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Time is Art

For the people of Turkey and Syria in the midst of unprecedented devastation. Prayers for everyone. 🙏

This is her birth kin. The Yellow kin are SO great at truly being a star that shines bright in performance. She is a Sagittarius ♐️ Sun, sun that can not be controlled by a man.

Saturday-Daily Reading; This Can Go Either Way Depending on You

Earth Holon

5:30am EST. This reading is at 4:30pm in Russia so it is coming our way by this afternoon. There is going to be a storm right when the ScR rises. I just looked at

Amplitude is up 39% since 5am and is at 59.
The frequencies on the right when they hit this afternoon.

Body Holon

We land on Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star~Blue 4 Monkey mediated by Venus. This is 4Leucine.
Not to be vain, but this is a good day to look in the mirror and see your body as a work of art. How do you want to sculpt it? Beauty is GOOD👍Make sure your soul is equally beautiful or it won’t count. This is a GAP kin.

The 5GForce is Yellow 10 Planetary Human or 10 Glutamic Acid. We can use 5th density energy to be whoever we want to be as a species, in alignment with The Universe.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Venus. Also pulsing are Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars. This is not the day to have MSM on TV and be addicted to the negativity as the voice of God. It’s actually the opposite fellow.

  • The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius, (in sync with Jupiter) and this afternoon, the First Quarter Moon occurs when the Sagittarius Moon forms a square to the Virgo Sun. (!!) Our initiative is strong, although it tends to come from conflict or tension. (NOT IF YOU ARE IN YOUR SELF-EXISTING VORTEX). It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also great energy, motivation, and growth. We may be feeling especially ambitious and competitive. However, we may not know where to go with these feelings. (Work out or walk. There- now you know.)
  • Today’s Moon-Mars opposition is combative, and the Sun-Pluto sesquiquadrate is defensive. (Hidden Wisdom, manifested movement with 10SW!) This minor Sun transit can aggravate fears and feelings of being powerless or overlooked. Buried emotions and motives can surface now. We might crave a sense of control over events, relationships, and circumstances, becoming frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it. (You can only control yourself so have at it. CONTROL YOURSELF) A tendency to want to control our lives through some form of manipulation is persistent in this aspect. However, it’s best to rise above this pressure. (This is co-dependent. You are supposed to manipulate your OWN life. Other people’s lives are not your life for you to manipulate. MYOB, which to the left is selfish. They are so dysfunctional. See it clearly today and love yourself so you can truly love others without expectation.)


Friday Daily Oracle; It’s a Day to Get Your Creative Project Organized…or Play Hookey

Do whichever one you need the most.

Body Holon

  • The Theme is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star; Art coming into form. 4Leucine
  • The Analog is Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey; Playful, magical creativity coming into form; 4Asparagine
  • The Guide Power this morning was Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed or Flowering Form; 4Valine
  • The Antipode this afternoon is White 4 Self-Existing Mirror or Meditation in Form; 4Tyrosine
  • The Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Red 10 Planetary Skywalker; Planetary Prophecy. “I predict that the humans that are good with themselves and what they have to contribute to the planet and work at it will be fine through the drastic changes coming.“-13Skywalker 10Glutamine.
  • 5GForce is Yellow 10 Planetary Human; Free Will, freedom to express and create. 10Glutamic Acid

Interplanetary Holon

Our mediating planet is VENUS and as you can see below we have a Sun aspect with Venus today.

Venus is actually habitable and quite lovely on the surface. Just another secret kept from us.
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we seek more variety or mental engagement today. We’re communicative, connected, and curious with a Gemini Moon.
  • The Sun forms a sesquiquadrate with Uranus, suggesting we want to make a move, but we may not know where to begin or where to go with our intentions just for now.
  • While unexpected changes in plans or events can test our patience, they might also bring on new approaches, leading to useful, instructive, or interesting detours.
  • With the Sun also semi-sextile Venus, we may feel that our quest for pleasure, affection, love, or comfort is at odds with what we think we should be doing, which can lead to mild tension or feelings of guilt, and perhaps some indecision.
  • Seeking to fulfill both needs without doing so at the expense of the other can help resolve these problems.
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