Sunday Daily Reading; Today’s Gateway is in Synchronicity with the Events Swirling

Tone 11 is about dissolving lies, secrets and letting the truth out. Today, it’s about revealing the actions of the underground U.S. CIA and what they’ve done to children. It seems they are the leaders in an international sex trafficking ring.

As far as our evolution, the RNA seems to be moving heavily on the right and in the head today, changing our bodies and mindset~all one.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun or 11StopCodon. Enlightenment. Pulse is to the right brain and crown of the head.
  • Analog is Blue 11 Spectral Storm or 11Tryptophan. Self-generation. Pulse is to the left brain and crown of the head
  • Guide Power is itself
  • Antipode is White 11 Spectral Dog or 11AsparticAcid. Companionship. Pulse is to the left foot
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 3 Electric Dragon or 3Cysteine. Memory. Pulse is to the right eye and face
  • 5gforce is Yellow 3 Electric Sun pulsing off of our theme 3StopCodon. Pulse is to the right brain and emanates to the entire body.

Earth Holon

Yellow Sun Time Portal is located at 60°N–15°W, W of the U.K. in the North Atlantic

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is the mediating planet.

Galactic Core
  • Th e Moon spends part of the day continuing its transit of Capricorn. Until 1:36 PM EST, our inclination is to focus and prioritize. Bringing more punch, ambition, dynamism, or creativity to our pursuits can be a strong theme.
  • The Moon in Aquarius from 1:36 PM onward stimulates our progressive, inventive, and innovative side.
  • With Chiron and Juno heading into a sextile aspect, we take relationship challenges in stride, naturally recognizing that to get along, we need to make an effort. We’re open to trusting and giving others some room to grow. Our relationships can be therapeutic, and mentoring or healing together are themes. We fight for the underdog, we’re idealistic, and we have a strong sense of the future.
  • The void Moon occurs from 9:50 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 1:36 PM EST.


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