Friday Reading; Perfect Synchronicity Automatically

Tone 10 is Perfection of Manifestation

There is no coincidence, serendipity, accident, or fate. There is synchronicity that you attract with your mind to you that is unique to you. Everyone has their own synchronicity that goes with their birth themeplex DESTINY. The details regarding how to work it out are up to you.

Everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents. We live in a universal matrix that is governed by a multidimensional Harmonic Code called the Tzolkin that is projected via the Sun from Galactic Center. It then enter the PSI Bank, the Mind of earth and is monitored by the Schumann Resonance. It’s a status report on the evolving DNA on Earth. The daily themeplex codes our DNA and helps all life continue to evolve in an orderly fashion AS TIME.

In that evolution we are TIME as a cellular DNA animal that is believed to be able to exist and evolve in more than one place at a time. Our cells have cellular memory of everything we’ve done, think and feel unless we let it go. Our bodies are sponges and they have access to all the information in the Universe if we know how to focus our minds. We are powerful creative beings with Blood that is QI. It functions like a computer program, sort of.

They cannot duplicate Human Blood in the lab and they will never be able to. It contains our soul, our Mind which is given to us by the Creator. Clever humans will never reach the level of the Creator so no need to worry about it.

Red Earth and White Wind, it’s analog are all about this kind of thing. Red earth attributes are focused on evolving, Synchronicity navigation, track clues on the ground, collect synergy, govern the earth force, SHIELD, be an earth keeper like a shaman, crystal healer, liberal and confident. It seems to me THE ANSHAR are the Stellar Species governed by Red Earth or Phenylalanine. They are very focused on crystals and try to make them underground. Corey Goode is in touch with them often.

Uranus rules Aquarius. We are moving into The Age of Aquarius

The mediating planet is mysterious Uranus. Notice that it has rings like Saturn so it may be radiosonic as well. One of the main directives in the Dreamspell was to mine the Time Tunnels between Uranus and Earth. Uranus is the third planet in from the sun and Earth is the third planet out toward The Sun. Keep an eye on your Red Earth friends and family. They may just be channeling things they don’t want to talk about. It’s all good.

The analog support is White 10 Planetary Wind; synchronized communication which is the Truth. That would be DISCLOSURE and a significant piece was released a few days ago. We are slowly being included in the Galactic Community. Etiquette is, they are PEOPLE, not aliens and they are Stellar Entities and Stellar Communities, not E.T.’s or extra terrestrial. In fact, most of them are terrestrial. They live on Earth with us hidden. They aren’t extra. They have cultures, bodies, families and are much like us but look very different. They are our ancestors!! Some look exactly like us and they would be humanoid. Don’t make a big deal about how they look or you will look like a newb. Don’t objectify anyone based on appearance! Be sure and share this with your family and friends as we move forward.

The Guide Power is Red 10 Planetary Serpent. That is Survival, instinct, Life-Force, Passion, resourcefulness, headstrong, intimate, creative, sensual, extremist and charismatic. The Red Serpent is the progeny of Red Dragon or the Draco who wreaked the havoc of Tiamat. After that they turned into The Reptilians who are still on the planet making trouble through the Deep State. It needs to be over soon. We are done with the karma of Tiamat and Maldek (Mars). The Good Red Skywalkers need to take over now. There was a group of shadow or Sith Red Skywalker. Notice all the Red tribes here. They are Leaders on the planet; Red Dragon, Red Serpent, Red Moon, Red Skywalker and Red Earth.

The antipode challenge is Blue 10 Planetary Hand or perfect knowing and healing. Everyone has to tell the truth for there to be healing. No secrets.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed; Measuring the Form and Targeting Awareness. Meaning, be Rational, not emotionally indulgent or over-dramatic.

The help from the Galactic Fifth Force Group is coming from Blue 4 Self-Existing Night which is isolated, introverted, abundant dreaming, sleeping, and meditation. Some kin will be very sleepy today and bring in some great information no doubt.

Namaste. Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

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