Tuesday-Today’s Podcast on the Synchronicity of Wars and Twin Towers over 28-year Periods.

9-1-2001, Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey. 28 years before that, on April 4, 1973, they were dedicated. That is Blue 11 Spectral Monkey, Jose’s gateway. Huge synchronicity, especially if you read his book, “Time and Technosphere”
The Eiffel Tower was dedicated on March 31, 1889, Blue 10 Planetary Hand. This tower is also linked to tech advancement over the years.

The years in 28-year increments; 1889, 1917, 1945, 1973, and 2001. We all know what happened in those years as a matter of historical fact, according to the Gregorian Calendar of course. Still, it has to abide by the Law of Time.


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