.

Tomorrow we begin where you see the purple on here. Blast off!


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