Tuesday; CME Eruptions Causing a Solar Storm, Australia in the White Wind Time Portal Gets a Lightning Strike and a Mercury Retrograde Today. Synchronicity.

Australia saw 300-500% increase in Solar WIND from the Solar Storm that’s hitting today. Australia sits in the WHITE WIND TIME PORTAL on the Planet and TODAY IS WHITE 6 RHYTHMIC WIND. Epic Synchronicity.

The White Wind Portal surrounds S.E. Asia, part of the S. China sea, and the NW coast of Australia. White Wind is a core kin and will stimulate the heart chakra to align, kind of like the paddles they use in the E.R. to get a patient’s heart going again.

In addition Ben, the video producer, had miscommunication on FB with a peer(how novel) and got banned for 30 days. It’s on here. FB banned my biz page a year ago because I’m holistic and agree with 75% of intelligent healthcare practitioners that not everyone needs the Covid vaccine. I posted a scholarly article to that effect and just did again and that was illegal. Well, they are illegal and Ben is right, they have karma coming.


Miscommunication, frustration and expressed anger and accidents are definitely part of Mercury Retrograde. Just because you feel negatively about something doesn’t mean you have to say it. And personally, I would never use violent words to communicate something that I DID NOT feel violent about. Women do it too! Words have power folks. Think before you speak.

Also, full moon tomorrow and lunar eclipse in Gemini. It’s going to be a busy day with all of that, the solar storm and Mercury retrograde in Gemini Sun, its planetary ruler. Watch your mind and movement.

I Organize in order to Communicate. Balancing Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Rhythmic tone of Equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.
  • Theme; 6Glycine or White 6 Rhythmic Wind; Organized, balanced communication IDEALLY.
  • Analog; 6Phenylalanine or Red 6 Rhythmic Earth; Balanced navigation and evolution.
  • (My son is Red Earth and fell onto the ground yesterday after trying to click his heels coming out of work. He wasn’t hurt too bad but my first thought was, he was caught off balance bc the earth is tilting. He’s very sensitive to Earth energy being Red Earth. Then Ben put up this video today about earth tilt. Synchronicity)
  • Guide Power is ITSELF
  • Antipode is 6Glutamic Acid or Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human; Equal FREE WILL, Human vessels of Higher Power, Abundant
  • Hidden Wisdom is 8Tryptophan or Blue 8 Galactic Storm so that is EXACT synchronicity for tonight with this Solar storm which will precipitate weather storms here on earth. The SUN causes our weather and so do our COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. It’s all part of the holographic Matrix.
  • The 5GForce is 8Tyrosine or White 8 Galactic Mirror. We need to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, and what ACTION we’re going to take today to change. Tomorrow means never.

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