The Mighty Earthworm, Pivotal to Our Evolution

We can think about spring even though we just got blasted with a blizzard.

I’ve adored this creature since I was a little kid

The earthworms digging about in your back yard are members of a large, ubiquitous group with a deep evolutionary history. There are over 6000 earthworm species found on all continents except Antarctica. Most earthworms dwell in soil, but many live in leaf litter, decaying logs and riverbanks, while some live in trees and even along the seashore.

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The evolution of earthworms

1985. I was going to acting school at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

It’s ironic that the two creatures I love the most, fish and worms, both require a hook put in their nose for me to enjoy. I didn’t always hook worms. Most of the time, I played with them in the soil.

But I did grow up easily putting the worm on the fish hook and catching a BUNCH of fish with my dad. It was one of the happiest memories of my childhood. He was very pleased that I wasn’t squeamish. I have a little kid picture of that but I’d have to hunt for it.. But I have this one from tuna fishing in the Pacific ocean with my friend Robin. She was from Bellingham, WA. We traveled up the west coast together in her Carmen Gia on my way to Canada. I spent a summer up there.

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42,000 year old worm thaws and starts wiggling.The worms are eternal

So, the thing about that is, what about frozen humans who’ve been dead that long? Can’t we start wriggling and come to life? Like Frosty the Snow man. (@OrgPhysics) Tweeted:

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