Saturday Reading-White 13 Cosmic Jaguar Priestess; the Asteroid Belt Karma

The 5gforce to up level 3 and 4D is kin 66; White 1 World Bridger.

“I unify in order to equalize. Attracting opportunity I seal the store of death with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

This is the birth gateway of Gloria Steinem and Duke Ellington.

13 Wizard is the birth gateway of Carl Jung. We end the White Wind Wavespell, the Power of Spirit.

In 4D time we are in the Z.O.T.

In this harmonic 59, in 3D Space, we are spinning in Stage 1, the Deep Prehistoric Past on the AC strand of DNA, bringing the future into the present. I Ching 3 is difficulty at the beginning. We are coming close to the end of the 260-day Tzolkin Cycle of TIME that pulses exactly with the 365-day solar year, 11 year solar cycle in SPACE.

This is a gateway kin Time Portal located at 60°S–15°W in the S.Atlantic off of the S. Sandwich Islands.

ScR is 8 and the amplitude is 5. The top cosmic layers are being absorbed by the bottom layer next to the Earth. We’re picking up the info. from the cosmic web.

Astrology in 3D Space and the Tzolkin in 4D Time

Apparent low synchronicity today between 3 and 4D except for the first sentence. In space, this time cell occurred in the deep prehistoric past, Stage 1. See my recent post on Map 34 of Earth Ascending which will be posted today.

13 Lysine asteroid belt, 13 serine asteroid belt, 13 Tyrosine Neptune, 13 Valine Jupiter, 1Isoleucine Earth 🌎
All Zodiac Signs
  • The inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun occurs this morning, giving us a unique window into the past as it might impact our future. This is a good time to process recent events and ideas. We begin looking at problems or issues from a fresh perspective and a new understanding. Significant new ideas are born at this time, and they’re likely to have real staying power or importance in our lives. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or worse! However, we may not have all the facts necessary to reach a definite conclusion, and we might have to revise plans or decisions later.
  • The Moon continues in Cancer until 9:40 PM EST, when it heads into Leo.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:23 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Pluto), until the Moon enters Leo at 9:40 PM EST.


Friday-The End of the 13-Day Cycle

Today is C.G.Jung’s And Alan Rickman’s birth gateway; White 13 Cosmic Wizard. They were Maldekian Wizard priests. Maldkians are very different from others.

The Daily Audio–Jungs-Birth-Gateway-e1hheju

Earth Holon-S.R. Reading

I woke up this morning and knew we were off the charts again. The DNA on Earth (Us) is making the changes in the Psi Bank/Magnetosphere, not the Sun.

The peak amplitude is 60
You can see it shot up

Body Holon-Our DNA Evolution in our tRNA Molecules

We pulse to Cosmic tone 13 at the left ankle joint.

  • The theme is White 13 Cosmic Wizard or 13Lysine, Timelessness. Pulse is to the left pec/breast. Maldek.
  • The Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Serpent or 13Serine; passion-sex. Pulse is to the right pec/breast. Maldek.
  • The Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic Mirror or 13Tyrosine. Pulse is to the left top of the head, crown chakra. Neptune.
  • The Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed or 13Valine. Pulse is to the right arm. Jupiter
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Hand or 1Isoleucine; charismatic, accomplished healer. Pulse is to the right digestive area. Earth.
  • The 5gforce is White 1 Magnetic World-Bridger or 1Threonine; Magnetic change. Pulse is to the right lung/heart area. Mars.

Interplanetary Holon-The Planets are Initiating DNA Evolution

S.O.-Solar Initiation of DNA Evolution? The sun is calm today but tomorrow I bet it lets loose.

We are mediated by the Asteroid Belt today which used to be Tiamat.


  • The Moon spends the day in Capricorn, harmonizing with Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter, and finally aligning with Pluto. We embrace our ambitions and seek to improve, grow, or expand with these influences. We can be more resolved, determined, and goal-oriented than usual, yet also attuned to our intuition. There can be opportunities to add personal, creative, and imaginative touches to our projects and pursuits. Our judgment is sound, and practical matters are a significant focus.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:54 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius the next day, Saturday, April 23rd, at 2:18 AM EDT.

C.G. Jung, The Red Book, His Secret Writing

This just came in the mail.

C.G. Jung

The Red Book didn’t come out until after his death, posthumously in 2009, so I knew there would be some synchronicity with his Mayan birth theme-plex; White 13 Cosmic Wizard. Sure enough, there was.

No one knew about the Tzolkin in 1875-1961 or it was very fringe esoteric. Jung did not know of the Tzolkin at all. It still is fringe esoteric today! Jung coined the word synchronicity also.

Carl Jung, in full Carl Gustav Jung, (born July 26, 1875, Kesswil, Switzerland—died June 6, 1961, Küsnacht), Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology, in some aspects a response to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. July 26 is also the Mayan New Year!

You can dial him up yourself to check me. So, looking at his theme-plex;

Kin 234; White Cosmic Wizard Magician

“I endure in order to enchant. Transcending receptivity I seal the output of timelessness with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

  • Theme; 13Lysine or White 13 Wizard; Cosmic enchantment and Receptivity
  • Analog; 13 Serine or Red 13 Serpent; Cosmic Survival and passion and Life Force
  • Guide Power; 13Tyrosine or White 13 Mirror; Cosmic order and endlessness
  • Antipode; 13Valine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed; Cosmic awareness and targeting
  • Hidden Wisdom; 1Isoleucine or Blue 1 Magnetic Hand; Magnetic healing and accomplishment

He was mediated by Tiamat/Maldek/the asteroid belt. All of these are absolutely spot on. The Red Book is his analog; Red Serpent; Life-Force. Every chapter is about life force.

I took a picture of the chapters called The Gift of Magic and The Magician. He was absolutely tuned into his multidimensional soul as we all should be. He knew who he was and the sychronicity with the Tzolkin proves it.

The chapter called The Red One is a wild conversation between himself and another man which may be a version of himself as his analog support. It’s interesting for all of us for our analog archetype is one with our destiny and personality. Study it well and know it.

Thursday Reading;Space-Time is just Dimensions Three and Four. Timelessness is the Ultimate Reality

“I Endure in order to Enchant. Transcending Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the Cosmic Tone of Presence I am guided by the power of Endlessness

Kin 234, The Tzolkin-White 13 Cosmic Wizard

Timelessness is unified with space-time so we are in it NOW. What we perceive with our five senses is space-time or the third and fourth dimension. Their existence is not in question and I recently found a book by C Howard Hinton where he proves the existence of the fourth dimension. It’s all math; geometry.

Once we get into multiple dimensions at once in our mindfulness/awareness, time is not relevant. You sit in eternity in your body. The Mayan ZERO is exponential time and it’s just an endless adventure of learning from planet to planet in a different body once we leave this dimension. All of it is MIND or Consciousness which we can work with right now. Remember that on this planet with our Tzolkin, 0=19 or the zero 19 code.

There are specific lessons in the body in this dimension and embodiment and we all know what they are. In order to learn them, you need to be attached to your body. I wonder if intuitively we know that it’s possible to keep living as long as we wish? Disease and death are for backwater planets ya know and that’s us. We could change our reputation. An awareness of timelessness, just as today’s mantra says, is essential to breathe and keep the DNA full of light and love.

There is no illness and death in truth and that is in our bodies now in this dimension. There is no, “Oh wait until I get to heaven and everything will be perfect.” We are supposed to be working toward or relaxing into earth becoming like that right now.

I’m here to do this myself, be an example and to teach others how to do it.
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