Re-Program; Cosmic Rays in the Earth’s Atmosphere Are Intensifying and Affecting our Climate

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Please look at this article by The Watchers before you read my post.

The Changes in the Sun are Greatly Affecting Earth’s Magnetic Field and Thus our Weather

The finding comes from a campaign of almost weekly high-altitude balloon launches conducted by the students of Earth to Sky Calculus, Dr. Tony Phillips of SpaceWeather reports.

The Sun’s weakening magnetic field and flagging solar wind are not protecting us as usual from deep-space radiation. Earth to Sky balloon launches in multiple countries and US states show that this is a widespread phenomenon.

The Current Standard Solar Model in Science is Not Giving Us Accurate Read on the Sun’s Effect on The Earth

Therefore, we are literally in the throws of accurately assessing what is actually going on with our climate, in terms of the full picture.

DO HUMANS AFFECT THE CLIMATE? YEEEESS.  And I never said we didn’t. And yes, we needed to change our ways yesterday. But humans, especially men and their hubris are NOT as powerful as the sun’s effect on the earth. We have no control over the sun and won’t. How can anyone rationally suggest that we could control the sun and thus our weather? It’s preposterous.

Let’s focus on what we can change on this planet and that is listening and talking to one another in a non-biased way. I’m not going to be a nice girl and be quiet when it comes to scientific fact and questions regarding the Earth. Nor will I listen to or respect religious or scientific dogma that isn’t based on empirical facts.

Gravity is not one of the Forces of Nature

The New Scientist on Gravity

Gravity is not a force, it’s a curve in space-time which are the four dimensions we see and feel on Earth according to Einsteins Theory of Relativity. I’m not stuck in Newtonian Science. If we are still assessing the Earth’s climate according to Newton, I’m not on the train.

General relativity provides a framework under which the laws of physics look the same for everyone at every moment, regardless of how they are moving. Einstein achieved this by making gravity a property of the universe, rather than of individual bodies.

General relativity describes gravity geometrically. The fabric of the universe – the four dimensions of space and time – is full of lumps and bumps created by the presence of mass and energy. This warping is unavoidable; whenever anything – be it you, me, a piece of space dust or a photon of light – tries to travel through the universe in a straight line, it actually follows a trajectory that is curved (like a woman!) by any mass and energy in the vicinity. The result of this curvature is what we think of as gravity. To look at it a slightly different way, gravity is not what one body does directly to another, but what a body’s mass does to the surrounding universe.

This takes me off course of my subject matter, intuition. However, I work in a field of science; biology and healthcare, so, I do appreciate all aspects of science and study cell biology, physics, and Tzolkin Cosmology or Time Science. My intuition doesn’t need to tell me what statistics show and that is, when women participate in a discourse on science, the men prefer if we’re quiet. Well, sometimes we don’t get our way.

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  1. I really have a lot to say, but won’t be able to type everything. I’m not the type who can type long replies, but I struggled to type this in order to get some points out. My summaries are this:

    1. cosmic rays, which have always ever had access to all parts of the universe, are natural, and have been in existence long before this age in which mankind has heated up the planet the MOST.

    Like other planets, the Earth hasn’t been shielded from cosmic rsys. And just as the Earth has a time frame and natural way of cleaning up pollutions/pollutants that are not as excessive as what mankind is currently producing, the earth can handle cosmic rays (as has been observed in other hot periods of the Earth’s history).

    The problem which your stated research didn’t hit at is the fact that, added to cosmic rays, is mankind’s incessant and excessive burning of high levels of fuel, which have increasing natural heating or global warming beyond the natural level that comic rays have been doing for billions of years.

    Burning of fossil fuel and coal produces methane greenhouse gases and carbon cycles that give off CO2 emissions that are being absorbed annually by plants, lands, oceans. Mind you, the greenhouse effect is as a result of radiation from a planet’s atmosphere warming up a planet’s surface to a certain temperature.

    The main problem is that the greenhouse effect has been strengthened through human activities, leading to anthropogenic greenhouse effect (mind you there is natural greenhouse effect linked with the solar/cosmic rays discussed in the information available via the research link you provided). Greenhouse effect, which has been excessively increased by human activities, is mainly attributed to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide emission levels.

    According to the latest Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years. Effects of emitted gases, together with those of other anthropogenic drivers, have been detected throughout the climate system and are believed to be the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century”.—You can do a web search for the information in this paragraph, along with the preceding one.

    If a planet’s (not only the Earth) atmosphere contains radiatively active gases (greenhouse gases), they will radiate energy in all directions, and heat up everywhere. But most of this radiation is directed towards the surface, thereby warming it. The intensity of the downward radiation – that is, the strength of the greenhouse effect – will depend on the atmosphere’s temperature and on the amount of greenhouse gases that the atmosphere contains. If this is true, what do you think would happen if mankind (or probably other beings) heat up planets’ atmospheres more than the a planet or the Earth can naturally handle? let me stop there.

    Again, mind you, the Earth’s natural greenhouse effect (solar and cosmic rays) are critical to supporting life. Human activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests, have strengthened the greenhouse effect and caused global warming to be higher than naturally usual. This is something alot of people don’t state when they talk about causes of global warming—the fact that man-made activities make it global warming higher, and it’s effects worse than any other in recorded history.

    2. Gravity is a force because it is widely known to exert a pull on objects. For those in practical engineering and physics background, a force is anything that acts or reacts, and exerts a push or pull (it doesn’t matter whether any trajectory or curvature is produced by any action or exertion). We can’t use Einsteins statement (which I see more as a description of how gravity works, rather than a definition) to suggest that gravity is not a force.

    In “practical” engineering (not theoretical)—ask any engineering professional or lecturer like myself—when it comes to the topics on “forces”, we respect newton’s laws of motion and forces much more than Einsteins theory of relativity because it resonates more with natural logic, and in fact Newtons laws are still used to teach students till today. you can ask around.

    1. I agree about man’s contribution to climate change and the greenhouse effect. Thanks for you expertise on that and I will definitely keep a copy of what you said. I know some folks who dispute human contribution. I never have. I’ve just been fascinated with the idea that our solar science is lacking which makes sense to me. I see that about Newton, and while I don’t discount his huge contribution to science, it is not logical to me to hold to his teachings on gravity given the new information. Of course Newton is taught to students….AND THEN, they move on to Einstein. We can agree to disagree on that I guess.

      1. Thanks for your comments. I believe that if the elites of scientific knowledge thought it wise, newton’s laws would have been scrapped by now. but because they are valid—especially with regard to forces— Einstein’s theory of general relativity can’t just bury newton’s laws of forces permanently. personally, I don’t see the need to discard something (newton’s laws) that is still valid to a great extent.

        what is the need for an engineer to design structures and assume that there will be no gravity (force of either objects or the Earth) exerting any influence (push or pull) on the structures, only for the structure to feel an influence from an unseen force which is widely known as gravity.

        in the absence of any influence, we could agree that gravity is not a force. in engineering we know that without any external forces acting on a structures, gravity alone can still cause the structure to fail and collapse. so gravity is a force because it exerts an influence, positive or negative, and causes a shift in position.

        Please note that Einstein’s theory of relativity is divided into special relativity and general relativity. some theories and predictions of general relativity differ significantly from those of classical physics which is the core of engineering principles. Examples of such differences include gravitational time dilation, gravitational lensing, the gravitational redshift of light, and the gravitational time delay. (you can search for these online.)

        so although I dont discount Einstein, I don’t think most of us, and most of the elite ones totally agree with his theories regarding gravity or gravitation.

      2. I didn’t say discard Newton. I don’t discard my grandparents. Neither do I take their advice and live according to their world view. I live in a different world. Time moves forward.

      3. yes time moves forward, and it should, but in terms of moving forward to more relevant knowledge, it’s only necessary to move forward when there is a complete reason to to do so

      4. So are you saying that until E=Mc is proven true and is no longer a theory, you won’t apply it in a practical manner? I’ve read scholarly articles saying it is proven. The word complete is unrealistic because it has completely been proven that 98% of what we perceive to be solid and still is actually empty space, spinning st a rate of 60,000 miles per second. Just bc your mind can’t conceive it doesn’t mean it isn’t real or complete.

      5. no, you are going too far by talking about E=mc². am talking only talking about the definition of gravity. that it was stated that he said it’s not a force, doesn’t sit well with alot of other brilliant minds

      6. What you speak of in terms of engineering is air pressure. Neil degrade Tyson said that. “On earth, what we call gravity is just air pressure.” That begs the question of what causes air pressure. Yes, I already know that about relativity theory. I will look into that differentiation. However, we live in a unified universe. The fundamental problem in quantum computational the time differences between general relativity and quantum mechanics. My work in time science seeks to apply true time to the question of dna sequencing. Our bodies aren’t buildings or cars but everything in physical is 4D. I seek to unify dimensions so we may be coming from different directions here.

      7. you mean when an object is thrown up or suspended in air, then air pressure (rather than gravity/gravitational force) is what makes it come down? even without knowing newton’s laws, and also based my field experience, I would hardly agree… but I think our orientations and experiences should be respected, regardless. personally I have to be convinced beyond doubt to accept such hypothesis

      8. I would look up De Grasse Tyson on that one. He said it and I was surprised too. Air is heavy. With nothing to propel an object upward like the combustion engine of an airplane,it falls to the ground from the pressure of the air on it. Same with Newtons apple. It made sense to me. I don’t know…It also speaks to the power of invisible air which is our LIFE on this planet, more than water or food. Breathing to me is like blood. You can’t engineer it in the lab. It’s QI. I work with it daily in bodywork. The human body is blood and breath. The fucking white coats and their fucked up, fake healthcare system and their money and death can’t fucking touch God given LIFE FORCE with a ten foot pole. We holistic folks rampage spiritual truth in the body. It’s like prayer. They can’t compete with the Holy Spirit, however you define it.

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