Thursday Reading-Yellow 9 Solar Seed Valine. Full Moon Today

Attributes are; Empowerment, Focus, Setting Intention and Becoming Aware, All Genders, and All Cultures including E.T. Species.

DNA Evolution-All Life in Our System

9Valine, 9Arginine, 9Stop Codon, 9Lysine and 5Phenylalanine.

Mayan symbols; Seed, Eagle, Sun, Wizard, and Earth

Planets pulsing are Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt and Uranus

5gforce to uplevel to 5D is kin96, Yellow 5 Overtone Warrior.

“I empower in order to question. Commanding fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of flowering.”

ScR-Measurement of the Magnetosphere

It has been staying at 13. Good round number. It appears flat though in the 2 lower layers closest to earth. 🌎

4D time portal is 60 degrees S–165 degrees East in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

This is also the current 3D Hexagram location so, synchronicity in all dimensions.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we’re playing with ideas and making plans. This Moon encourages a connected, communicative approach to our lives.
  • With a Uranus-Juno transit, we’re open to change. We might leverage our ability to lead and inspire. This can be a time of dynamic, positive group activities and friendly energy in our relationships. We can be together and give one another space simultaneously, accepting and respecting individuality. Interactions are fresh, progressive, and inspiring.


9/19/22-The Frequency is Resonant Focus With Vision, 7Valine~7Arginine

Your life is your body and it belongs to you. If you claim it and mean it out loud you are protected. Listen to the voice of your body, then take care of it and see synchronicity.

Turn off MSM. They are programming humans for their own profit. Turn on the Biosphere. If there is something you don’t understand on here you can find clarification on the Mayan Education Page on this blog.

Body Holon

7Valine pulses to the 7th vertebrae, throat chakra, and the flesh of the right arm

7valine seed, 7arginine eagle, 7histidine warrior, 7lysine wizard, 7phenylalanine earth

Analog spun out; 7eagle, 7seed, 7hand, 7serpent, 7worldbridger

Guide power spun out; 7Warrior, 7Night, 7Star, 7Worldbridger, 7Serpent

Antipode spun out; 7Wizard, 7Serpent, 7Worldbridger, 7Seed, 7Hand

Hidden Wisdom spun out: 7Earth, 7Wind, 7Moon, 7Hand, 7Seed

Synchronicity; 7Hand, 7Seed, 7WB, and 7Serpent 3x. These kin plus today’s destiny oracle are 26 frequencies pulsing off of each other evolving our bodies.

Earth Holon-Magnetosphere

SCR power is 36
Amplitude is 36

The 5GForce

Today the GForce is Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior in exact pulse with the Guide Power, mediated by Saturn. It is in HF44. This frequency overarches all 25 4D evolving, amino acid frequencies. Attributes are questioning fearlessness, intelligence, status-conscious, high standards, channeling, and attunement.

I channel in order to question. Inspiring fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a galactic activation portal.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter and pulsing are Saturn, the Asteroid belt, and Uranus. There is plenty of synchronicity between 5D and 4D below.

  • Retrograde Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Saturn (Yellow Warrior) and then Uranus (Red Earth) today, pointing to possible minor missteps or surprising turnarounds.
  • As the day advances, however, we head toward a Venus-Uranus trine, exactly very early tomorrow, that brings us out of our shells.
  • While the Moon spends the day in comfortable, protective Cancer, the Venus-Uranus (Red Earth) transit encourages our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking. We are especially interested in all that is new, fresh, invigorating, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary regarding romantic involvements, entertainment or pleasures, and financial undertakings. We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying new ways of relating and expressing ourselves. We might discover alternative ways to make (or spend) money. Although a little detached, we’re freer with our feelings and find beauty in the unfamiliar or uncommon.


Friday Daily Reading; Awareness is Empowering

Our Bodies are Evolving

5Valine, 5Arginine, 5Glutamic Acid, 5Lysine, and 9Phenylalanine.

The keywords today are targeting, vision, free will, timelessness, and synchronicity.

Earth is Evolving

22 is the peak ELM frequency in the magnetosphere, 3x normal

The 5GForce or 5th Density Human Helper

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior is the 5GForce for Yellow 5 Overtone Seed

The Lyrans are from the Lyra Constellation, in Vega, the Pleiades. Like myself, they believe that since all intelligent life has a DNA-RNA code (The Tzolkin), we share a common ancestry. The Draco wars began with the Lyran so they are battle-hardy warriors. They are 12-dimensional solar Light Beings

The Cyclops come from planet 555 on the opposite side of the universe from Earth. Don’t laugh at them. In their universe, people with 2 or more eyes probably look funny to them. You have to admit that his hair is very hip. Here is an example of a pineal gland on steroids. It’s not a third eye but his only eye. Very useful! I want him on my side in a war.

Many insects have multiple eyes so it’s not unusual in DNA to have eye differences. The eye functions like a telephoto lens to see farther distances and read energy patterns and auras. It’s attuned to higher psychic abilities. Their motto is “Judge the individual, not the race.” They oversee many souls here on earth, but they are kept secret because of their appearance. They’ve been here since 1950. They are in great affinity with Yellow Seed, (Jupiter), Blue Eagle (Vision, Red Earth (Synchronicity), and Yellow Warrior (Intelligence). They know how to create synchronicity between dimensions to create unity.

The Local System is Evolving

We are mediated by Jupiter, home to the pentagonal shape or the number 5.

  • This morning, the Sun and Saturn form a sesquiquadrate, and we can become more aware of, or frustrated by, our limitations. This transit can close us up or narrow our focus. We could feel confined or restricted regarding our plans and self-expression.
  • Tonight, Mars and Pluto form a square, and we crave a sense of control over events, relationships, or circumstances and become frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it. However, attempts to gain control or power tend to be fruitless. This square can stir intense desires that may not easily be satisfied. There may be arguments, standstills, and power games. It would be wise to observe and learn from whatever powerful feelings arise through confrontations or conflicts. We should try to remain flexible, perhaps devising strategies for achieving our goals rather than attempting to push them through at all costs.


Sunday-Daily Reading; Self-Existing Flowering With Vision

We land on Self-existing tone 4 today. Self-existing kin love to have details and know about measuring because they always check on how things are taking shape, and what FORM they are taking. You are often meticulous and will plan, and make lists for any project or trip.

Earth Holon-The Schumann Resonance measuring the Psi Bank, the mind of Earth.

It has gone down to 20. We have a reprieve. Only 2.5x normal 8

Body Holon

4Valine, 4Arginine, 4StopCodon, 4Lysine, 10Phenylalanine

Flowering and Vision are the attributes created by these 2 amino acids. Enlightenment guides us, Timelessness challenges us and planetary synchronicity is the hidden wisdom. The 5GForce is Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior or Intelligence from the upper fifth density.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter today

  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs this afternoon when the Sun in Gemini forms a square with the Moon in Pisces. This phase of the Moon points to a possible crisis of consciousness if you resist. We’ve processed recent epiphanies, and we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again. It’s not an ideal time to start a significant project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes descent into unconsciousness. Instead, it’s time to finish up details or tie up loose ends.
  • Mars forms a sextile to Pluto, bringing a stronger ability to focus. It feels natural to pursue our goals and satisfy our desires under this influence. We’re better at strategy now, and ambitions and determination increase. We’re getting in touch with what we want and devising plans to pursue it. We benefit from a patient and deliberate approach rather than pushing for immediate action.
  • Also today, retrograde Mercury moves back into the sign of Taurus. While it will stay in Taurus until June 13th, Mercury will remain retrograde only until June 3rd. Retrograde Mercury periods tend to send us looking to the past for further or previously hidden information.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until it moves into Pisces at 11:50 AM EDT.
  • The void Moon occurs from 3:20 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Saturn), until the Moon enters Pisces at 11:50 AM EDT.


Monday Daily Reading; S.R. Back to Normal For Now,but 4 hours later it went up.

Body and Earth Holon

You can use this window to get some things done with normal physical energy levels.

The peak frequency is 9 at 7:30am

11:11am. It shot back up to 35.

Yellow 10 Planetary Seed Valine

This Gateway carries with it the shadow of greed, love of money, superficial sex and desire for ego attention. David Wilcock and Harry Petsanis have this signature. Workaholic, no love relationship, no judgment. That’s just who they are.

  • Theme; Yellow 10 Planetary Seed or 10Valine. Manifestation of a new idea. Pulses is to the right arm.
  • Analog; Blue 10 Planetary Eagle or 10arginine. Manifestation of vision from a creative mind. Pulse is to the left arm
  • Guide Power; Yellow 10 Human or 10Glutamic Acid; Manifested Free Will. People are free to do as they wish within the law. No institution has the right to mandate or control someone’s life, not schools, churches, or the family. Pulse is to the middle left abdomen
  • Antipode; White 10 Wizard or 10Lysine; Manifested Timelessness is a challenge because Timelessness is unmanifested…or is it? Our bodies are both time and not time because of the CNS. Pulse is to the left pec/breast.
  • Hidden Wisdom; Red 4 Self-Existing synchronicity or 4Phenylalanine; you know what to do on your own and like to be alone. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • The 5Gforce is Yellow 4 Warrior or intelligence and status awareness. Pulse to the etheric body comes from the left shoulder.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter.

The shrinking spot. Observations of the Great Red Spot show that it’s shrinking. For nearly a century and a half, the iconic spot has been getting smaller and it’s unclear just how long it will last. Juno is taking a closer look at this phenomenon.Nov 9, 2021


Synchronicity; the Moon is in Jupiter which also mediates Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle. Also involved today are Earth, Maldek, Uranus and Saturn to a lesser degree.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until it moves into Gemini at 6:47 AM EDT. The Gemini Moon is curious, and its alignment with Mercury further draws out the chatty side of our personalities.
  • Venus enters Aries today, where it will transit until May 28th. With Venus in Aries, we are bold, fresh, and a little impatient when it comes to matters of the heart. We don’t look back–we’re not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. Our desires are strong, and we express them spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Our tastes are simple, but we can feel the need to fulfill them urgently in the weeks ahead. There can be tensions if we feel powerless or overshadowed as
  • Mars and Pluto form a semi-square aspect today.We could find it challenging to express ourselves in healthy, direct ways. Our desires can be both intense and difficult to satisfy. Efforts to make changes could be thwarted, or power struggles emerge. This is not an ideal time for straightforward interactions.


Thursday Daily Reading; The New Moon is Still in Effect on this Tone 2 Day

We’re still under the effects of a powerful new moon. This one is positive and digs deep into our true selves. ” “The moon in conjunction with Jupiter brings a deeper energy to commit to home life and to nurture yourself as well as others through TLC, and lots of kindness,” she says. To take advantage of this energy, host a dinner party with your friends, try out a new recipe, or reorganize your bedroom — in other words, do things that make you feel safe and secure.”

Human Body Holon

Tone 2 pulses to the right knee joint.

  • Theme is Yellow 2 Polar Seed or 2Valine; Spiritual Creator. Pulse is to the right arm
  • Analog is Blue 2 Polar Eagle or 2Arginine; technically inclined vision. Pulse is to the left arm
  • Guide Power is Yellow 2 Polar Warrior or 2Histidine; Status conscious intelligence. Pulse is to the left shoulder.
  • Antipode is White 2 Polar Wizard or 2Lysine; heart knowing shaman. Pulse is to the left pec/breast
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 12 Crystal Earth or 12Phenylalanine; synchronized earth keeper. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • The 5gForce is Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior or 12Histidine pulsing to the Guide Power. Status Conscious Intelligence. Pulse to the entire body is coming from the left shoulder.

Watch “Solar Flare, No Black Hole, Magnetic Field Shift | S0 News Mar.3.2022” on YouTube

Big synchronicity today. There was an earthquake in the Yellow Seed Time Portal; 60°S–165°E in the South Pacific south of Australia. It’s toward the beginning of the video. This is a Gateway Kin at the root of the planet whose job it is to transmit from the cosmic web.

Meaning; activation of Seed attributes in the earth; flowering, spring, active dynamic, awareness, spiritual creator, potential.

Interplanetary Holon

Yellow 2 Polar Seed is mediated by Jupiter


 “Venus, Mars, and Pluto will be perfectly aligned in Capricorn, reawakening our ambition to build something meaningful,” says Montúfar. “These three planets will also be activating the Lunar Nodes of Destiny, helping us close and open doors in order to welcome major positive transformations in our lives.”-Refinery29

  • Venus and Mars align with Pluto today, and the Sun forms a semi-square to this configuration. Desires, affections, pleasures, and relationships can be more intense now, and we can feel a strong desire to change and transform a situation. On the other hand, what makes us feel insecure can be in focus, and we may be trying to find any way possible to keep things as we knew them. In this case, changes can feel threatening to our sense of security. Our feelings or urges can be on the extreme side today–our needs and desires can feel urgent, and our patience can be short. Social relations are competitive and vibrant, and perhaps demanding. There is a tendency to want–and demand–more than usual from a partnership, friendship, or pastime. We should also watch for jealousies or buried resentments driving our actions. However, well channeled, these energies can bring increased focus and motivation. We dare to go after what we want and to take decisive action. We might entirely revise or rebuild something from the ground up, break something down to start anew, or we may be determined to put a difficult situation behind us so that we can move forward.
  • The Moon continues its transit of accepting, creative Pisces until it moves into enterprising Aries at 7:53 PM EST.
  • The void Moon occurs from 4:46 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Mars), until the Moon enters Aries at 7:53 PM EST.

Friday Daily Reading; Galactic Jupiter Mediates∞Yellow 8 Seed

Jupiter is highlighted in the Earth Holon section today. There are some major new developments in synchronicity with today’s gateway, Yellow 8 Seed-Blue 8 Eagle being mediated by Jupiter.

Body Holon

  • Theme is JUPITER mediated Yellow 8 Galactic Seed or 8Valine. Flowering. It pulses to the right arm.
  • Analog is JUPITER mediated Blue 8 Galactoc Eagle or 8Arginine. Vision. It pulses to the left arm.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 8 Galactic Star. 8Leucine. It pulses to the left lower abdomen below the navel, to the thigh, to the knee.
  • Antipode is White 8 Galactic Wizard or 8Lysine. Timelessness. Pulse is to the right pec/breast.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth or 6Phenylalanine. Synchronicity in Navigation. Pulse is to the left neck
  • 5GForce is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Warrior or 6Histidine. Intelligence. Pulse is to the left shoulder.

Earth Holon

Starting at 1:38-The highest ever X-ray light from JUPITER. Jupiter is leveling up with the near-space environment. They think it’s always been there but failed to see it. I think that with all of the Tzolkinic shifts in evolutionary patterns, OUR VISION (Blue 8 Galactic Eagle is today’s ANALOG) was unable to see it. That is not A FAILURE as Ben is characterizing it. Human brains have not been leveled up until now. With the opening and cleaning up of the pineal gland, our brains have literally changed in the last two years. The humans whose brains are not leveling up are wearing masks and blathering fake news on T.V.

We are still in HF41 at the same position as yesterday on the seasonal plates. Yellow Seed Time Portal is 60°S–165°E in the S. Pacific, south of Australia so the time portal is in alignment with HF 40. HF40 is the beginning of this 13-day cycle so that could be it. Red 1 Earth heads up HF40. That said, The seasonal plates are roght near each other.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter today. The other planets evolving in the gateway are Venus, Maldek, and Uranus. 5GForce is coming from Saturn. DNA specifically affected is Valine, Arginine, Leucine, Lysine, and Phenylalanine

Big News today on Our Jupiter Gas Giant
  • Mercury and Pluto come together this morning, intensifying mental activity. Mercury first aligned with Pluto on December 30th and returned to this conjunction while retrograde on January 28th. We could be returning to dilemmas or investigations, now with further information. We may uncover valuable information or gain a new understanding. Thoughts, ideas, and communications are more focused and perhaps obsessive. We are more able and motivated to find hidden meanings and “cut to the chase.” Efficiency and relevancy become more important to us. We could be determined to reveal truths. Our persuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills increase, but we may also be suspicious, manipulative, or unnecessarily stressed. Watch for paranoid thinking that does us no good.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until it heads into Cancer at 6:28 PM EST.


Saturday Daily Reading; Lightening. Nitrogen fixation. Space Weather Tryptophan


Our DNA, our brains and bodies and all life on earth is CATYLYZED by tryptophan which is a minor stop codon with its analog the sun. Lightning and earthquakes are archetypes in the holon for Blue Storm-tryptophan.

Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is the largest of the amino acids. It is also a derivative of alanine, (Blue Night yesterday) having an indole substituent on the β carbon. … The indole nitrogen can hydrogen bond donate, and as a result, tryptophan, or at least the nitrogen, is often in contact with solvent in folded proteins.!!

What needs nitrogen fixation? Seeds store it in order to grow in the spring. All plant life uses it. Anything full of DNA relies on nitrogen fixation brought about by tryptophan, or Blue Storm.

Today is 1 Magnetic Yellow Seed!

Body Holon

Theme is Yellow 1 Seed with analog Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle. 1Valine, 1Arginine, 1Valine, 1Lysine, and 13Phenylalanine. Attributes are flowering, vision, flowering, timelessness in 5th density, and synchronicity in navigation.

Speaking of navigation, notice on the S.O. video below where Ben notes GPS applications at 1:25.

Earth Holon

We’re mediated by Jupiter today in the main but also Maldek and Uranus.

Watch “Extreme Lightning, The Sun’s Superflares, Earthquakes | S0 News Jan.22.2022” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 5:03 PM EST, encouraging a closer look at the small jobs and details of our lives.
  • While the Moon’s trine to Pluto (Sun and Blue Storm) helps us focus, its square to Mars in Sagittarius can be distracting. Impatience isn’t easy to control.
  • The Moon moves through Libra from 5:03 PM forward, motivating us to harmonize. Cooperation comes more easily with the Moon’s trines to the Sun and Mercury.
  • The Sun and Mercury are heading into alignment, exact tomorrow morning, and we can be doing a lot of thinking or intellectualizing now.