Saturday Daily Reading; We Need to Allow Our DNA Changes to Flow even if it Causes a Health Crisis

It’s 6-11-22 on a Tone 11 day. 22 is double 11.

Release into Timelessness. It is the antipode challenge today in the CNS, the brain, and spinal cord. Let go of any blocked 3D memories, tensions, and events that no longer serve you. Release into your QUANTUM self that resides in every one of your cells. Our DNA is not only time, it is timeless as expressed by White 11 Spectral Wizard. None of this is necessarily easy. We are birthing a new body.

Body Holon

Seeds are tiny DNA packets. They are potent like our seed thoughts. The great ginormous sequoia trees sprouted from a tiny seed. It’s a big deal. We sprouted from our parents microscopic seeds as well. Consciousness manifests through 3D DNA seeds.
11Valine, 11Arginine, 11 Valine, 11Lysine, 3Phenylalanine, and 3Histidine is the 5GForce, Electric Warrior; Intelligence

What we have here today in the destiny Oracle are parts of our DNA, parts of our mindset, our mind-body, and spirit that are dissolving, and we could even be in a health crisis right now. Vision is supporting so Blue 11 Spectral Eagle is a new way of seeing yourself, the context within which you live, and the world around you. It’s a double pulse because we’re Guided by the Yellow 11 Spectral Seed. The antipode challenging is a sense of timelessness a meditation that is new. It’s not something we’ve experienced before. The hidden wisdom is Red 3 Electric Earth so this is electrifying synchronicity. This is telling you to keep your eyes open for things that come into your life that make a difference.

There is so much noise and chaos outside my house today. It goes with tone 11. Find your earplugs if you are in a similar tone 11 context. It’s a mammalian jungle out there.

Earth Holon

The peak frequency is 17, 2x normal

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter.

  • Venus aligns with Uranus in the sign of Taurus today, and the need to express ourselves freely and openly comes on strongly. It’s a time when we go a little off-script socially. Whether we’re aware of this or not, we’re itching for a change! Connecting with this desire can help us steer and navigate better. For the time being, we value stimulation and newness over permanence. We lose our fear of taking risks in love, with pleasure, and in social situations. There can be infatuations, whims, gossip, and unexpected opportunities socially or financially. We have a greater need for self-expression, personal freedom, and social excitement. This influence encourages us to let go of rigidity. (Synchronicity with spectral tone 11 which dissolves and releases)
  • Still, the Moon transits Scorpio all day, awakening a need to tap into our passions and desires.
  • This Moon opposes Venus and Uranus in Taurus tonight, and we can feel torn between stubbornly resisting change and embracing it.


Friday Daily Oracle; Sometimes We Have to Dissolve Part of Ourselves to Go Up a Level and Correct Imbalance. Don’t settle.

The sun is now in Libra so balance in close relationships is coming forward. Are you closely bonded to the right person for you?

Yellow 7 Resonant 🌞Sun a few days ago is in synchronicity with Libra ♎ Sun. Notice that symbol is an omega point or ending. 7Sun turning in on itself in addition to the resonant echo means synergy between people leveled up.

I Dissolve in order to Target (Intention). Releasing Awareness I seal the input of Flowering with the Spectral Tone of Liberation. I am guided by my Own Power Doubled

6:4:11:21-The Tzolkin
Mediating Planet today is Jupiter

The Moon is in Taurus but it opposes Uranus and Uranus is in Taurus so this is a dissolving aspect for grounding. We don’t get to attach to much for long on earth and you increase your suffering by trying. Humans are habitual and like to fantasize about normal but the way of the Universe is growth, change, and freedom.

Venus opposes Taurus as well which is its ruler. We need to approach our lives with an adjusted mindset to others who may be the object of our attention. We can’t change them.

We are attracted to earthy activities though and of course we can control our activities so those are very supported for positive energy manifestation. There will need to be a compromise between companionship and independence right now because people go at different speeds. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 11Valine or Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; Flowering DNA
  • Analog is 11Arginine or Blue 11 Spectral Eagle; Dissolving Vision
  • Guide Power is Itself
  • Antipode is 11Lysine or White 11 Spectral Wizard; Dissolving Timelessness
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Phenylalanine or Red 3 Electric Earth; Activated and bonded Synchronicity (***)
  • 5GForce is 3Histidine or Yellow 3 Electric Warrior; Bonded Intelligence (possibly with someone)

The Next 13 Days. I’m using Prophetic Vision and my Knowledge of the Destiny Patterns.

We’re looking at destiny patterns on this timeline up to January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day although during this Constitutional Crisis is not set in stone.

January 7; Thursday, Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; TODAY. Hammer Day. The public narrative is played, rather poorly, that it’s some kind of big deal that Biden is certified. Pence DID have the legal power to stop the certification with precedent set by Thomas Jefferson beating John Adams, and did not, but he was being tested by the Patriots and Trump and was handed a sucker after he betrayed the cause. The whole scenario yesterday was a paid setup by far left winger billionaire George Soros. Simpson, the picture of the painted face crazy guy is a operative for Antifa/BLM and was no doubt paid handsomely to lead the Left wing insurrection. 4 people died.

Trump has spent 4 years getting legal, international and military lined up to CLEAN OUT DEEP STATE, Vatican and Big Tech, you name it who sponsor human trafficking, pedophilia, child torture and kidnapping and the deepest evil anyone can think of. It’s bi-partisan. It’s not just the Dems. Pelosi and Pence I believe are both in on it with Biden.

January 8; Friday, Red 12 Serpent; Bill Barr, traitor AG is Red 11 Serpent. Bad guy. Pence is 9 Serpent. June 7, 1959. You can dial it up yourself. Kamala is 6 Serpent. Maldek Karma. They will be finished soon. Some reports of understanding who really led the Capital riots on the 6th. Things are not adding up even for sleepers.

January 9; Saturday, White 13 World-Bridger: Biden is 2 Worldbridger. Maybe a health issue here. The dimensions are unstable. I see some military action that the public can see. Much military action has gone on for 4 years that the MSM never report because it’s bad for them. This occurred today as I predicted. The ARMED National Guard is now in D.C. I predicted this when I posted this blog originally on Jan. 7th.

January 10; Sunday, Blue 1 Magnetic Hand; Trump is Blue 3 Hand. This is my 5G Force. There may be some more BIG E.T. Disclosure on this day. Some kind of communication from Trump through his wife’s, or son’s social media. He’s got lots of options even though Twitter has blocked him out. He is on Parler but Apple is threatening to pull the plug on them. Trump has major dirt on Big Tech and they are retaliating. Nothing is going to stop it and he’s going to make that clear today. This is a positive support day for Trump as White 13 Cosmic Wizard is in the Hidden Wisdom position.

January 11; Monday, Yellow 2 Polar Star; Sidney Powell may be front and center with some great evidence about the fraud that the public can see. She is Yellow Star. The lawsuit against her from Dominion will be brought up. Dominion is being sued by Trump possibly for enabling the fraudulent election.

January 12; Tuesday, Red 3 Electric Moon; “The taming power of the small.” “Restriction” from the IChing. There will be arrests for the next 3 days. We have Yellow 11 Human as the Hidden Wisdom. That is chaotic humans so there ya have it. Indeed, Simon Parkes confirmed arrests and he has been taken off of all Internet sites including her personal website. They stopped THE TRUTH obviously or they would not have bothered to hit him hard. That proves he’s correct.

January 13; Wednesday, White 4 Self-Existing Dog; Arrests. I looked at it with remote viewing this morning and it’s going much more smoothly then they thought. No glitches, not that difficult. It’s not like the military is fighting the armed Taliban in Afghanistan. With documents, they are arresting human traffickers all over the world. Again, Simon Parkes has been black balled and no one can see his videos.

January 14; Thursday, Blue 5 Overtone Monkey; Big Arrests. Blue 5 Overtone Storm is the Guide Power.

January 15; Friday, Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human; I see comms going down starting today. the EBS or Emergency Broadcasting System will come on and there will be no phone and no internet service while they take out the satellites that belong to criminal countries. Elon Musk has a satellite that will provide FREE INTERNET to the entire planet. I believe that is going to go up. He contracts DIRECLTY with NASA which is the Federal Govt. so the richest and one of the smartest men on the planet is a Federalist and supports the Federal Govt., not the Deep State.

January 16; Saturday, Red 7 Resonant Skywalker; Comms down, Queen Elizabeth disappearing which will be easy to make happen with comms down. This is her birth Gateway.

January 17; Sunday, White 8 Galactic Wizard; comms down

January 18; Monday, Blue 9 Solar Eagle; Some military struggle, civil disturbance. Trump letting everyone know he is still in charge. There will be no inauguration of Biden unless he decides to play them some more which would play the Deep State. Either way, Biden will not be President.

January 19; Tuesday, Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior; Trump will announce his new V.P. today who I think will be JFK Jr. Q will be revealed. Guliani will be next to Trump supporting. He is Yellow 10 Planetary Sun.

January 20; Wednesday Red 11 Spectral Earth; Inauguration Day. This is the fulfillment of what began on January 6, 2021 with the Capital Insurrection by Left wing Antifa and Pelosi. Red 4 Earth was the 5GForce that day which was Yellow 11 Seed. So Yellow 11 Seed, seeded, today, Red 11 Earth for FREEDOM, Dissolving of the corrupt Deep State and Synchronicity with, Liberation.

I Dissolve in order to Evolve.

Releasing Synchroncity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Spectral tone of Liberation.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

Thursday. It’s Thor’s Hammer Day. Q. In the Tzolkin Matrix we are on Yellow 11 Spectral Chaos SEED.

Biden is C=/_<. Trump IS NOT C+×÷=. Verified by Corey Goode.

That’s why the C%^&* Dems and MSM want to hang Teump on the White House lawn. Not gonna happen.

Thor’s hammer is THE SEED packet of DNA, time and karma that cannot be stopped. One little seed began the GIANT SEQOUIA trees out west.

It’s not over yet peeps. Today is Thor’s hammer day and the military will be brought in to clean house at some point. I don’t have absolute intel on that but the military has been active under the direction of POTUS all along. He has had the goods for 4 years and had to spin the web before he goes in with… the hammer.

The synchronicity here is the SEED is the hammer that targets the truth.

I dissolve in order to TARGET.

Releasing AWARENESS I seal the input of Flowering with the Spectral tone of LIBERATION.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Dreamspell Kin#24

What is THE SEED full of? DNA. There is nothing stronger in the Universe to set a destiny path than DNA. It controls time and karma for each individual. There is no escaping it. People can say whatever they want but what they have seeded in their lives bears either a good fruit or a bad fruit.

Congress is BAD FRUIT and worse. STAY TUNED.

Destiny is in TIME and time is DNA.

Spectral Tone;

Releasing, Liberation, Dissolve

The spectral tone knows the refined art of letting go and being present. You may lose track of time which is not a bad thing because you are so present in your situation. The Yellow Seed Targets Awareness and Flowering. It’s an active Dynamic, spiritual creator, potentiality, leader, performer, and influence.

The analog is Blue 11 Chaotic EAGLE! What is the U.S. emblem? The Eagle which is the case for many countries around the world who are also in trouble. The vision of the TRUTH about what these people and governments around the world are doing with human trafficking and children is the deepest evil you can imagine. POTUS was given all the file in 2016. That’s why he’s in office.

The Guide Power is Itself.

The antipode challenge is White 11 Spectral Chaotic Wizard. The end of the Maldek karma for Red Serpent and White Wizard. MIKE PENCE IS Red 9 Solar SERPENT. He’s done for Maldekian Karma as are Biden (W. WB) and Harris (Red Serpent).

The Hidden Wisdom points to Nancy Pelosi today who is Red 9 Solar Earth whose analog is SPEAKING White 9 Solar Wind. The SUN is the solar informer and she is finished. The Hidden Wisdom is Red 3 ELECTRIC Earth. There is plenty of electricity coming from Thors’ hammer. POTUS is Tone 3.

The 5GForce is Yellow 3 Warrior. That presages an electrifying war based on INTEL or Intelligence.

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