🛸 UFO Spotted Over Ukraine Skies

22, September 2022 My understanding is that if anyone, Ukraine or Russia tries to use Nukes over there, they will be stopped. End of story. The health of the cosmic web transcends petty political squabbles started by the c%^&*.-Lisa T.UFOs Spotted Over Ukraine Skies, Reaching Speeds of Up To 53,000 km/hA new report from the …

Have We Stopped Reacting to UFO’s as a Threat?

I just made a podcast of this article also. Just thought I'd try it. Here it is. I have to keep warming my voice up. https://anchor.fm/lisa-k-townsend My first podcast https://thepulse.one/2022/04/11/renowned-astrophysicist-we-have-to-stop-reacting-to-ufos-as-a-threat-is-he-right/

Watch “Area 51 Technician’s Son Discloses Secret Alternative Energy” on YouTube

What does this have to do with Time Science and the Tzolkin? Anything having to do with Disclosure or our E.T. Ancestors verifies the fact that our DNA is Universal and always has been. Our DNA is not dictated by just our birth families. His father had Q clearance. Q is not a right wing …

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