Monday-Daily Reading. Catalyze Activation Bonding Energy

It looks dodgy on the app. The spectrogram is flatlined to 2 since 8pm Russia time!!

We are 11 hours behind them. They are 10:30pm now and we are 11:30 am. The ScR is 2 according to the image. It is severely low.

Amplitude power is 2. The app says it’s 5 but I see 2. That sits low and is as flat lined as I’ve ever seen it. The binary triplet configuration says the movement begins. See my post.

As you see it begins to flat line again…very low. I have a big headache, low energy and my BP and BS are normal. It’s not that.

The four Q factors are not in sync either. Q1 is almost flat. That is the upper layer of the ionosphere. It means The Sun is becoming more active bc the collective mind is. And it’s almost a new moon.

Meditate on and guard chakra 4, the heart. ❤️
All Zodiac Signs
  • With the Moon in Libra all day, we find the most emotional satisfaction when we feel that our interactions and environment are balanced and harmonious. Pleasing one another is a theme now. The Libra Moon inclines us to seek out the other side of a story. We’re looking at things from a different perspective and giving our relationships their due attention.
  • The Moon is Balsamic on this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, suggesting we should avoid new beginnings. Instead, it’s a good time to reflect on what we want to improve.
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:36 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th, at 3:20 AM EDT.


Thursday-Daily Reading; Yellow 5 Overtone Star Leucine

Body Frequency

We are pulsing on the long line of GAP cells of our RNA on the future strand so these are stronger evolutionary pulses for another week.

Chakra 6, clairvoyance/the pineal gland.
Week 4: (Yellow) Power Ripens FruitPlasma 3 - GammaGamma – luminic-thermic force (pacify)
“My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere. I attain the power of peace.

The 5GForce

Our 5th density pulse for Yellow 5 Star is Yellow 9 Human pulsing in sync with the inverse Hidden Wisdom Red 9 Solar Skywalker. Even the 5GForce is a GAP kin so these are big power pulses. Today it is glutamic Acid and glutamate stimulating evolution. Glutamic acid is an amino acid used to form proteins. In the body it turns into glutamate. These two tribes are right next to each other as 12 and 13. This is a chemical that helps nerve cells in the brain send and receive information from other cells. It may be involved in learning and memory. This is free will and prophecy from Fifth dimension if you meditate.

Earth Frequency

The Amplitude is 17

Interplanetary Frequency

All Zodiac Signs

We are mediated by Venus. Pulsing are Saturn, Neptune, and Mars today

  • The Moon heads into the sign of Gemini early today, and we’re focusing on communicating and connecting.
  • However, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, forms a sesquiquadrate to both Uranus and Saturn today, pointing to minor missteps or interruptions. We may need to manage some inconveniences in our communications and transit. There can be difficulties following a schedule. We might want to watch for hypersensitivity, negative thinking, and unhelpful criticism. On the bright side, identifying flaws comes more readily.
  • Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus, and it’s not easy integrating our needs for companionship or closeness with our desire for freedom and independence. There is a sense that we can only have one or the other. Temporarily, we’re unlikely to feel confident enough to rock the boat, but taming rebelliousness makes sense now.
  • As the day advances, a Venus-Saturn trine comes into influence and encourages sorting out our feelings. (THEME AND GUIDE POWER) We’re approaching love, relationships, money, or pleasure-seeking in a more mature, responsible, and level-headed way. It’s a good time for stabilizing relations and demonstrating our affection through practical support, service, and shows of loyalty. This influence reminds us of the value of constancy and reliability. It tends to generate a realistic and perhaps materialistic view of our relationships. We’re enjoying our responsibilities, work, or duties more than usual. At the same time, we’re noticing and appreciating the more unique elements of people, situations, and projects today.
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Gemini at 1:09 AM EDT.


The Tzolkin Chromatics and Earth Families

You can simply remote view to your coordinate. It helps to plug it into Google Earth if you need to visualize it as you meditate. I use my portal to receive information quite a bit. Skywalker time portal is in the Andes Mountains.

Machu-Picchu reminds me of where Obi-1 went when he was hiding in exile. The Jedi; forever shunned. My Red Earth Son says the Sith know the way but he takes after his White Wizard Maldekian father so…sure, they know the way to blow up a planet. His grandmother Hay was Red 11 Serpent and headed up my inverse harmonic so, seriously.

We have a job to do in the Light and we need to use our bodies daily to do it. Your time portal location is on the fourth line-L.T.

PolarYellow Sun-SC-0=20 Fire-Crown Job; Receive 60° N-15°WPolarRed Serpent-S5 Blood-Crown Job; Receive 60°N-75°EPolarWhite Dog-D10 Truth-Crown Job; Receive 60°N-165°EPolarBlue Eagle-R15 Sky-Crown- Job; Receive 60°N-105°E
CardinalRed Dragon-C1 Fire-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-30°ECardinalWhite WB-T6 Blood-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-120°ECardinal-Blue Monkey-N11 Truth-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-150°WCardinalYellow Warrior-H16 Sky-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-60W
Core-White WindG2 Fire-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-75°ECore-Blue Hand-I7 Blood-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-165°ECore-Yellow Human-E12 Truth-Heart- Job; Transduce Equator-105°WCore-Red Earth-F17 Sky-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-15°W
Signal-Blue NightA3 Fire-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-130°ESignal-Yellow Star-L8 Blood-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-150°WSignal-Red SW-Q13 Truth-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-60°WSignal-White Mirror-Y18 Sky-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-30°E  
Gateway-Yellow Seed-V4 Fire-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-165°EGateway-Red Moon-M9 Blood-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-105°WGateway-White Wizard-K14 Truth-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-15°WGateway-Blue Storm-19W Sky-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-75°E

   Yellow                              Red                               White                                 Blue

Polar Earth Family-Sun-SC Stop Codon, Serpent-S-Serine, Dog-D-Aspartic Acid, Eagle-R-Arginine

Cardinal Earth Family-Dragon-C-Cysteine, World-Bridger-T-Threonine, Monkey-N-Asparagine, Warrior-H-Histidine

Core Earth Family-Wind-G-Glycine, Hand-I-Isoleucine, Human-E-Glutamic Acid, Earth-F-Phenylalanine

Signal Earth Family-Night-A-Alanine, Star-L-Leucine, Skywalker-Q-Glutamine, Mirror-Y-Tyrosine

Gateway Earth Family-Seed-V-Valine, Moon-M-Methionine, Wizard-K-Lysine, Storm-W-Tryptophan

Sunday-Daily Reading; White 13 Cosmic Dog, the Center of the Tzolkin. 33:10:13:130!!! New Moon Today

Forgiveness is the key to hacking this harmonic and restoring Cosmic order to earth. Duality is always chuck full of error, pain, and deception. If you sit and stew in it and talk about it too much, you will age, get sick, and die. It’s not necessary because life is a holographic illusion for the most part. Pick well as far as what to focus on!

There is no forgetting with forgiveness usually. We remember on some level how we’ve been hurt and hurt others. 💔 I’m in that group and very human with the rest of you. I want to forget it but then that space needs to be filled with something positive. I have learned to pivot my emotions and stay in my own positive, jovial space that is authentic despite the suffering I’ve been through and seen in my work. This is a planet of fun and adventure as much as it is evil B.S. although it feels like there’s been more of the latter lately. I won’t deny that.

Evil is just error, mistakes, and completely common. We try to do our best usually and it falls short often. Most people work on improving and we do improve with an open heart while the truly, deeply, seriously sin-ridden ones get worse. That’s what we see with the c$/^& and seriously mentally ill criminals right now that need to be out of power on both sides. Humanity needs to be free. Maybe they need to go to another planet with their kind! Maybe the Orion galaxy.

Forgiveness is letting go of the past, focusing your mind on the eternal now, and the present moment, and breathing the truth of love and light that is NATURAL into our bodies and all of nature. There is the magic of life and the answer to how love literally absorbs evil as the Sun drives away the darkness and evolution continue on. I do it in my office with people all the time. It works. People let go of repressed trauma and are pain-free. It’s real!! I’m doing it myself too. You just have to focus your mind and stay away from or keep firm boundaries with toxic humans and situations.

5D Earth Frequency

The power at 2:15pm est is 40. It’s going up due to the shadow hack of HF33. Humans unconsciously feel it. It also drops the barometer.
Amplitude power is 40 5x normal

5D Body Frequency

White 13 Cosmic Dog Aspartic Acid~Red 13 Cosmic Moon Methionine Start Codon
This is J.C., The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, Source in the Biosphere, not the technosphere matrix. We are in pure 5D from Implicate Order, the exact center of The Tzolkin

Christ Michael. He was Human and God at the same time and showed us how that works so we can ascend gradually


White 1 Magnetic Dog is the Galactic Force from Fifth Density. It creates an occult partnership with the theme and is EPIC LOVE from Omnigalactic Source and Galactic Center (Hunab Ku). On either side in equality and balance are Alpha Mother Galaxy and Omega Father Galaxy. That is EXACTLY what today and tomorrow are. Today is the Galactic OMEGA ending point and tomorrow is the Galactic ALPHA beginning point. There is profound truth and wisdom in White 13 Dog and Blue 1 Monkey.

The Hidden Wisdom, Right Beneath the Gateway. This is an OMEGA POINT.

Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey Asparagine. It helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter). Asparagine has a high propensity to hydrogen bonds since the amide group can accept two and donate two hydrogen bonds. It is found on the surface as well as buried within proteins. Hydrogen is the main component of WATER (Red Moon yesterday-universal feelings)

Asparagine is the amide of aspartic acid. The amide group does not carry a formal charge (+ or -)under any biologically relevant pH conditions. The amide is rather easily hydrolyzed, (turned into water) converting asparagine to aspartic acid. This process is thought to be one of the factors related to the molecular basis of aging. (Cellular stress)

This sounds like not enough fun, magic, and laughter and too many tears. That will make you age because of stress. 😩

Saturday-Daily Reading; We are in HF 33, Frequency of Dreams. This HF is SILENT. There is no Hertz (Hx) Frequency.!!!

Kin 129-132 turn INWARD on themselves. This is the only harmonic in the Tzolkin that does this. Meaning, every kin in the Tzolkin or day, has a 3D mother hidden wisdom governing the subconscious mind. THAT IS ABSENT HERE. Of course, we all have a mother but likely, if you were born in HF33 your mother was very unique. The Hidden Wisdom in this harmonic are Yellow 2 Human, today, Blue 1 Monkey, tomorrow, White 13 Dog, Monday, and Red 12 Moon, Tuesday. Also, tomorrow is an Omega ending point in 5D and Monday is an Alpha beginning point in 5D. The New Moon is tomorrow challenging our sleep.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Human also in HF 33 hitting on Tuesday. These are some very odd, special humans born in HF33. I know one. My mom’s mate is Yellow 2 Human. Nice fellow. Mom says he is ever so odd. Mom is a rabid Dem and he is a staunch conservative and loves Trump. They barely get along but are analogs; Blue Hand and Yellow Human. It’s interesting.

I was chatting with him on a visit and he told me he likes to just sit on his tractor in the middle of his field (in Illinois) and meditate. Open space, nothing happening. I knew at this point that he was 2Human so it made perfect sense. Mom couldn’t believe he told me that. (Repressed Dems don’t tell the truth about their experiences nor is anyone else supposed to!) People tell me lots of things they wouldn’t tell anyone else, for 23 years now because they know I’ll believe and respect them.

Suffice it to say, there are little time vortexes everywhere where dimension cross. And the areas around military installations all over the country are not normal. Anything can happen. They have the tech left by the E.T. and they use it. I’ve had a couple patients tell me about what they experienced near a military base in addition to all the military whistleblowers interviewed.

HF33 is the Lunar, Polarizing Process. We are here to formulate the FREE WILL of CHALLENGE (Yellow 2 Polar Human on Tuesday). There is NO overarch DNA Nucleotide which is huge for people born in these gateways. They are dreamy folk. This pulses on the neck, the mystic central channel of timelessness, the axis of the eternal present. There is no I Ching Hexagram. The I Ching is composed of 64 trigrams. The Tzolkin is composed of 65 harmonics. This creates the binary triplet configuration that makes all that is, EXIST.

3/6 is the I Ching trigram, then 2, 4, 8, 12 up to 364, and the solar cycles and astrology affecting us in the 4D body. The Tzolkin is 13:20. You know our math. It’s exponential and vigesimal (20) The two sprocket together perfectly so that all the dimensions are UNIFIED. We are one with eternity, NOW. Our bodies ARE TIME and Eternity. We are not finite, we are infinite. It’s the big news and it’s in every cell of our bodies. Gee, if we actually believe and know this we will be FREE, no longer slaves on this prison planet for the Luciferian C^&*(. That’s why we are programmed to believe the opposite. It’s been pummelled into the human race for thousands of years by the time thieves. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. They like money and stuff more than Love, and the Universe. It all goes back to that…guy. The Angel of Light who decided to go deep into Shadow.

The increase in ScR will increase at 2pm today. Right now it’s still 6.
We are mediated by Mercury then pulsing are Neptune, Pluto, and Earth but only the 5D aspect. I feel very nostalgic and emotional today about all the changes occurring. Humans still have big decisions to make for our planet.
Red 12 Crystal Moon~White 12 Crystal Dog. Hidden Wisdom is in HF33, this one, Yellow 2 Polar DUALISTIC Human. We are dualistic for a reason. We are spiritual babies that need to learn to crawl and the resistance on earth helps us learn. We are always watched over. If we acknowledge it we’ll be safe. If we don’t, we’re living In a crap shoot. That’s one way to go I guess. You are still loved but not reciprocating. We’re supposed to love and respect the universe in return.

Whatever the 3D lineup, it’s not getting through until Wednesday. We are swimming in 5D. Astrology is allowing people to be born obviously and come into the body but our minds and bodies are immersed in 5D.

The 5GForce

It is extra potent today. It is Blue 2 POLAR Monkey. We are seeded as dualistic primates and to a great degree, we still are. That’s what the Rh factor is in our blood; Rhesus Monkey in your DNA which means you have a + sign. If you are O-, A-, B-, or AB- negative you are more humanoid, meaning your E.T. ancestor DNA comes through more than your human DNA which is based on the Rhesus Monkey DNA. We are all humanoid, mixed with our E.T. ancestors but those with a + sign, less so. I am B+ but my mother is B-. She is severely ADHD and I am less so or not at all. My son, whose guide power is today, Red 12 Moon in HF33 is very ADHD inattentive looking up at the sky. Kin who are born in HF33 or have it in the destiny oracle is very likely diagnosed with ADHD. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just heavily influenced by 5D.

Sunday-Daily Reading; Blue 6 Rhythmic Night-Alanine

Earth Holon based on 13:20 Mayan Math

Power is up 38% since 7am EST
The amplitude on the right is really rising. We might go up to ScR 50 today which is agitation.

Body Holon

Blue 6 Rhythmic Night Alanine~Yellow 6 Warrior Histidine. With White 8 Mirror as the Hidden Wisdom on this gateway, it’s an excellent day to reflect.
We land on Chakra 3, the power center of the body that is outwardly flowing. The scorpion totem animal is strong and can assure you that rebirth comes from death and that death isn’t the ending. This totem will help by bringing you messages from spirit guides. Like with all totem animals, the relationship between you and a scorpion should be mutually respectful and protective.

The Fifth Density GForce

We land on Red 8 Galactic Earth Phenylalanine today emanating from 5th density which is one with 1-4 dimensions that are MANIFEST and spinning extremely fast with intention. Again, that’s why the 3D world is visible. Once it spins slower in 5-10D you can only see it based on your spiritual ability to see but those of us sensitive to frequency and energy can feel it just as much or more than the manifest world. The energy of the manifest human society becomes ridiculous with its chaos, denial, and spiritual indolence. Many of us tune out the public vibe out so we can continue in a positive frequency.

5DPhenylalanine is extremely psychic and can easily see synchronicity. But because it’s galactic, travel in the cosmic web through the pineal gland is possible. Again, you need to have a clue and a reason for where you’re going before you go. It’s not a cakewalk out there. This is especially aligned with Blue 6 Night Alanine, our theme which can go deep into meditation.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated in 5th density by Saturn, Mars, and Neptune. But yesterday we finished a potent Pluto hit with Blue 9 Storm last night so that trails behind. In 3D we have…

  • Retrograde Mercury opposes Jupiter today, making it a good idea to avoid jumping to conclusions. We need room to explore and create, visualize new solutions to problems, and express ourselves freely. However, we are inclined to exaggerate or miss the bigger point. It’s best to watch for a strong tendency to overstate or overestimate in our quest for meaning.
  • A Sun-Pluto trine later today helps us focus to our advantage. Delving deeply into a matter can be satisfying and rewarding. We’re exceptionally resourceful and efficient under this influence. It’s a vital time for gravitating towards people and situations that help us succeed or advance our goals. Shared goals and interests connect us with others. The focus now is on eliminating negative elements in our lives, particularly in the pursuit of work or health goals, so we can advance with more conviction. This transit encourages cooperation, focus, and practical ability.
  • The Moon continues its void period until the Moon enters Cancer at 3:59 AM EDT.


Wednesday-Daily Reading

One could say that this is a bipolar day for the brain since Tryptophan levels directly affect the brain which is mediated by it. This is a 1D pulse.

The Earth Holon

The Tomsk station is still down.

The Body Holon

Blue 2 Polar Storm~Yellow 2 Polar Sun mediated by collapsed Pluto. The 5gforce is Red 12 Crystal Dragon
The 13-Moon Calendar. We land on Chakra 1 today for grounding. Our coordinate is 30:19:2:119

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Pluto and pulsing are Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.

  • The Moon in Taurus stirs our desire for stability, warmth, and harmony. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we’re not as inclined to go out of our way. (In sync with 5D Blue 2 Monkey Guide Power mediated by Venus)
  • We want to get comfortable, but we seem to need to do things differently with the Moon’s conjunction with Uranus. (5D Hidden Wisdom White 12 Wind)
  • The Moon also forms a square to Saturn, and our responsibilities clash with our personal pursuits or the stability and peace of mind we crave.


Thursday-Daily Reading; Set Your Intentions to Move Toward Wakefulness. It’s Up To You.

We enter HF29 today; Crystal Output. Express the Intelligence of Cooperation as we move through 4 days to Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior. This is I ChingHx29 with overarching DNA is Valine as Yellow Seed. I Ching says it’s The Abysmal Water; Danger. Lovely. Par for the course in Earth 4D Duality. We’re not done with it yet.

ScR Amplitude Power is 26; 3Xnormal

Body Holon

We land on Red 9 Solar Skywalker~White 9 Solar World-Bridger mediated by Mars. This is a GAP kin.
The 5GForce is Blue 5 Radiant Hand mediated by Earth. The Skywalkers are traditionally Mayan Healers who come to Earth to do just that. Of course not all SW do it.

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and we are attracted to the unusual, extraordinary, and unconventional. Independence, equality, and freedom are vital to feeling emotionally satisfied with this position of the Moon. We aim to be fair and honest, and we gravitate to new and unique ways of approaching the world around us.
  • This morning, Moon transits can certainly stir restless or rebellious feelings. While we’re more aware of the benefits of some restrictions and limitations as the Moon meets Saturn, they remain hard to accept with the Aquarius Moon’s square to rule-breaker Uranus.
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:35 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Saturn), until the Moon enters Pisces the next day, Friday, September 9th, at 12:44 AM EDT.


Wednesday-Daily Reading; Humans With Integrity

It’s possible. The energy is hyper because of the GAP kin meaning, more electrons (-) creating stress or ELM energy in our cells. If you meditate, breathe, and relax, you’ll be stimulating the plethora of protons and neutrons that make up the majority of our cells which are (+) charge. This is nature, not metaphysics.

Power is 29 today at 8:30am. We can stay steady if we remain calm and keep MSM OFF.
Yellow 8 Galactic Human~Blue 8 Galactic Hand

The 5GForce is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star mediated by Venus. Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury are also pulsing. This is a GAP kin so it’s extra potent if you set your intentions. We need to be dedicated to telling the TRUTH about who we are and how we feel, doing it, and making sure we hone our FREE WILL. It’s the Human holy grail.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth today. There is 5th density synchronicity in the matrix with White 6 Wind mediated by Uranus and Red 8 Galactic Moon mediated by Mercury with the alignments below.

  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius and forms a trine to Mercury and Mars today, in all three Air signs. This combination can produce some fantastic, spirited exchanges.
  • The Sun forms a trine to the North Node of the Moon, encouraging us to aspire to our goals, rise to a challenge, and grow and improve.
  • However, a Sun-Chiron quincunx suggests some wavering of confidence.
  • We may doubt our inner guide, and we could face situations that seem to test our vulnerabilities. Some indecision is possible.


Tuesday-Daily Reading

It’s a Venus Play Day But Others May Not Feel Like It. There will Be a Window of Reprieve at 5:45PM With the VOID MOON.

Moon is in Capricorn so your best bet is to keep your head down and focus on your work until it’s time to go home. Ignore human drama. The 5gforce is Red 7 Resonant Moon; circling emotions. Keep an eye on that today and don’t expect others to feel the same as you to avoid conflict.

We are holding at 31, 4x normal which isn’t a cakewalk. It’s a naggy level. This could rise if their Solar propaganda occurs. I won’t hold my breath because humans are fairly level and we set the tone.

Body Holon

Blue 7 Resonant Monkey~Yellow 7 Star. The inverse is just diagonal at White 7 Dog. We’re in the very center of the Harmonic about to circle in reverse.

It is SO dynamic at that center point where implicate and explicate order coincide!! From 12 Red Moon and the 5 and 6 next to it down to 2 Yellow Human and the 8 and 9 next to it, the manifesting light body is at its height.

HF33, EMPTY OF ALL 3D is 12Moon, 13Dog, 1Monkey, and 2Human. Literally, very magical in the 13:20 matrix. In the 12:60 Matrix movies, it’s A.I. propaganda by the way. I think Neo’s room number is 33 or 303. That’s an attempted heist of Tzolkonic truth. No can do. Those movies are selling the B.S. Machine world, the technosphere. Typical D.S. Hollywood Mr. Weinstein/Epstein, out to destroy Christ consciousness. I caught it.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by VENUS but pulsing is Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury.

  • The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn, entering Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT. With the Capricorn Moon, we’re resolved, determined, and goal-oriented. We seek order and structure in our lives. Our careers, reputation, and objectives assume more importance. Situations that require us to keep a cool head work best under this influence since we’re not easily swept away by our feelings.
  • A Venus-Pluto biquintile can point to a comfortably strategic approach to our money and relationships.
  • The Moon’s move into Aquarius near the end of the day is feel-good energy that encourages us to let go of tension. We awaken to possible ways to improve our lives and make progress. The void Moon occurs from 5:44 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT.


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