True Time Update for 9Warrior-We Lose Fear by Questioning What We Fear.

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior

We all need to be sorted out now and again”.

I love the Brits.💜 I find them able to be genuinely positive in troubled times more than Americans. I don’t think people realize how oppressive and programmed our U.S. culture is. The c!@$ is something. We’re going to have to heal from it down the line.

The Mind is the greatest healer. True that.

It seems that in these earth changes there are conflicting pronouncements. Maybe some things just don’t stick to us. Therefore it isn’t true for us. Law of Attraction.

1. Cataclysm and death

2. It’s up to us to change the frequency, to create a collective vibe that allows us to ask that the changes be gradual and not so vast. Raise your frequency, remedy your hindrances and appetites, and Identify your distortions.

3. Abe-Hicks 101; “I promise you, you choose to die or stay here. It’s your choice. If you give over the decision to someone else to choose for you It’s still a choice. There are no victims.”

4. “If you say so.” Whatever comes out of your mouth and you really believe it and feel it, you are creating it. We don’t create for others we create for ourselves and then those we interact with bump into what we’ve created and either come into our vortex or are repelled by it because they don’t hang with you.

5. And then there is common sense like, if you drink poison it’s likely you’re going to die. Most will, some people miraculously don’t!

Which of rhese is true? We hear all of them but you can decide for yourself.

There are universal truths but within those is a ton of space for personal creation and freedom of mind.

Earth Holon

The Earth has a mind and cycle of her own just as the Sun does, but we absolutely interact with her. We are not independent of one another. We are interdependent. People lose their way when they refuse to accept that the planets, the stars, and our sun are SENTIENT. You either get it or you don’t.

I got into it with Alex the other day about A.I./tech, how bad it is for humans. He puts his arms out to his side and says, “Mom, I go outside and check the weather and merge with it and I love technology. I AM the balance.” It was a riot.🤣 Red 12 Earth checking the earth and synchronizing with it and navigating it. That kid is a stitch. I still say A.I. is evil. The kids don’t but they don’t like Musk at all or Twitter, or FB.

People are characters. If you don’t dismiss or judge them based on your bias you can find synchronicity with almost anyone.

Amplitude power is 19 of the frequency which is 7.88.

The 5GForce is Kin 44; Yellow 5 Overtone Seed ruled by Jupiter

“I empower in order to target. Commanding awareness I seal the input of flowering with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of free will.” (Yellow Human is our Guide Power today as well, Tone 9 Solar.)

3D and 4D Synchronize Dimensions-Spacetime

9Saturn, 9Earth, 9Mars, 6asteroid belt
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Aquarius
  • The Sun harmonizes with Mars, energizing us and supporting activity, initiative, and enterprise. Mars was recently retrograde but is now picking up speed after turning direct on the 12th.Today’s Sun-Mars trine helps boost our motivation. (Our antipode White Solar World Bridger mediated by Mars and Tone 9)
  • Energy and vitality are strong. We want to put plans into motion, take the lead, and get busy. Our sense of timing is good, and belief in ourselves comes naturally. This can be a good time to do what we love, follow our passions, or pursue a pleasure more heartily than usual.
  • Mercury’s trine to Uranus reinforces a theme of looking forward. With this mind-opening aspect, we seek answers that aren’t the most obvious, and we can get to some exciting places on a mental level. We’re expressing ourselves in different or unique ways rather than falling back on old habits of thinking and communicating, and it’s successful. Conversations can be gently provocative, leading to new ideas and perspectives. Mercury, too, was recently retrograde, and we might now get answers, solutions, or green lights for delayed projects and pursuits.
  • The Moon is still in Taurus (Earth ruled, our Guide Power Yellow Human mediated by Earth)
  • Saturn, our THEME, is in Aquarius where the Sun is right now.

From, me, and Time Passages

Brave Warrior for Yellow 9 Warrior

Speaking of warriors, I just deleted the original post I made of Dr. Chavez’s paper from July, 2020. It had gotten 100 views. He wanted me to take it down for his safety. The truth is dangerous in these days of MSM lies.

The second brave warrior to pop up today is Bruce Lipton. I posted his new video after this post. I hope you watch it. I love him so much. 🙂

Thursday; The Intelligent, Fearless Warrior

“I pulse in order to Question. Realizing Fearlessness I seal the Output of Intelligence with the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the power of Free-Will.”

The Dreamspell; 64:16:9:256

Saturn is the mediating planet here and very likely CAPRICORN is dominant in their astrology chart.

The Theme is Yellow 9 Solar Warrior Today whose attributes are to question, fearlessness, intelligence, trustworthy, realistic, wise, graceful, status conscious.

The analog support is Blue 9 Solar Night so this brings mystery, depth and creativity to these kin possibly in a dark sort of way.

The Guide Power until Noon is Yellow 9 Solar Human which is Corey Goode’s birth theme. I’ll be posting a very important video of his today that he just made with Michael Salla about the current status of the Galactic Federation (E.T.). This is perfect synchronicity with this event since those of us in the inhabited Universe movement believe that the tenets of our U.S. Constitution can transfer to our local system and free those imprisoned on other worlds.

The antipode challenge is White 9 Solar World Bridger. A desire to equalize, have opportunity, change and death are on tap with this one. This is a challenge because humans don’t have equal traits. We’re all different and at different levels of enlightenment. Still, we are all equally CARED FOR by the Universe.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 5 Overtone Serpent of Commanding survival, instinct and Life-Force. There is FIRE in our blood seeded here by the Red Dragon Tribe at the very beginning.

Multidimensional Intelligence

The Galactic Fifth Force of Beings is helping with Yellow 9 Solar Seed or TARGETING FROM SOLAR ENERGIES. Our Sun is completely changing and it’s affecting our local system in profound ways. I can feel it on every level; physical, mental, emotional. Our DNA sequencing is being targeted and nothing can stop it. Humans need to cooperate with OUR UPLIFT. If you resist you’ll have to leave the planet. CHANGE is endemic to earth as is evolution. You are on the wrong planet if you expected everything to stay the same all the time.

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