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The Mayan Oracle is of ancient origin on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America. I’ve used many formal sources for my work and writing but I’d like to just give the basics on this page so you can start to apply the frequencies to your everyday life. The point here is to make each day your own field of play. Our time is one with our DNA and our RNA continues to evolve in every one of our trillion cells. No matter the past, timelessness is in our CNS, the brain, and spinal cord, and meditation is called for every day. After I give you Mayan basics, I will post a meditation here daily so you can do it, and change your life and your body. You can dial up your Mayan gateway with your birthday by using any of the apps online or by going to this site;

The 13 Tones of Creation. Sound changes the cells of the body. Your tone plus day sign gives your original frequency at birth which encodes your destiny. The details of how it plays out in synchronicity are your choice.
The Original 20 Mayan Day Signs found on Stone Stellae in the Yucatan
  • Ajaw = Yellow Sun Kimi = White Worldbridger Chuwen =Blue Monkey Kib’=Yellow Warrior
  • Imix-Red Dragon Manik=Blue Hand Eb’=Yellow Human Kab’an=Red Earth
  • Akb’al = Blue Night Lamat=Yellow Star B’en=Red Skywalker Etz’nab’=White Mirror
  • K’an = Yellow Seed Muluk=Red Moon Ix-White Wizard Jaguar Kawak=Blue Storm
  • Chikchan=Red Serpent Ok’=White Dog Men=Blue Eagle
The Modern Version of the 20 Amino Acid, Glycoprotein Day Signs. Every person on the planet is in one of these tribes.

*Red kin initiate, White kin refine, Blue kin transform, and Yellow kin ripen*

The 2D version of the Tzolkin as a tool to follow each day
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