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I have 311 followers on here now. Thank you! There are eight years of writing so feel free to explore. My books are available for purchase on the books tab and Healer is on Amazon. I'll do my best to get on the reader and see what's up with everyone.

Essay; Camille Paglia-Some Great Reading for the Weekend

Click here for the full interview for your reading pleasure this weekend. Camille Paglia-EXCELLENT! Paglia is an essayist, author, and professor of humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she has taught since 1984. She completed her Ph.D. at Yale under the supervision of Harold Bloom, author of The Western Canon. Her first book, Sexual Personae: …

Prose; Publishing Joy

I feel like my baby is about to go off to college. I'm about to publish my first book and it's almost time to let it go, No longer able to control where it goes in the ethers, Out into the world, warts and all, Fresh, innocent, never having smelled a book store (yeah right) …

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