Monday Readin;. Ancestral Clearing; Cysteine, Tyrosine, Serine, Asparagine and the Stop Codon

I harmonize in order to nurture.

Modeling Being I seal the input of Birth with the Galactic tone of Integrity.

I am guided by the power of Life-Force.

The Dreamspell #21

Alligator is synonymous with Dragon, although I believe Dragons were real in ancient times. Alligators are the progeny of the Dragon just as Red Serpents are.

This archetype speaks to Mothers and Mother Spirit who works right next to The Son as an equal although that’s been edited out of all the books. It’s elaborated on in The Urantia Book. On planets that have ascended, the genders are equally respected and work together. We’re not there yet and need to keep working on it. Women and men are not here to use and objectify each other but to love one other. Same goes for women and women and men and men. The competition for money and sex or “to win” is egotistically unfulfilling in the end. It’s fun for maybe an hour and that’s it.

The analog support is White 8 Galactic Mirror; Integrity in reflection and order. We’re able to ponder the REASON for our society, mating, families and children. Are they materialistic, predatory (eat and be eaten) reason or will we be led by our endless soul urge?

The Guide Power is it’s progeny, Red 8 Galactic Serpent which survives the onslaught via instinct, intuition and Life-Force.

The Antipode Challenge is Blue 8 Galactic Monkey; ability to harmonize creativity, play, illusion and magic in the midst of this heavy energy. It is all an illusion after all because we’re in the Matrix. The only thing that lasts is MIND and memory.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Sun. We have to work at seeing balanced enlightenment when humans are still mimicking each other too much instead of using critical thinking and taking original action from their own impetus. Why? To fit in. Why do we want to fit in? Mirror neurons in the brain show ; White mirror shows how we REFLECT TO EACH OTHER instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror more. Too much following and mimicry will get you in trouble. You won’t see or feel your own soul. It IS in there and will express itself through your feelings. That’s the purpose of feelings and the body. You wouldn’t be alive without your unique soul which manifests AS your body. Pay very good attention to that to SEE YOUR WAY on this planet. The Universe has your back big time on that issue.

The 5th density GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Storm which I essentially just made light of above. The body and the feelings are impetus for Self-generation. It’s related to Tone 4, self-existing. No one SITS THERE ALL THE TIME. The tones move daily as you know. But if you are Tone 4 you will need to be by yourself more than any of the other tones.

Tone 6 pulses up to 10 which pulses down to 2. So the Hidden Wisdom pulses from rhythmic to manifestation, to polarizing/stabilizing.

Today’s Tone 8 pulses up to 12 which pulses down to 4. So the theme of the day is Galactic-Crystal-Self-existing. Ponder that. We have to move from and feel ourselves (tone 4) in order to be useful in the larger galactic (tone 8) collective (tone 12).

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