Watch “North Node Taurus 14: Important Transits Today” on YouTube

This pulses exactly with Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey and PLAY and tomorrow Yellow 2 Polar Human.

Notice he talks about dualism and evolution. We are conscious and unconscious, every day.

Light and shadow…he makes a good point about shadow. Listen carefully.

Evil is just error. Making a mistake is not sin. This is important. This isn’t light and dark.

I agree with what he says about ego. You need your ego…your identity. You HAVE to love yourself or you can’t accept God’s love and become a co creator! Wake up. Find balance.

More Synchronicity; Late Queen Elizabeth Arrives in Edinburgh on 9/11/22. We Are at the End of Artificial Time Dictated by the Gregorian Calendar

9/11/01 occurred in HF63/inverse 3. King Charles III, her son, taking her place, is White 2 Polar Dog who was born in HF 53/Inverse 13, only 10 apart!!! There is the synchronicity between 911, the end of artificial time, and the Queen’s death.

Public Figure Birth Oracle for Steve Bannon. Biden Regime is Trying to Upend the Republic. 35 FBI Raids Yesterday

Steve Bannon-Venus mediated but I have never seen a snowflake Yellow Star kin. They hit hard and don’t take crap. Note Red 7 Skywalker as his Hidden Wisdom. Who did we just see is 7SW? Queen Elizabeth just died on 9SW yesterday. That’s why he felt spiritual clarity. This crap is getting RESOLVED in the upper densities having to do with Mars/Maldek and the Reptilians.

Music; Maldek Mediates Today; Maldekian

Notice the dissonance at specific spots.

For me, this music evokes the energy of White 3 Electric Wizard~Red 3 Electric Serpent and the error that created the destruction of the planet. We are playing out the end of this Luciferian karma. Padme’s death, the wife of Anakin Skywalker and the mother of his children, Luke and Leah is archetypal of the death of the female equal with male and the value placed on the sacred human life the female brings forth. Darth Vader is archetypal of the ascent of the patriarchy and the slavery of earth and Mars that ensues. Mars was Tiamat’s moon.

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