The Censorship Continues

Watch “North Node Taurus 14: Important Transits Today” on YouTube

This pulses exactly with Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey and PLAY and tomorrow Yellow 2 Polar Human.

Notice he talks about dualism and evolution. We are conscious and unconscious, every day.

Light and shadow…he makes a good point about shadow. Listen carefully.

Evil is just error. Making a mistake is not sin. This is important. This isn’t light and dark.

I agree with what he says about ego. You need your ego…your identity. You HAVE to love yourself or you can’t accept God’s love and become a co creator! Wake up. Find balance.

Tuesday-New YouTube Video by Me on HF32; Synchronicities

We are on both sides of HF33 about to spiral in on itself come this Saturday with Red 12 Crystal Moon Methionine starting that RNA sequence to evolve our light bodies forward. If you are in resistance or ignoring your Destiny Oracle it’s a crap shoot folks as to what might occur for you in the Matrix. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take anymore. I was taking that risk before I understood Time from birth to 27 years old. I’ve been spinning up synchronicities for that long and I’m 59 now. This oracle is never wrong but you have to work it and be willing to face the hard truth. But the truth will set you free!

It reminds me of prisoners expressing anxiety over being back out in society because everything was controlled for them in prison, like a child I suppose. In society, we’re asked to be adults and take care of ourselves but as we know, many people don’t. So some people would rather remain children I guess, which is imprisonment in institutions like family, school, church, state, and prison and do as they’re told. We just saw two years of that. The powers that be are controlling your Time for you which means they are controlling your mind and body for you via MSM programming and religion. They know you’re afraid of your own power. They SO know it and know exactly how to manipulate humans to fit into their agenda.

Watch “Ep2 SOS THEY’RE TAKING US!” on YouTube from Corey Goode

This is good documentation of what people have been telling their therapists for many years now. My mom, who was an LMFT said she and her peers take it very seriously.

The remedy is for the military to make this public and show the proof they have.

Friday-Youtube Video on the Hidden Wisdom, Inverse Harmonic-6 minutes

She is Blue 9 Solar Storm, the Hidden Wisdom tomorrow so we may see a time pulse to the Queen and her funeral.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/Shutterstock (252296n) Princess Diana visiting New York, America – Dec 1995
Her funeral is on September 19, 2022, Monday of this coming week, Yellow 7 Resonant Seed. She was Red 7 Skywalker so it pulses on her tone. Her death day pulsed on her Skywalker tribe.
Map 43 in Earth Ascending moving from IChing Hx48-49 on the left.

This move from Red 10 Planetary Moon/Methionine/START codon in a DNA sequence to Yellow 10 Planetary Sun/Stop Codon in a DNA sequence. It’s huge synchronicity.

377869 16: (FILE PHOTO) A photographic portrait is displayed showing Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Retired physician and medical historian, Norbert Hirschhorn wrote a study that suggests Lincoln’s use of medication in the form of a blue pill for depression contained enough mercury to cause uncontrollable bouts of anger in the President and could have eventually killed him had he not stopped taking the pills. (Photo by Hulton/Archive/Getty Images)

Lincoln’s Death and the end of the Civil War hit on Kin 122; White 5 Radiant Wind which is tomorrow. There has been too much talk about a civil war in the current media.

Yellow 13 Human; Rene Fleming

More Synchronicity; Late Queen Elizabeth Arrives in Edinburgh on 9/11/22. We Are at the End of Artificial Time Dictated by the Gregorian Calendar

9/11/01 occurred in HF63/inverse 3. King Charles III, her son, taking her place, is White 2 Polar Dog who was born in HF 53/Inverse 13, only 10 apart!!! There is the synchronicity between 911, the end of artificial time, and the Queen’s death.

Biden Regime is Trying to Upend the Republic. 35 FBI Raids Yesterday.

Steve Bannon-Venus mediated but I have never seen a snowflake Yellow Star kin. They hit hard and don’t take crap. Note Red 7 Skywalker as his Hidden Wisdom. Who did we just see is 7SW? Queen Elizabeth just died on 9SW yesterday. That’s why he felt spiritual clarity. This crap is getting RESOLVED in the upper densities having to do with Mars/Maldek and the Reptilians.

Coming Up Today

I’m in between patients and it’s getting a bit intense in my office, but I want you folks to know I’m committed to keeping you posted and podcasting. We are up against a wall right now and those of us that are Light workers and bringing you the updates are dedicated to helping humans ascend. Most of our human condition has been foisted on us by nefarious entities that are very powerful. It’s not our fault. Do your best to let go of the guilt that’s been programmed into you and LOVE YOURSELF!!!

I will be posting a YouTube Video on synchronicities that keep coming through my front door and into my office. I will call it Matrix Updates so you can start to get an idea of what synchronicities look like around you and how they feel.

The other will be continued podcasts on the Quantum Body based on Quantum Physics, Modern Science, and not Newtonian Materialism. This is important. I never tell my patients not to see a doctor but keep them in perspective. They are trained as Newtonian Materialists and have a very limited understanding of your body. YOU HAVE TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF and tell them what you want. I will podcast on how to do this further as we go down the line. Always be respectful and firm with the white coats. They are learning too and honestly, are not at the LEAST ready for what’s coming.

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