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SYNCHRONICITY!! This ginormous solar storm occurred in HF44 headed up by Red 4 Self-Existing Skywalker on 3/22/1940. This harmonic just passed us recently on 7/25/23 around the Mayan New Year. You might want to search on Red 4 Skywalker on here.

The date on the newspaper below is assumed to be the day AFTER the storm so 3/24/40 was Blue 6 Eagle which is the birth gateway of Corey Goode, ruled by Jupiter and one with the Blue Avians. The 5GForce is Red 8 Galactic Serpent. Serine is the DNA nucleotide governing this harmonic so Reptilian influence.

The big deal is this harmonic is the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point in the Tzolkin, which we just hit a few weeks ago. This occurs in the N. Polar Zone, Plate III of Earth, 60-90 degrees N-225-270 degrees East. As we know, history repeats itself and that’s because of the Harmonic. The problems come when time WARPS because people mindsets get stuck in Time is Money and they think this dimension is all there is. They forget about eternity in their bodies and lose touch with the truth in the universe.

Note that the atomic bombs were dropped to end WWII after this, for the first and LAST time in human history. The human contracts with GAIA were broken and the unvierse had to step in which they did with Valiant Thor, an E.T., visiting Eisenhower in the White House. Nobody listened. The Luciferian Cabal was entrenched and pretty much had been since WWI. Nukes are forbidden now and stopped by our Watchers because they harm the cosmic web.

They needed some humans to eat and a starting a war is a good excuse for getting some bodies. That was the motive for the World Wars. Draco Reptilian blood lust alive and well because they are dying off due to infestation of nanites in their bodies. I think it’s too late for them. They will likely be taken out of our DNA sequence. It will be interesting to see what happens to our bodies and reptilian brain when they are gone. I don’t think we have a choice.

THE GREAT SOLAR STORM OF MARCH 1940: This story is shocking. On March 24, 1940, a solar storm hit Earth so hard it made copper wires in the United States crackle with 800 volts of electricity. A New York Times headline declared that a “sunspot tornado” had arrived, playing havoc with any signal that had to travel through metal wires.

“For a few hours it completely disrupted all long-distance communication,” wrote astronomer Seth B. Nicholson in a recap of the event for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Radio announcers seemed to be “talking a language no one could understand.” The New York Times reported that more than a million telephone and teletype messages had been garbled: “Veteran electrical engineers unhesitatingly pronounced it the worst thing of its kind within their memory.”

So why have you never heard of this storm? Even in 1940 it was fairly quickly forgotten. World War II was underway in Europe, and the USA was on the verge of joining. People had other things on their minds.

Modern researchers, however, are paying attention. A team led by Jeffrey Love of the USGS Geomagnetism Program just published a new study of the event in the research journal Space Weather. Their work confirms that it was no ordinary solar storm.

“It was unusually violent,” says Love. “There were very rapid changes in Earth’s magnetic field, and this induced big voltages in long metal wires.” (Because human MINDSET was going the wrong way, toward splitting the atom, starting a very bloody war, and making nuclear bombs, all against previous agreements with the universe allowing humans to settle here after Tiamat. And there ya have it.

Love and colleagues learned about the voltages from old engineering reports. In 1940, the United States was criss-crossed by copper wires hundreds to thousands of miles long. They were not for power distribution; electrical systems were still mostly regional. Instead the wires were used for communications such as telephone calls and telegrams. When the “sunspot tornado” hit Earth, electricity began to move through the system. Technicians jotted down some of the voltages they saw–and the numbers were incredible.

Above: Solar storm voltages in March 1940 (red) vs. the Quebec Blackout of March 1989 (blue)

“Records show 400 V in Minnesota, 750 V in Missouri, and more than 800 V in Massachusetts,” says Love. “These are 10 times greater than long-wire voltages recorded during the Great Quebec Blackout in March 1989.”

What caused the high voltages? Love’s team examined old magnetogram records from the date of the storm and found evidence that two coronal mass ejections CMEs hit Earth only 1.82 hours apart. The double blow rattled Earth’s magnetic field in a complicated way most single CMEs do not.

“This could be a harbinger of things to come,” says Love. Modern studies show that as many as 5 CMEs leave the sun every day during Solar Maximum. With Solar Cycle 25 underway and intensifying, a double hit could definitely happen again.

A similar storm today might not significantly impact communications; we live in the wireless age of cell phones. Electricity is another matter. Modern power systems depend on long wires to shuttle electricity across the country. A repeat of 1940 could interfere with their operations. Love notes that the 1940 voltages exceed NERC power-grid industry benchmarks for 100-year storms. As a result, some modern power grids might not be ready to handle the shock of another 1940 event.

Read Love’s original research here: here.

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