Saturday-Daily Reading; Day 17 in the New Cycle

We enter a new 13-day cycle with White 1 Magnetic World-Bridger.

The peak yesterday was 84

We have Magnetic change, movement, prophecy from Skywalker kin, strong Intelligence, and cosmic vision.

The Body Holon

Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are pulsing today. The 5GForce is White 13 Cosmic Wizard

The theme is magnetic change, Analog is magnetic movement, guide power is itself, the challenge is intelligence and seeking status and the hidden wisdom is cosmic vision and a creative mind. The 5GForce is cosmic timelessness.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars so there could be an edge to things. Good sync between the dimensions.

  • The Moon enters Gemini early today, at 1:12 AM EDT, and we’re especially communicative and connected.
  • Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, forms a trine to Jupiter, boosting our confidence and faith. (Seen in the Hidden Wisdom, 13 Eagle) Through conversations or musings, a positive outlook or hopefulness can emerge. We have more trust in the future, we seek a little extra meaning to our projects and experiences, and we can benefit from big-picture thinking. Our ideas are grand, and our intentions noble. We might receive good news or offers now. Curiosity grows.
  • With Mercury and Jupiter in harmony with Pallas, we’re able to organize our thoughts and ideas and recognize patterns. We can enjoy making plans, lists, and connections now.


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