The Transhumanist Agenda

Elon Musk (AI Prophet) is doing all he can to assist the Deep State and his friends that are currently leading the NWO. Starlink (aka SKYNET) is demonstrating how big tech falls behind the NWO and its Transhumanist Agenda. Big tech is out of control and their goal is to monitor and control every aspect of your lives.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine’s Birth Gateway

The Ukrainian Flag

Look at this next to Putin’s gateway which I just posted. They are each other’s analog and their G.P. and Hidden Wisdom are reversed. Ukraine’s flag is a perfect synchronicity of Putin and Zelenskyy; blue and yellow which are analog colors.

They are each other’s support, or they would be if Putin wasn’t so locked on destroying democracy in Ukraine and acting on the impulses of his LMS shadow self.

Who is the real enemy here? Biden? I’m remote viewing and seeing faces and names we don’t know. It has to do with access to labs. It’s a data war as well as a political ideology.

The politics of Ukraine take place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic and of a multi-party system. Zelenskyy has accomplished a lot in a crystal tone environment of community and cooperation. God help Ukraine.


In Russia, the Red Serpent time Portal is located in Northern Russia at 60°N–75°W. There is or was Reptilian influence/control up there.

Ukraine’s coordinates are 48° N–31° E so it is SE of Russia closer to the White Dog time portal which is at 60°N–165°E in the far eastern area by the Bering Sea, West of Alaska. Ukraine is on the western border of Russia in the Europe region.

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