Wednesday Daily Reading; There is no Forcing. We submit to the Natural Changes in Nature Holistically

Earth Holon-DNA Evolution

The Schumann Resonance measures the changes in the Psi Bank, the Earth’s Mind, controlled by the will of the DNA on our planet (plants, animals, humans, all species).

The peak amplitude is 34

Interplanetary Evolution

We are mediated by Earth today.

3rd planet from the sun and we are not going to collapse.

I had a dream last night. The solar flash would eventually ruin the atmospheres of Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter. I’m not sure about Uranus. Here is a link to examine it.

Uranus’s time tunnel joins the tribes from the top of the head (Sun-Storm) down to the arms (Night-Warrior), so Pluto to Saturn on both sides. I need to keep meditating on the destiny of Uranus but according to the Tzolkin, it is in charge of a time tunnel in the Cosmic Web and it was blocked until recently when the Age of Aquarius began, probably due to the collision discussed in the link. Uranus rules Aquarius. The Earth Time Tunnel pulses down both sides of the pec/breast area down to the feet. It’s our grounding.

The Human Holon very simplified. The gist is that Uranus time tunnel pulses to the upper body and the Earth time tunnel to the lower body.

The asteroid belt, (Tiamat) Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury are going to change but not collapse. These are all very young planets compared to the outer five. It is possible the asteroid belt will turn to dust during the solar flash. It depends on how strong it is.  I saw the outer planets moving further out into the local universe, the inner five staying in the local system but moving further from the sun, and five new planets being born over time.

It’s is 7:59am EST as I type. I started working on this post and vibing on Uranus at 7:30am EST. At minute 2:09 he synchronistically starts talking about Uranus. Actually, Uranus was front and center in my dream last night. Alaska is the White Dog Tribe which we just landed on a few days ago.

  • The Moon spends most of the day in Sagittarius–until 11:54 PM EDT, when the Moon enters Capricorn.With the Sagittarius Moon, we may take a more philosophical and less strategic approach to life now. We can feel some discontent now, especially with the Moon’s squares to Jupiter and Neptune, and we’re inclined to overcompensate by taking on more or going to excess. We want to grow, improve, and expand, and it may be necessary to push some boundaries now, but it’s best to do so gently.
  • We set our sights high with the Moon in Sagittarius, but if too high, the Moon’s square to Neptune can burst our bubble. Fortunately, we bounce back quickly with this transit.

Human Evolution

The sun is a Stop Codon in a DNA sequence. That is its role. The tribes (amino acids) with the planets initiate an evolutionary sequence. It has a set Tzolkonic pattern. Those patterns are dictated by synchronicity, not the sun.

We pulse to Spectral Tone 11 today which releases, dissolves, and liberates

  • The theme is Yellow 11 Spectral Human or 11Glutamic Acid; Free Will. This is like a ghost from the past and is highly karmic. Today may have a Halloween feel or ancestral presence. The pulse is to the left abdomen above the navel.
  • The analog is Blue 11 Spectral Hand or 11Isoleucine;  opener of gateways. The pulse is to the right abdomen above the navel.
  • The guide power this morning is Itself, on the left.
  • The antipode this afternoon is 11Glycine or White 11 Wind; the presence of truth. The pulse is to the right neck.
  • The hidden wisdom at dusk is 3Methioninine, the start codon or Red 3 Electric Moon; self-remembering emotions. The pulse is to the right leg and foot.
  • The 5GForce is 3Leucine or Yellow 3 Electric Star. The pulse is the right abdomen below the navel.

And now…Here is Uranus with the Same Activation.

GAIA video[]=en

Uranus is changing quickly

David Wilcock is hilarious how frustrated and shrill he gets about NASA calling this seasonal changes. He needs to accept that they are indolent. They know nothing about the solar cycles and synchronicity patterns and why would they? They have to live in a Federal/corporate box to collect their payckecks. “Time is Money” to them. No universal alignment in the matrix.

I hope my book helps but it may be over their heads too. My office is closed for a week now so I can finish it.

Uranus rules Aquarius and mediates Red Earth-Phenylalanine and White Wind-Glycine

Tuesday; White 9 Solar Wind; Glycine

I pulse in order to Communicate.

Realizing Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Solar tone of Intention.

I am guided by the power of Endlessness.

I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

The Dreamspell kin #22

I’m sorry I’m late again but I was slammed with patients post Holiday AWOL and chores.

We are already into the Hidden Wisdom which is Blue 5 Radiant Storm so there may be a weather event near you tonight. If not earth weather, the HUMAN Storm is about to let loose in Washington D.C. And there are many new posts about Stellar Species Disclosure. Trump just signed a bill demanding the FBI and CIA release all of their records within 6 months regarding what they have on file. We are not alone and they are trying to help us with info. that is being kept hidden for OTHER’S GAIN.

The analog today was Red 9 Solar Earth which is the sun setting our navigational course and synchronicity.

The Guide Power was White 9 solar mirror or Solar Reflection, possibly casting shadows.

The antipode challenge this afternoon was Yellow 9 Solar Human or humans evolving via downloads from the sun. The sun holds our timelines and DNA history for our souls. All we have to do is ask to initiate a new DNA sequence OURSELVES in our body via our focused minds. We can do that now.

The 5G Force helpers are White 5 Radiant Mirror. It reminds me of snow blindness in the winter when you stare at new snow. It bounces right back to you. Big wisdom there.

Have a great evening. I’ll be on time tomorrow.


It’s Time to Get to Know Red Earth-White Wind Folks Ruled by URANUS since we are Entering The AGE of AQUARIUS

Notice the NAME of this RETRO group!! The 5th Dimension. I was born in 1963 so I listened to them often. I grew up with these songs.

Are those outfits groovy or what? Note the colors! Blue and Yellow are analog and the Solstice themeplex below shows BLUE Hand and YELLOW human. There is no way the artists could have known that. It’s truly prophetic. The violet is in there also for healing or the violet flame which is the Guide Power; BLUE Storm.

And notice the mobius strip set behind them! The mobius strip represents the lemniscate, the infinity symbol, timelessness, endlessness which became our number 8 turned vertical. Ironically that is 4 x 2 which represents BALANCE on Earth in 3D. Not to confuse, but the astrological alignments in the song will not occur until 2024, maybe August. So we are ushering it in but it will be a tumultuous four years from 2020-2024 before it settles down.

Again, what we believe is physical denseness IS NOT AT ALL. What creates solid perception is the electromagnetic power of our own Minds. It creates form and QI in every cell of our body. The truth is, every cell of our bodies is moving at 60,000 miles per second, evolving and changing in Time constantly. Imagine what a powerful matrix human thoughts and feelings create! Mindfulness is key now as we move forward. Mindfulness of your OWN mind and body, not the outside News and shenanigans. MYOB.

This is a lesson for the Aquarian Age. Our bodies are a blank pallet to draw on and it’s up to each of us individually to PROGRAM OURSELVES. Let it be love, creativity, empowerment, FUN, nothing terribly serious, ideas, cooperation and enjoyment. Keep moving and dancing. Drink water.

This is the themeplex for December 21, 2020. Notice that Red Earth mediated by Uranus is in the Antipode position. Indeed, all the astrologers are saying the Age of Aquarius is ushering in extreme tension and resistance and there is very little “fun” about it. Well, unless you are star seed, lightworker, rabble rouser (like me) and have been waiting for 57 years for the B.S. to end and the Truth to come forward. Let it fall!!! People need to wake up! Let’s get going here is how all of us feel. We are a minority that LOVE CHANGE. If you want things to go back to the way they were or “normal” there will be suffering. I don’t recommend it. This is resonant Tone 7 so it’s an echo all around but note that the THEME is HEALING or the HUMAN RACE (it’s analog which is Corey Goode’s theme!) It’s self-generated in a Blue Storm, of course! Use that Hidden Wisdom, the echo from eons past of shamanic, receptive, spiritual wisdom.

“Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path. Aug 20, 2018″

“Astrologically, Uranus is associated with extremes, breakthroughs and breakdowns, limitlessness, and being an outsider. While Saturn is the planet of limitations, Uranus is the planet that seeks to push past them—it’s the inventor or “mad scientist” of the solar system. Jan 24, 2020

Uranus and your personality

Electrifying and erratic, Uranus makes his mark by championing the unconventional, unusual and unpredictable. It is also known as the “great awakener”, the rules tend not to apply wherever Uranus is in your chart. Your Uranian flavor is enhanced by aspects Uranus makes within your chart. May 29, 2018

The essence of Uranus is disruptive, erratic, and revolutionary, and the meaning of Uranus‘ energy in your birth chart can tell you a whole lot about the things that bring you closer to your freedom, because it doesn’t get more rebellious than Uranus. Jun 5, 2019

A Full Moon in Aquarius Reading From Pars Kutay

URANUS! It’s mediates Red Earth Tribe

In today’s themplex, Red 10 Earth is the antipode or challenge to Blue 10 Hand Theme whose analog is Yellow 10 Human. Pars talks extensively about moving into new spaces internally and letting go of the old. The Tzolkin line-up is in exact synchronicity with this. Today is about Planetary Tone 10 HEALING with Blue Hand Tribe and supported by Planetary Humans.

I have memories of some kind adults who were attentive and nurturing when I was a kid. It’s important during these days of society breakdown of anything good that it used to be different and can be good again if only we’d keep things simple. I personally don’t think tech has been put in it’s place. I’m not against tech; I’m sitting here typing on a computer. But when it pushes humans aside and people act like A.I. is the greatest it needs to be blasted from the earth. I’m very opposed to A.I. and find it sinister.

Here is Pars;

The Aquarius Full Moon lights up the sky on August 3-4th, 2020, welcoming us to the month and the building energies of the Lions Gate Portal. Full Moons are always illuminating things, helping us to see a bigger Truth and to expand our way of thinking. If things have felt foggy or unclear, this Full Moon calls for us to look again, for perhaps this time, we will receive the answers we are looking for.

The planet of Awakening and Change, Uranus, is very active under this Full Moon. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, but it is also making a square or 90-degree alignment with the Sun at the time of the Full Moon. This alignment with Uranus triggers things in our lives to feel shaky and unsteady. We may notice things moving and shifting around us, causing us to feel uncertain and unstable. It may be hard to know what to trust and what direction to choose. When this level of shaky uncertainty enters our life, it allows us to see what is weak and needs to fall, and what is strong. Whatever withstands the shaking remains, whatever was already weak will fall away.

This Energy is not there to upset our lives, rather it is there to help us remove and Let Go of the things NO longer meant for us. Most of us KNOW when it’s time to Let Go of something or someone, but sometimes it can be hard to do so. The shake-up from this Full Moon will help us to gently Let Go of these things, and to remind us that we need NOT hold on in fear.

What are you holding on to out of fear? What thoughts, beliefs, people, circumstances are you gripping onto? This Full Moon asks you to clear the way. It asks you to shake up your beliefs, your ideas, your circumstances, so you can see what needs to remain.

Under this Aquarius Full Moon energy, it is better to let things shake and fall where they may, rather than trying to control. If we Surrender and Go with the Flow, we can allow the Universe to show us the way with Grace in our Hearts.

This shaky energy from Uranus also serves another purpose – Awakening our SOUL Energy. When things shake and rattle us, it causes us to see things in a New LIGHT and to feel differently about our SELVES and the world we live in. This can trigger an Awakening, and a coming into NEW Knowledge and Wisdom. Uranus shakes us to Awaken us, and to show us a NEW and HIGHER Path. Uranus also rules over Kundalini Energy, which is seen as a serpent that lives at the base of our spine. (Red Serpent Tribe)

When our Kundalini Energy rises, as it does when we are under the presence of Uranus, the snake uncoils itself, traveling up the energy centers of the body, all the way to the top of our head and beyond.When the snake awakens, we can learn New things, see New things, and experience life at a different frequency. We can all activate our own Kundalini Awakening under this Energy by setting an intention and tuning in. This is Not something we can force, but something we can Allow and Welcome if we feel it right to do so.

This Awakening and Activating energy will also be supported by the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. The Lionsgate Portal opens every year and peaks by August 8th, however the Energy will already be brewing at the time of this Full Moon. As the Sun reaches the peak of Leo Season and we have Sirius, our Spiritual Sun High in the sky, Lions Gate is activated, sending messages, downloads, and insights to Earth.

The August Full Moon will help to illuminate these Energies as they grow, and if we tune in, we may start receiving Downloads, Intuitive Wisdom, or even NEW Ideas and inspirations to Guide us on our way. This is Beautiful Energy to tap into, and one that can advance us further on our path.

If you have questions, if you are looking for NEW Wisdom, if you want to stretch your mind to NEW Heights, reach HIGHER under the LIGHT of this Full Moon. Open your SELF to the Energy and Allow information to flood in. Very often on a Full Moon, we like to dictate what we wish to release or call in, but this Energy calls for us to get still and enter a place of Allowing.

If we quiet our mind, and reach beyond our knowing, we may find NEW Information and Downloads easier to receive.

We all have the power to receive these downloads, so go out under the LIGHT of the Moon. Look at it shining bright in the Sky. Ask for it to bring you Wisdom; ask for it to send its Ancient Messages straight into your BEing.

Open to the Downloads you receive, Trust your abilities, and BE patient if things start to move and shake. As we shake, we Let Go of the things NO longer meant for us, we clear out things that were weak and crumbling. After the pieces have landed where they may, we will feel Renewed, Restored, and Awakened with a Greater Knowing of Who We Are and where We Need to BE.

~ Tanaaz 💜

with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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