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Have a Blessed Winter Solstice. It begins at dusk tonight. May the Sun return to humanity and heal our bodies, souls, our families, our relationships, our earth and our blessed Universe that loves us always.

❤️ Love, Lisa

Sure on this shining night Lyric

James Agee

Sure on this shining night

Of starmade shadows round,

Kindness must watch for me

This side the ground.

The late year lies down the north.

All is healed, all is health.

High summer holds the earth.

Hearts all whole.

Sure on this shining night

I weep for wonder

Wandering far alone

Of shadows on the stars.

The meaning of Noel

A term signifying the holiday season, Noël comes to us from the Latin verb nasci, meaning “to be born.” In the book of Ecclesiastes, the birth of Jesus is called natalis. A variation of this word, nael, made its way into Old French as a reference to the Christmas season and later into Middle English as nowel.

And we are born through our 👨‍🍼, woven on the the Loom of Maya, meaning ILLUSION, to, for a time, become manifest as DNA in a body in this holographic matrix of time. And so did our Creator so he could relate to humans better.

We’re Coming to the End of the Long Nights. Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is Yellow 8 Galactic Human; Integrity with intelligent Free Will Supported by Blue 8 Galactic Earth; A new earth of accomplishment, holders of the chalice, SELF-HEALING, an opener of Gateways!!! (very synchronistic), generous, comprehender, artistic, manifester, inspiring, all good.

We are appropriately mediated by THE EARTH HOLON today!! May we harmonize with our own bodies, others bodies, the trees, the animals of all variety, the ocean life!!!, the plant life on the surface, the plant life in the seas and oceans and all of the E.T. in the inner earth and on the surface in humanoid form.

Enjoy the longest night. Big revelations are coming. Be patient with each other and your neighbors as end-times-madness commence for those who are programmed by MSM. It will not be easy to feel your own authority in your soul.

Solstice Meditation for Focusing the Mind

The music starts at 7:32 if you don’t want to listen to talking.

We are in White 7 Resonant Wizard so this is actually perfect to get you into a meditative state before midnight. The Sun goes into Capricorn and WINTER begins at 10:00pm.

☀️ om bhur bhuvah swaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat☀️

☀️ Meditating upon the adorable, enchanting and radiant source of all things, we awaken to the divine light of pure consciousness.☀️

It’s Prayer to Source.

It’s Time to Get to Know Red Earth-White Wind Folks Ruled by URANUS since we are Entering The AGE of AQUARIUS

Notice the NAME of this RETRO group!! The 5th Dimension. I was born in 1963 so I listened to them often. I grew up with these songs.

Are those outfits groovy or what? Note the colors! Blue and Yellow are analog and the Solstice themeplex below shows BLUE Hand and YELLOW human. There is no way the artists could have known that. It’s truly prophetic. The violet is in there also for healing or the violet flame which is the Guide Power; BLUE Storm.

And notice the mobius strip set behind them! The mobius strip represents the lemniscate, the infinity symbol, timelessness, endlessness which became our number 8 turned vertical. Ironically that is 4 x 2 which represents BALANCE on Earth in 3D. Not to confuse, but the astrological alignments in the song will not occur until 2024, maybe August. So we are ushering it in but it will be a tumultuous four years from 2020-2024 before it settles down.

Again, what we believe is physical denseness IS NOT AT ALL. What creates solid perception is the electromagnetic power of our own Minds. It creates form and QI in every cell of our body. The truth is, every cell of our bodies is moving at 60,000 miles per second, evolving and changing in Time constantly. Imagine what a powerful matrix human thoughts and feelings create! Mindfulness is key now as we move forward. Mindfulness of your OWN mind and body, not the outside News and shenanigans. MYOB.

This is a lesson for the Aquarian Age. Our bodies are a blank pallet to draw on and it’s up to each of us individually to PROGRAM OURSELVES. Let it be love, creativity, empowerment, FUN, nothing terribly serious, ideas, cooperation and enjoyment. Keep moving and dancing. Drink water.

This is the themeplex for December 21, 2020. Notice that Red Earth mediated by Uranus is in the Antipode position. Indeed, all the astrologers are saying the Age of Aquarius is ushering in extreme tension and resistance and there is very little “fun” about it. Well, unless you are star seed, lightworker, rabble rouser (like me) and have been waiting for 57 years for the B.S. to end and the Truth to come forward. Let it fall!!! People need to wake up! Let’s get going here is how all of us feel. We are a minority that LOVE CHANGE. If you want things to go back to the way they were or “normal” there will be suffering. I don’t recommend it. This is resonant Tone 7 so it’s an echo all around but note that the THEME is HEALING or the HUMAN RACE (it’s analog which is Corey Goode’s theme!) It’s self-generated in a Blue Storm, of course! Use that Hidden Wisdom, the echo from eons past of shamanic, receptive, spiritual wisdom.

“Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path. Aug 20, 2018″

“Astrologically, Uranus is associated with extremes, breakthroughs and breakdowns, limitlessness, and being an outsider. While Saturn is the planet of limitations, Uranus is the planet that seeks to push past them—it’s the inventor or “mad scientist” of the solar system. Jan 24, 2020

Uranus and your personality

Electrifying and erratic, Uranus makes his mark by championing the unconventional, unusual and unpredictable. It is also known as the “great awakener”, the rules tend not to apply wherever Uranus is in your chart. Your Uranian flavor is enhanced by aspects Uranus makes within your chart. May 29, 2018

The essence of Uranus is disruptive, erratic, and revolutionary, and the meaning of Uranus‘ energy in your birth chart can tell you a whole lot about the things that bring you closer to your freedom, because it doesn’t get more rebellious than Uranus. Jun 5, 2019

The Big Solar Event on Dec. 21, 2020 is Blue 7 Resonant Hand. I’m doing the Tzolkin line-up and Pars Kutay is on Facebook.

This is the coming Winter Solstice.

Blue 7 Resonant Hand

The great cosmic event where our galaxy aligns with our Great Central Sun commences on Red 1 Dragon, December 15, 2020 and ends with my themeplex; Red 13 Skywalker on Dec. 27, 2020. This is highly synchronistic in that we begin a new galactic 260 day spin with a great 400 year alignment signified by Jupiter and Saturn being conjunct on the Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2020.

During this Red Dragon Wavespell, Saturn and Jupiter rule the sequence only on Blue 3 Night and Yellow 4 Seed. Those dates are Dec. 17 and 18.

The only question that comes to mind is the Time Thieves were from Jupiter and Saturn so…they are not the most friendly planets to Earth. Earth is ALL OVER the December 21 line-up though as you can see by looking at the themeplex above. Blue Hand and Yellow Human are mediated by EARTH. Guide power is Blue 7 Storm mediated by Pluto whose ANALOG is the Great Central Sun, Antipode is Red 7 Earth mediated by Uranus, and Hidden Wisdom is White 7 Wizard mediated by the asteroid belt. I’m not exactly sure what is going on here yet so I’m writing out loud. Keep in mind the context of this big event is the 13-day wavespell, not just one day. Look at the coordinates for those 13 days.;

1:1:1:1, 1:2:2:2, 1:3:3:3, 1:4:4:4, 2:5:5:5, 2:6:6:6, 2:7:7:7, 2:8:8:8, 3:9:9:9, 3:10:10:10, 3:11:11:11 (Jose A’s themeplex), 3:12:12:12:12, 4:13:13:13 (me)

The way these read out is Harmonic Family#, Archetype#, Tone#, kin#. For example, Jose is in Harmonic Family 3, he is archetype 11, tone 11, and kin 11. All of that indicates he was a huge factor in our ascension and his most epic book is Earth Ascending. Jose was all about ascension into our Universal family and transcending PAST the birth family. His birth family was not fond of him. I have the same issues, as though that’s the holy measure of a person’s character. If the birth family were equal to God that would be the case but they are not. How taboo of me to state that fact!

This is an exact quote from Pars:

“We are fast approaching the Great point in Cosmic Time when the Galaxy moves close again to the Central Sun and Angelic Teachers and the Masters of Light are Heralding across the Cosmos that the NEW ERA of LIGHT is about to return to planet Earth.

The Earth Alliance reports that as the Solstice Earth date marker December 21, 2020 draws near. Benevolent Light Forces are moving into Earth’s Solar System in Mass numbers Now in preparation for an Earth’s Grand Evolutionary Ascension Event.

On 12.21.2020 (3, 3, 4 in numerology) a Grand 400-year Celestial Alignment will occur as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn known as the Great Conjunction which also happens on the most significant Solar day of the year December Solstice.

This is the exact point on the Celestial Wheel of Time when the Golden Age of LIGHT spoken of old by all major cultures is set to Dawn. These rare upcoming Celestial Events coincide with the BEginning of a major New Central Sun Cycle as Earth’s Galaxy moves back into the Satya Yuga era of LIGHT spoken of by the ancient Lemurians.

This series of Magnificent Heavenly Events coming at the end of Earth year 2020…

Signal the Dawn of a NEW ERA of LIGHT… PEACE… and ABUNDANCE on planet Earth.”

~ 💜 ~

From Lisa;

You might want to mark your calendars this year and get ready for…??? big earth and body changes. Big brain changes and big political changes. It should all be good.

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