Wednesday Daily Reading-Collective Harmony Would Be Possible if There Were no Political Parties, Just Individuals for Which to Vote

This idea comes from my millennial Red 12 Crystal Earth Aquarian Son. He says he doesn’t understand political parties at all, that it’s stupid, and makes people follow a party line instead of researching individuals and voting for the person who would best suit the job. Instead they are loyal to a party and vote for that party no matter what. Then no change happens and the two parties start to become twins.

He is correct. The motivation for the system as it is, is to serve the elite, the c$%^& who are actually running things. I voted, but I don’t expect it to count. After the last election, we know our system is rigged by them, not by either political party.

Body Frequency

Collective Harmony if they vibrate at a 5D frequency. If not, it’s politics. We have a Stop Codon Upload on our Consciousness status this morning. The Guide Power pulses with the 5GForce and is Occult.

The 5GForce is Yellow 2 Polar Human, Kin 132 in HF33.

I polarize in order to influence. Stabilizing wisdom I seal the process of free will with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of flowering

Earth Frequency

Amplitude is just 5 but quite frenetic, not flat

Interplanetary Frequency

The Moon spends all day in Aquarius, encouraging us to seek intellectual stimulation and unusual or unconventional experiences. This is exactly aligned with the Sun in Scorpio. ♏️
All Zodiac Signs
Venus mediates. Pluto, Neptune and Mars are pulsing. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.
  • Early today, the First Quarter Moon is exact with the Sun in Scorpio square to the Moon in Aquarius. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. There can be some trial and error or tension to manage now, although it can also help motivate us to make a move! Recent new beginnings may face their first obstacles. Friends, community, groups, causes, and happiness goals can be in stronger focus now. We can feel quite responsible for–or serious about–these matters with the
  • Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn and Mars trine Vesta in Aquarius.


Tuesday Daily Reading; High Solar Activity

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 12 Crystal Star or 12Leucine. Art. Pulse is to the right abdomen below the navel and into the thigh.
  • Analog is Blue 12 Crystal Monkey or 12Asparagine. Magic. Pulse is the sam as above only to the left.
  • Guide Power this morning is Yellow 12 Crystal Sun or 12Stop Codon. Enlightenment. Pulse is to the right top of the head-Crown Chakra.
  • Antipode this afternoon is White 12 Crystal Mirror or 12Tyrosine. Meditation. Pulse is the the left eye.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Red 2 Polar SKywalker or 2Glutamine. Prophecy. Pulse is to the upper left thorax, heart and lungs
  • 5GForce, as mentioned above sits in HF33 so there is a pulse to implicate order, no 4D governance. It is Yellow 2 Polarizing Human or 2Glutamic Acid. FREE WILL. Pulse is to the entire Body Holon from the left abdomen above the navel, digestive area. If you get into a fight today, verbally or otherwise, it will probably make you nauseated or sick. Red flag. Listen to your body.

Yellow 2 Polar Human is the 5GForce today which sits in HF33 so there will be some creative polarization between humans today that manifests etherically, not 4D. For example; someone picks a fight because they feel like it to make separation from a person or event. It’s helping to align the energy in truth, not about events but about how they feel.

Earth Holon

I Ching Hx62, Tyrosine (White Mirror Meditation), is still pulsing to the DNA evolution on Earth in HF42; Crystal store; “Remember the elegance of cooperation” which is an attribute of today’s theme; Yellow 12 Crystal Star or 12Leucine.

Earth Psi Bank (Van Allen Belts); Space is still pulsing at 30-60°N on the Atlantic Winter Plate II. In Time we are in the Holonomic Field Stage of history on the AC strand, Plate VIII.

The Yellow Star Time Portal is located at 30°S–150°W, south of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. This is Easter Island Area. Star is Signal kin at the Solar Plexus of the planet to receive from the cosmic web.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by VENUS today and less so by Pluto, Neptune, and Mars

  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, ruled by the Sun, our Guide Power, encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. We might seek channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential. We’re generally confident and prepared to take on whatever comes our way.
  • The Leo Moon’s square to Uranus suggests some stubborn sticking to our methods, and its opposition to Saturn points to feeling blocked. (Polarizing Tone 2 as Hidden Wisdom). Rules and limitations are harder to take today, but no boundaries can feel too chaotic, and our challenge is to find a balance. Adjusting our plans may be in order. (Apply tone 12 and Yellow Star and be harmonious)

Daily Oracle; May.31.2021

The Moon is still in Aquarius which is perfect with Tone 12; very communal and all about sharing.

I Dedicate in order to Beautify. Universalizing Art I seal the Store of Elegance with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Universal Fire. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
  • Theme is 12Leucine, an amino acid with muscle. Yellow 12 Crystal Star is about communal harmony, elegance, beauty and a good time. Happy Memorial Day as we think of those we love in the other dimensions not always visible to us but with us sometimes. Even so, this is mediated by VENUS and there are minor tense aspects and a Mercury retrograde so you’ll have to pull a no-hiccups get-together out of the Jokers Hat.
  • Analog is 12Asparagine, the amino acid in asparagus, Blue 12 Crystal Monkey. This is a party, The Joker, creative and more fun. Eat, drink, and be Merry for tomorrow there may be a major solar flare and we’ll have to board a ship to get out of here.
  • Guide Power is 12Stop Codon or Yellow 12 Crystal Sun which is in alignment with one of the nodes so this is a gentle push forward. Boost your skills and improve your communications ASAP.
  • Antipode is 12Tyrosine or White 12 Crystal Mirror. This is pretty powerful because mirrors are made from quartz crystal. The energy here is VERY activating of the MIRROR NEURONS in the brain which is mimicry, people following each other and taking clues. Monkey see Monkey do is going on heavily today with humans. They may look good or bad depending on the humans consciousness doing it. A game of charades is seen here.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 2Glutamine or Red 2 Polar Skywalker. This is a bit of a debate being mediated by Mars. There may be some difference of opinion that could go haywire if you don’t let it lie. Stick with the fun aspects and don’t get Skywalker serious today. With Mercury retrograde that’s not going to work out.
  • 5GForce is 2Glutamic Acid or Yellow 2 Polarizing Human. This actually stabilizing humans today and is a great tradition to celebrate. It’s important to remember our ancestors and military who died to keep our country free. Even after scamdemic, we will still be free. We can’t have it any other way in this country and are willing to shut down or fight our own government to secure our communities and diversity.

Daily Reading; The Fifth Dimension from Implicate Order is Giving Us Choices Regarding How We Communicate

Please notice that the 5GForce are going in reverse from the way they are placed in HF33. This creates the radial nature of the DNA double helix

The Tzolkin line-up looks like this;

9/13-Sunday; Yellow 12 Star whose 5GForce is #132; Yellow 2 Human in HF33. The amino acid is Leucine and Glutamic Acid. This is a G.A.P. kin so it is pulling the rotation to the center. The mediating planet is Venus being impacted by 5th dimensional earth, polarizing and stabilizing humans. Which will they choose? Continue to be polarizing or stabilize into Yellow 12, crystal, communal art and harmony?

9/14-Monday; Red 13 Moon whose 5GForce is #133; Blue 1 Monkey in HF33.  The day is mediated by Mercury but is impacted from 5GForce Venus. The amino acid is Methionine, the start codon and asparigine. Meaning? Are humans going to choose to turn their cosmic awareness of passion and emotions into magnetic creativity and joy or…just act like a bunch of wild animals?

9/15-Tuesday; White 1 Dog whose 5GForce is #134; White 13 Dog in HF33. The day is mediated by Mercury and is impacted by 5GForce Mercury so this is a HUGE communication day. There will likely be something major happening. The shadow of White 1 Dog would be a big EGO character. White 13 Dog is the Christ Consciousness. This is the very center of the Tzolkin in 5D. Make no bias assumptions about who the character might be. The amino acid is Aspartic Acid

9/16-Wednesday; Blue 2 Monkey whose 5GForce is Red 12 Moon in HF33. The day is mediated by VENUS and impacted by 5GForce Mercury. It’s obvious there is a binary Venus-Mercury effect at play that will be setting the foundation for our communication systems. The amino acids are asparigine and Methionine, the start codon.

I’m going to dream on this tonight and see if more comes to me tomorrow.

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