Friday Daily Oracle; We seal the Input of Spirit in Order to Communicate

Today teaches a great boundary that will prevent trouble. Check your heart and body center before you open your mouth and communicate. Speak or type from an empowered, positive place or best to be silent. If you speak from ego and lust to use someone because you feel weak, or angry, you are adding to the chaos.

Free will allows you the right to speak from whatever S(s)ource is functioning in you as even shadow behavior brings learning and is valuable. That’s why evil or error is allowed to exist, obviously. The Tao says,

What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s work?”

Tao te Ching

Is that ever true! The karma and dharma side of the interplanetary holon shows us who are students and who are teachers. The karmic side starting with Yellow Sun kin are students in need of a teacher; Blue Storm kin, their analog support who have been to hell and back and self-generated themselves. It’s a big deal. Heads up on analog kin in your life. In today’s case, White Wind kin is the student and Red Earth kin is the teacher. My son is Red Earth and he schools me all the time. He is a teacher like me. I know plenty of White World-Bridger kin who value what I have to teach and let me know it. I value them as well so that I know I’m being useful.

Note that Blue Storm, even though in the teacher role, IS SUPPORTED by their student, Yellow Sun. The teacher needs their student just as much to be reassured that they came the distance, otherwise they wouldn’t be getting positive feedback as they are. It is their purpose. Then the teacher is not to break their arm patting themselves on the back but be of service to Light and Love in cooperation with Source lest you disappoint your student! It’s a big deal. Teachers are not supposed to pursue accolades but are open for more students to come along. In addition, students and teachers must have mutual respect or it will turn to resentment. You both have to come to the situation in service to one another, not ego. Always be on the lookout for your analogs and serve one another.

Body Holon

  • The theme is White 5 Radiant Wind or spectacular communication. 5Glycine
  • The analog is Red 5 Radiant Earth or exact navigation, the right path. 5Phenylalanine
  • The guide power is White 5 Radiant Dog or beautiful love and loyalty from a friend who has your back. 5Aspartic Acid
  • The antipode challenge is Yellow 5 Radiant Human. Of course! Humans are habitual and fickle. They also follow and lie a lot and are full of fear and excuses. But some…are excellent, courageous, stunning, awake, connected and want to be of service on this troubled planet. Humans can be so great and so awful. It really helps to meditate and ask Source to show you your soul, who you are, if you feel lost. They will show you. Don’t size yourself up in the eyes of the blind world. They are not God In You. Go within, focus, and listen. Turn all of the noise OFF. 5Glutamic Acid.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 9 Solar Storm which we are in right now. The weather patterns, earthquakes, amount of precipitation, etc. are off the charts. The Sun is changing and because of that, it’s changing the planet, the solar system planets, and us. Humans are not to blame for climate change, the sun is going through it’s natural 12,000 year cycle. The suffering on the surface of earth is caused by the Cabal and their contracts with Reptilians and Greys who have made bad decisions with regard to their own DNA for thousands of years and are dying. They are trying to vampire off of the excellent human race DNA who have evolved into spectacular beings. We are at the top of the evolutionary species right now, full of potential as I keep saying in my books and on here. I have an issue with anyone who is cooperating with either of those species right now while our own species is struggling. 9Tryptophan.
  • 5GForce is White 9 Solar Mirror or 9Tyrosine. The Sun is holding up a mirror today, to us, in the Matrix of Universal Fire

Interplanetary Holon

Uranus is the mediating planet today and less so, Mercury, Earth, and the Stop Codon. The Sun is heading toward a trine to Uranus in full synchronicity with astronomy. The Age of Aquarius is here and we will be feeling its potent changes to our institutions soon. Big heads up. We share our planet with many other E.T. species and always have. They and most plants and animals were here before we were. In addition, the DNA of all E.T. species and the plants and animals ARE IN US. We are who we are because of them. The Pentagon report and countless other sources including the military all over the world prove it. Let go of your bias or fear. 90% of them are benevolent and here to teach and learn.

Uranus is gorgeous. It rules Aquarius

Earth Holon

White Wind is a Core Kin whose job is to transduce from the cosmic web via the heart chakra. The actual time portal is located at the Equator—75°East. It is the Maldive Island off of the east coast of India

I post Suspicious Observers again for the info. But his his tone and energy is so aggressive and defensive today, like a testosterone riddled prize fighter. His little diss rant to followers in this shows he’s taking public criticism too personally. I know that if I started to have thousands of followers the attempts at crucifixion would be plentiful because I’m an outlier female. I love who I am and the universe has my back so have at it. I could care less about haters. I’m here to care about those working hard and sitting in love and light and helping. The others don’t exist for me. That’s part of being a public figure. You might stay positive and sit in your power, not react.

Thursday; 5 Glycine or White Overtone Wind

“I empower in order to communicate.
Commanding Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Heart.”-Kin 122

The Dreamspell
The Tzolkin. Kin 122 in Red.

Across the top count 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161, 181, 201, 221, 241. That is the kin number for the top square. Just count down to find your kin. Every row down is 20 and across the top is obviously 13.

This is on the app. The green squares are the G.A.P. kin which are the amino acids that the double helix pulses around to create the helix spiral. It will all be in my book.

Down the left side, top to bottom;

  • Cysteine-1
  • Glycine-2
  • Alanine-3
  • Valine-4
  • Serine-5
  • Threonine-6
  • Isoleucine-7
  • Leucine-8
  • Methionine Start Codon-9
  • Aspartic Acid-10
  • Asparagine-11
  • Glutamic Acid-12
  • Glutamine-13
  • Lysine-14
  • Arginine-15
  • Histidine-16
  • Phenylalanine-17
  • Tyrosine-18
  • Tryptophan-19
  • Stop Codon-20
  • Proline is a type of Stop Codon along with Tryptophan

Competition Can Be Inspiring

I perked up when I heard military insider Emery Smith say, “Humans are egos.” That rang true. Today is Tone 5, the Overtone tone that is about commanding, radiance and empowerment. There is one thing every human wants and that’s personal power. If they don’t know how to self-generate it inside, which is Tone 4, they will project outside of themselves and try to pulse off of or vampire off of someone’s else’s energy to make themselves bigger or better in some way by competing. Or they will fain affinity when there might not really be much affinity to try to energy cord the person to suck energy from them. For some reason, humans compete more with each other gender wise than listening and vibing with the universe. Women compete more with women and men compete more with men.

Today is White 5 Wind which is mediated by Uranus. The attributes are communication, breath, and spirit. agile, divine breath, clever, multifaceted, inspiration to all, idealistic, mental, presence of truth, spiritual, and romantic. That’s all positive. Why is the antipode or challenge Yellow 5 Human? Why are humans a challenge to radiant empowerment? Because they compete and want to dominate more than they want to love. That’s ego. They don’t see themselves the way God sees them. That’s the definition of politics and why it does NO GOOD in the world. It’s a waste of time and drama. The attributes of Yellow Human are influence, wisdom, and free will. Humans use their influence and freewill mainly, to try to control and dominate others.

The Guide Power is White 5 Dog or Radiant Love and Loyalty, Heart. So in the Tzolkin, the energy line up and consequently the cellular DNA line-up is correct. How will that show itself in human behavior?

White 5 Wind is Divine breath and communication

If you improve something in your life or you reach a goal, get healthier or more radiant, the same gender so-called friends will SAY something positive and encouraging to you that is sincere. They will not act jealous or self-depricating, or self conscious low self-esteem about themselves. They will be happy for you. They will not call you names and hate on you, even jokingly. The “I’m so jealous I hate you” little comment. Or, “I can’t (or can) do this as well as you do!” They turn the focus to themselves and how weak they are. Watch your back!

This is my pet peeve with women. I don’t obey or follow humans as I’ve said before. I work very closely with my spirit guides, my intuition and the Universe. I am successful at anything I put my mind to and women and maybe one man compete with me. Their competition with me inspires them to do better which is good. Blue 9 Storm is the Hidden Wisdom. It is about catalyzing energy and self-generation so there you have it.

Most humans react or stare at each other on social media and in politics and then MIMIC or COMPETE to try to one up each other to be better than they were before. That’s not such a bad thing as long as they’re strangers. But it’s not loving with a friend. When a friend or sibling says something that’s competitive I know they don’t love me and it’s happened more often than not. As I type I can think of no less than 20 women and one man that either has competed or competes with me now. The funny thing is, they don’t want to hang out with me when I reach out to them. That clinches it. They feel too insecure around me. That’s not love. They aren’t the least bit concerned about what I need, don’t ask and don’t think there is anything I need because I don’t whine and I’m not dependent and insecure.

The 5GForce is White 9 Mirror, kin 178. This is the Writer’s Mantra;

” I pulse in order to reflect. Realizing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the solar tone of intention I am guided by the power of timelessness.”


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