Will we ever have satellites that can control the weather? – BBC Future

They already do try to overstep the COLLECTIVE MIND POWER with their A.I. weather satellites. And they call that advanced in the article because ARTIFICIAL intelligence is more advanced than NATURAL REAL INTELLIGENCE? No. They are incorrect.

They are called fake MSM and fake media/government/technology for a reason. They support the enslavement of human evolution, not the empowerment of it. They believe time is money, and not time is co-creating with Source.

I feel that the earth weather today is contrived and not natural. It is cloudy, cold, and icing. The original prediction was spring-like, which is what it has been.

They have every reason to block the energy of the Sun on this most powerful time portal that uplevels our new timeline to 5th density. I’m getting through anyway, but it is a battle.

It’s REAL Intelligence


Monday Daily Oracle; We have a Resonant Stop Codon with a Full Moon in Pisces Tonight

Yellow 7 Sun

This is a synchronicity. The end of a lunar cycle with the end of an evolving tRNA sequence heralds an up-level for all three holons; body, earth and interplanetary, all full of evolving DNA as time.

We have a 7Stopcodon, 7Tryptophan which is a minor stop codon, 7glutamic acid, 7Aspartic acid and 7Cysteine. The 5GForce is ITSELF which means that what I said at the top is showing up in the molecule. Third and fourth density frequency are now FIFTH DENSITY FREQUENCY.

Attributes are Enlightenment, Self-Generation, Freewill, Love, and Blood Memory or Ancestry, and then the next level up of Enlightenment.

Do you have your T.V. off? The only way you’re going to understand any of this is if you let this information teach you about your DNA which empowers you to program your OWN DNA, not the media or or sick-care system with their mRNA vaccine.

We are mediated by Pluto which is in Capricorn right now. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so boundaries and self-discipline are available to learn your soul lessons.

Sunday Daily Reading; Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

It’s Galactic Fifth Force is ITSELF!!! Very Rare. This also occurred on 4/18/20 with a big Solar Event.

Today is resonant. Resonance reverberates; sound moves. Movement creates change and evolution.

The analog support is Blue 7 Storm and consequently we’ve been in a winter storm period that may keep us inside self-generating.

The guide power is Yellow 7 Resonant Human. Those who are picking up the changes in their body and dynamically using the energy will prosper.

The antipode challenge is White 7 Resonant Dog. Why? Dogs are not dynamic. They are domestic, sleep, eat and play. They aren’t interested in evolution. They are a gift of love, loyalty and stability in an ever changing world.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Resonant Dragon. Our blood memory and primordial mother is the source of all of these genetic mutations. What fun.

Fifth Density Helpers are Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. We are surrounded today on very high density levels with super powerful, benevolent forces to help us this week. We’re going to need it on Wednesday!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the ENTIRE Congress, including Democrats refused to accept the illegal election and called for a new one barring ANY digital voting machines. PAPER ONLY. I would support that. Then, may the best candidate win.

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