TSR (Time Science Research) Presents Hypothetical Amino Acid Protein Folding According to the Tzolkin Harmonic-Information content, not images copyright Lisa K. Townsend

2010 b&wI am in the hypothesis-forming stage of this research. It hasn’t been tested in the lab so it is not yet a theory. Amino acid protein folding in the body remains a mystery that science has yet to figure out. They’ve been working on it for four decades. I’m adding what I’ve found in 26 years of Tzolkin study and observation and now looking at the crossover between the Tzolkin and the body of knowledge in science regarding DNA movement and sequencing. I’m also using my intuition and ability to notice complicated patterns by relaxing my mind. At the moment, I’m still compiling a database for this. As a lifelong learner, reader, and writer, I actually had no desire for a college degree when I was young, realizing that knowledge is attainable by anyone and is a hand’s on endeavor. I was busy having adventures when I was young and came to my BA degree late. Therefore, I’m not in the Ph.D. club but in the “working for actual results” club. and read and think constantly. It makes me happy.

My goal is to help quicken the healthcare paradigm shift to not only reduce its cost but make our perception and approach to the body more scientifically factual and based on holism which is far beyond Newtonian mechanics, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), modern tech, bloodletting, and drugging. Life on earth is moving in TIME (13:20), not SPACE (12:60). Our bodies are pieces of Time, not space. I’m not sure anyone has wrapped their mind around that yet. All physical life is TIME, not matter. Time is real, space is not. Space is just a holographic projection of Time. So when we analyze or try to understand anything we see, we have to do it from the reality of time, not space. Time does end out on the outer levels of the Universe (Timelessness) but at our level, it’s manifested.

The amino acid on the move today is Valine; (Yellow Seed) vibrating at 399.6 Hz for Tzolkin Harmonic Family (HF) 21, I-Ching Hx47. It is moving in the 1st Dimension as  Life Pulse, therefore, we are likely to make life decisions today. I already made a big one and it’s only 7:30AM ESTblue 5 night

Valine is an essential amino acid important for smooth nervous system and cognitive functioning. Valine is one of the three branched-chain amino acids, along with Leucine and Isoleucine. This amino acid cannot be produced by your body and must be obtained through food or through supplements. Jun 24, 2018

yellow_seed_1_6_11Valine (Yellow 6 Seed Theme) is in themeplex with Valine (Yellow 6 Seed Guide Power), Lysine (White 6 Jaguar Antipode), Phenylalanine (Red 8 Earth Hidden Wisdom), and Arginine (Blue 6 Eagle Analog).




Valine, Threonine, Isoleucine and Leucine


Here is the amino acid sequence of Valine (Seed) #4, Threonine(World-Bridger) #6, Isoleucine(Hand)#7, and Leucine(Star)#8 again for perusal. Look at the molecules at the bottom, right on top of their names. They’re very similar.

21:4:6:84-This is the universal harmonic today.  21 is the harmonic number, 4 is the archetype number, 6 is the tone number (dimension movement) and 84 is the kin number (radial time movement). All 4 together show the exact position on the radial matrix of time which is multidimensional.

It’s on 21 out of 65 harmonics, on 4 out of 20 archetypes, on 6 out of 13 tones, and on 84 out of 260 kin

1:17:2019-Thursday-This is our local solar (the sun) system coordinate in the 3D Matrix of time and space or what we call, “THE date on the calendar”. It hypnotizes your mind into materialistic, “Time is Money” thinking.

Tone 6 is Rhythmic Its attributes are balancing, equality, organize.

Yellow Seed is the theme which is the amino acid, Valine. Its attributes are target, awareness, flowering

There are 4 kin or 4 days in each Tzolkin Harmonic governed by one I-Ching Hexagram. We are in Hexagram 47; Oppression/Exhaustion.

You need to read the entire thing here; 

I-Ching Hexagram 47

47.  K’un / Oppression (Exhaustion)

☱above TUI  /  THE JOYOUS, LAKE 

The lake is above, water below; the lake is empty, dried up.  Exhaustion is expressed in yet another way: at the top, a dark line is holding down two light lines; below, a light line is hemmed in between two dark ones.  The upper trigram belongs to the principle of darkness, the lower to the principle of light.  Thus everywhere superior men are oppressed and held in restraint by inferior men.


OPPRESSION.  Success.  Perseverance.
The great man brings about good fortune.
No blame.
When one has something to say,
It is not believed.

Below you see the DNA Round and the Tzolkin Round. When the Tzolkin is shown as the rectangle harmonic below, then you can see the 65 harmonic families that merge with the 64/5 DNA codons.

The DNA roundMayan Calendar Cropped


Image result for Alanine, asparagine, glutamine, tyrosine, histidine as one system

You’re looking at the Amino Acid3(protein) Hydration Cycle. Hydrophobic means it repels water. Hydrophilic means it mixes with water.



Each of the 20 Mayan archetypes corresponds with an amino acid in the body. The table was created by the research of Dr. Fernando Castro Chavez.

Dr. Chavez’s Work on Connecting Tzolkin Archetypes with Amino Acids

Amino Acids Guide

This graphic can be found at Dr. Chavez’s link. This is the product of his work on conclusively seeing the alignments of each Tzolkin archetype (20 of them) with each of the 20 amino acids linked with the Mayan archetype which is represented with its binary number instead of a colored picture symbol. Now I am parsing it out further in more detail and adding the musical notes from the I-Ching at specific hertz levels and figuring out what the 13 Tzolkin Creative Tones actually ARE. 13:20 is True Time and IS our bodies and all life on the planet, literally. 

Representation of amino acids according to the Mayan vigesimal system

Note: The amino acids reside on the outside of all of your cells and their combinations make each person an individual. This is a biological fact. The extrapolation from that is the 260 themeplexes of the Tzolkin spiral somehow into 7.53 billion (Earth’s population) combinations which correlate with Mayan mathematics; it’s exponential based on 20 which replaces 0.

26 x 3 = 78. So it’s possible that the human population will reach a tipping point at 7.8 billion people and something will shift, just because the universe can’t spin out any more new, conscious individuals for one planet.-ME (This is my theory alone. I’ve never read it anywhere. It’s an intuition based on rational fact.)


There are 65 harmonics of 4 days each in the Tzolkin, 20 Archetypes or Tribes of Time that all Human Beings belong to, 13 Tones of Creation, one of which moves and influences every Human Being on the planet, 260 kin or days in one Tzolkin cycle spins exactly within the 365-day solar year. The coordinate for 260 is 13:20 and the coordinate for 365 is 12:60.

64 codons



Reiki is Ki or Qi. Qi is Blood!! Human consciousness and connection to Source through our Sun is IN OUR BLOOD. They cannot duplicate human blood in the lab and no drug or opioid can rival it’s natural healing power when stimulated by a trained, professional, holistic healer/shaman. We align you so that you can heal yourself, yourself. This is blood memory and it’s true empowerment. We are here to help each other remember how powerful we can be for our own healing and then to UNIFY as a species given that blood memory. Blood is NOT to be let or sacrificed. It’s not supposed to run onto the Earth. It’s to be KEPT inside the skin, used, and cared for. This is the abomination of war, surgery, the violence of men and killing of other life forms.



Similar to the Tzolkin Round, this is the I-Ching Round

The Tzolkin is ancient and corresponds to the Chinese I-Ching as far as illuminating human history and evolution from a genetic standpoint (RNA/DNA). More about that later. This is information that was brought to this planet but we don’t know by whom. What we do know is that following the synchronicity daily, what it evinces is exactly accurate. The code never fails. I’ve been using it for 26 years. You do have to work it daily though to understand that everything we see around is holographic, like a Matrix. All events, people, and things happen for a reason, according to the Tzolkin Harmonic, and are constantly in flux. It is possible to foresee some of what is coming but the details of how it works out are chosen by all of us. The I-Ching is 3D and The Tzolkin is multiD. The Tzolkin incorporates and oversteps the I-Ching and astrology. It is the Master Harmonic.

The Tzolkin also informs and is the precursor to accurately personalized medicine but you have to know your birth themeplex first. Your birth themeplex is the Tzolkin code that synchronized your eternal mind to the RNA/DNA of your birth family. 98% of who you are is in flux and that is what changes the RNA. The DNA is rigid, patterns your body, and comes from your birth family. It barely counts for anything in this life but the scientists like to play with it and humans like to defer to it and define themselves by it. That is a mistake. Your body is created and kept going by your intention, thoughts, and feelings and changes according to your Mind. You control it if you apply your Mind and Will, no one else, unless you let them. The purpose of the Tzolkin is to help you remember who you are for the purposes of empowerment while you’re here. It’s an expanding universe, not a contracting one.

66756103_High Resolution Front Cover_7388240

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The Role of Intuition In The Scientific Method




The Role of Intuition In The Scientific Method” booklet on Amazon

I found Dr. Smith’s paper, edited it, wrote the forward, and published it with legal permission, posthumously.

This information can help guide your diet. The other four around you are Compelling (Guide Power) above, Antipodal (Challenging) Left, Hidden Wisdom underneath, and Analog (Supportive) on the right.

The 20 Tzolkin Archetypes and Corresponding Amino Acids

Hpho means hydrophobic. Hphi means hydrophilic. The definitions are at the top of this post.

1. Dragon/Alligator-Cysteine-Hpho
2. Wind-Glycine-Hphi
3. Night-Alanine-Hpho
4. Seed-Valine-Hpho
5. Serpent-Serine-Hphi
6. Worldbridger-Threonine-Hphi
8. Star-Leucine-Hpho
9. Moon/Water-Methionine-Hpho
10. Dog-Aspartic Acid-Hphi
11. Monkey-Asparagine-Hphi
12. Human-Glutamic Acid-Hphi
13. Skywalker-Glutamine-Hphi
14. Jaguar/Wizard-Lysine-Hphi
15. Eagle-Arginine-Hphi
16. Warrior-Histidine-Hpho
17. Earth-Phenylalanine-Hpho
18. Mirror-Tyrosine-Hpho

19. Storm-Tryptophan-Hpho
20. Sun-STOP CODON (The sun is the transfer point between explicating (our solar system) and implicating (galactic core).

The I-Ching hexagrams have precise RNA/DNA designations also that go precisely on the Tzolkin Harmonic except for Harmonic 33, right in the center of the Tzolkin.

This list may help you understand another type of supportive relationship according to the Tzolkin. They are called Occult Partners and actually support one another with hidden wisdom. This is a line up for Twin Flames who can either support one another or resist each other from ego and lack of emotional flow. The archetype numbers add up to 21. In your themeplex, they are below you and the tones add up to 14. Notice the difference between 14 and 21 is 7. It’s a SPIRITUAL relationship. This is not your analog partner in your birth themeplex.

  1. Dragon/Alligator-1 and Sun-20; visionaries, leaders, parents, childcare, and teachers, VIP’s
  2. Wind-1 and Storm-19; meteorologists, storm chasers, weather heads, and all earth sciences, counselors, speakers re PTSD
  3. Night-3 and Mirror-18; writers, religious, mediators, intuitive, and HSP’s, healers, dream interpreters.
  4. Seed-4 and Earth-17; Earth scientists, archeologists, gardeners, geologists, hippies, farmers, agriculture industry, florists, childcare, climate activists
  5. Serpent-5 and Warrior-16; military, healthcare workers, police, guards
  6. Worldbridger-6 and Eagle-15; Pilots, grief counselors, death industry, pastors/priests, visionaries, ornithologists, bird watchers, healers, musicians, magicians, and performers
  7. Blue Hand-7 and White Wizard14; Intellectuals, Academics, teachers, counselors, philosophers, musicians, artists, pastors and priests, writers, shamans, bodyworkers
  8. Star-8 and Skywalker-13; Astronomers, astrologers, actors, composers, musicians, artists, astronauts, pilots, space industry, engineers, bodyworkers, visionaries/writers, psychics
  9. Water/Moon-9 and Human-12; therapists, counselors, empaths, politicians, aquatic professions, marine biologist, marine professions, fisherman
  10. Dog-10 and Monkey-11; comedians, actors, canine industry, zookeepers, biologists, veterinarians, evolutionary biologists, sex therapists


I also offer specific charts tailored to your life based on your solar birthday. It’s about 2 pages long and takes me 2 hours to do. It includes specific of the alignment of your Twin Flame and how you will know who that person is according to the Tzolkin. Most of the Twin Flame sites online only refer to solar astrology. There are universal destiny patterns that govern Twin Flame alignment and it has to do with high spiritual levels of love, not just mating, physical lust or possession. Physical love is fine as long as it’s a love connection, not just lust and usage.

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This is the 1D image of The Tzolkin Harmonic