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The Mayan Oracle is of ancient origin on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America. I’ve used many formal sources for my work and writing but I’d like to just give the basics on this page so you can start to apply the frequencies to your everyday life. The point here is to make each day your own field of play. Our time is one with our DNA and our RNA continues to evolve in every one of our trillion cells. No matter the past, timelessness is in our CNS, the brain, and spinal cord, and meditation is called for every day. After I give you Mayan basics, I will post a meditation here daily so you can do it, and change your life and your body. You can dial up your Mayan gateway with your birthday by using any of the apps online or by going to this site; http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/free_mayan_readings.html

  • Tone 1 is magnetic, attracting purpose and unifying. It pulses to the right ankle joint
  • Tone 2 is polar, stabilizing, challenging, and polarizing. It pulses to the right knee joint
  • Tone 3 is electric, enlightening, Life, universal fire. It pulses to the right hip joint
  • Tone 4 is self-existing, measured, formed, and define. It pulses to the right wrist joint.
  • Tone 5 is overtone, radiant, commanding, empower. It pulses to the right elbow joint.
  • Tone 6 is rhythmic, balancing, equity, organizing. It pulses to the right shoulder joint.
  • Tone 7 is resonant, inspiring, attunement, and channeling. It pulses to C7 vertebral joint.
  • Tone 8 is galactic, modeling, integrity, harmonizing. It pulses to the left shoulder joint.
  • Tone 9 is solar, realizing, intention, and pulse. It pulses to the left elbow joint.
  • Tone 10 is planetary, producing, manifestation, perfect. It pulses to the left wrist joint.
  • Tone 11 is spectral, releasing, liberation, dissolve. It pulses to the left hip joint.
  • Tone 12 is crystal, universalizing, cooperation, dedicate. It pulses to the left knee joint.
  • Tone 13 is COSMIC, transcending, presence, enduring. It pulses to the left ankle joint.
The 13 Tones of Creation. Sound changes the cells of the body. Your tone plus day sign gives your original frequency at birth which encodes your destiny. The details of how it plays out in synchronicity are your choice.
The Original 20 Mayan Day Signs found on Stone Stellae in the Yucatan
  • Ajaw = Yellow Sun-Stop Codon
  • Imix-Red Dragon-Cysteine
  • Ik-White Wind-Glycine
  • Akb’al = Blue Night-Alanine
  • K’an = Yellow Seed-Valine
  • Chikchan=Red Serpent-Serine      
  • Kimi = White Worldbridger-Threonine
  • Manik=Blue Hand-Isoleucine
  • Lamat=Yellow Star-Leucine
  • Muluk=Red Moon-Methionine the start codon
  • Ok’=White Dog-Aspartic Acid 
  • Chuen =Blue Monkey-Asparagine
  • Eb’=Yellow Human-Glutamic Acid
  • B’en=Red Skywalker-Glutamine
  • Ix-White Wizard Jaguar-Lysine
  • Men=Blue Eagle-Arginine
  • Kib’=Yellow Warrior-Histidine
  • Kab’an=Red Earth-Phenylalanine
  • Etz’nab’=White Mirror-Tyrosine
  • Kawak=Blue Storm-Tryptophan

Below are the tribe/archetype attributes. There is more on any of the apps for your phone.

The Modern Version of the 20 Amino Acid, Glycoprotein Day Signs. Every person on the planet is in one of these tribes.

*Red kin initiate, White kin refine, Blue kin transform, and Yellow kin ripen*

The 2D version of the Tzolkin as a tool to follow each day

Geomancy 101

This is from The Dreamspell.

“The planet holon is a icosahedron (120 sides). It is a radial galactic fifth force “radio” station. The broadcast lattice of the Time ship is maintained by cooperation of the fourth-dimensional planetary kin which is US. We’re not here just to WATCH it unfold. The polar kin generate from the north pole; the cardinal kin transmit from median north; the core kin energize from the equator; the signal kin protect from median south and the gateway kin climax at the south pole.

Galactic transmissions from higher dimension are transduced for use in the third dimension. The movement of the thirteen tones may now pass through the planet holon, charging it with the power of galactic time. it is now possible to map the 260 kin galactic spin on a daily basis rather than just the 365 day solar year. The two interlock and both function.” End quote

It stands to reason, since the Mayan Archetypes are Time Portals in the cosmic web that the amino acids or DNA that they represent are Time Travelers. Therefore, humans made of DNA are Time travelers. DNA is Time. It can be no other way. That’s how travel in the cosmic web works. Since the cosmic web is multidimensional, we must be too. People and E.T.’s have been travelling in the cosmic web for a long time. It’s nothing new. It’s just been a secret until the whistleblowers came forward and started blowing loudly. The mainstream media has done their best to discredit and drown them out. The Deep State, the Cabal, Big Tech, Big Media all bow to the Reptilian agenda. The Reptilians are not even fully human. Their genetics has been very manipulated by A.I. as Corey says in the video.

The Planet Holon


  • 60°north–15 °west–Yellow Sun Time Portal
  • 60°north–75°east–Red Serpent Time Portal
  • 60°north–165°east–White Dog Time Portal
  • 60°north–105°west–Blue Eagle Time Portal


  • 30°north–30°east–Red Dragon Time Portal
  • 30°north–120°east–White World-Bridger Time Portal
  • 30°north–150°west–Blue Monkey Time Portal
  • 30°north–60°west–Yellow Warrior Time Portal


  • Equator–15°west–Red Earth Time Portal
  • Equator–75°east–White Wind Time Portal
  • Equator–165°east–Blue Hand Time Portal
  • Equator–105°west–Yellow Human Time Portal


  • 30°south–30°east–White Mirror Time Portal
  • 30°south–120°east–Blue Night Time Portal
  • 30°south–150°west–Yellow Star Time Portal
  • 30°south–60°west–Red Skywalker Time Portal


  • 60° south–15° west–White Wizard Time Portal
  • 60°south–75°east–Blue Storm Time Portal
  • 60°south–165°east–Yellow Seed Time Portal
  • 60°south–105°west–Red Moon Time Portal

The 13 Moon Calendar, a Lunar Calendar of 364 days, 28 each, 13 full moon cycles

Go to this link for a quite long tutorial on the 13- Moon Calendar


In the 13 Moon calendar, the meaning of each of the 13 moons corresponds to that particular number frequency having three keywords. These numbers are known as the thirteen galactic tones of creation that together form the cosmology of movement. These 13 Moons can be put into the format of a wavespell:

  • Moon 1: Magnetic          Unify purpose                    Attract
  • Moon 2: Lunar                Polarize challenge             Stabilize
  • Moon 3: Electric             Active Service                    Bond
  • Moon 4: Self-existing     Define form                       Measure
  • Moon 5: Overtone          Empower radiance            Command
  • Moon 6: Rhythmic          Organize equality              Balance
  • Moon 7: Resonant          Channel attunement         Inspire
  • Moon 8: Galactic            Harmonize integrity          Model
  • Moon 9: Solar                 Pulse intention                  Realize
  • Moon 10: Planetary        Perfect manifestation       Produce
  • Moon 11: Spectral          Dissolve liberation            Release
  • Moon 12: Crystal            Dedicate cooperation       Universalize
  • Moon 13: Cosmic           Endure presence               Transcend

Here are the full names and Gregorian dates of the 13 Moons: 

1. Magnetic Bat Moon (July 26-August 22)
2. Lunar Scorpion Moon (August 23-September 19)
3. Electric Deer Moon (September 20-October 17)
4. Self-existing Owl Moon (October 18-November 14)
5. Overtone Peacock Moon (November 15-December 12)
6. Rhythmic Lizard Moon (December 13-January 9)
7. Resonant Monkey Moon (January 10-February 6)
8. Galactic Hawk Moon (February 7-March 6)
9. Solar Jaguar Moon (March 7-April 3)
10. Planetary Dog Moon (April 4-May 1)
11. Spectral Serpent Moon (May 2-May 29)
12. Crystal Rabbit Moon (May 30-June 26)
13. Cosmic Turtle Moon (June 27-July 24)
       Day Out of Time (July 25)

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