Free Chocolate Chip Cookies and Espresso Today!

It’s Friday! TGIF.

While you’re reading this, you’re imbibing this…

Today is a day to explore, maybe on your own, to assess how awake you are in these times of being asleep as far as consciousness because of taking in the MEDIA more than you do your own instincts and intuitions.

We are walking around in a body ON EARTH but our minds and souls can travel the universe. Still, we like to bring FORM, color, tone and texture to our lives as humans in this experiment. That’s Tone 4; Self-Existing.

Our feelings are just guideposts along the road, not be set upon like a comfy chair. They’re a flowing stream running over our feet with rocks on the bottom that we could easily slip on if we try to stand on the rock! Don’t stand on your feelings. Just use them to KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT AN ASPECT OF YOUR PERSONALITY. That’s all they are. But they are useful to bring form to who you are. Better to do it than say it.

Today is a G.A.P. kin or Galactic Activation Portal, mediated by Mars, but impacted by Venus in the Hidden Wisdom position.

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