Friday Reading

We are in Tzolkin Harmonic 35 today, still in the Central Channel which corresponds to the Human spine and head or the CNS and the Axis of the Eternal Present that goes straight through the Center of the Earth. I Ching governance is Hx49 which means revolution.

The Mayan Oracle is in synchronicity with the astrology today with the Taurus Sun in conjunction with Taurus Uranus. There is innovation, freedom, rebellion, aesthetic and creativity in the air. Some of us, especially Taurus are re-making themselves, forming a new image where they put themselves first. Taurus are naturally loyal and patient but don’t always speak the truth about how they feel about what they’re tolerating. They’re not Aries or Sag after all. Especially Aries never lies. In our culture you’re supposed to tell people what they want to hear and almost every sign does it except Aries. Taurus especially pride themselves on being socially appropriate. Taurus can be extremely giving and nurturing to a fault so they are turning that around now and cutting some false chains that their ambition and love of security bring to them.

I channel in order to evolve. Inspiring synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of universal water.
  • Theme: 7Phenylalanine or Red 7 Resonant Earth; Synchronous event or meeting that has implication for the future.
  • Analog; 7Glycine or White 7 Resonant Wind; probably some storms today. Events will involve great conversation.
  • Guide Power this morning: 7Methionine or Red 7 Resonant Red Moon. Your feelings about what you’re doing today jive nicely with what you are moving toward
  • Antipode this afternoon; 7 Isoleucine or Blue 7 Resonant Hand; Events today will be healing with a sense of accomplishment and step forward.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 7Valine or Yellow 7 Resonant Seed. After the day you will feel like you’ve hit a target and your focus and improved as well as gaining some awareness. You’ve planted a good seed.

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