In Honor of Jose on His Birth Gateway and 911, Quotes from his Book about 911, “Time and the Technosphere”

Epic Book about 911

“Change your calendar, get back to living in harmony with the natural cycles of the rest of the biosphere–and the universe. If you don’t, well, the destruction of the Twin Towers was just the first stage of the Apocalypse but we still have a choice.”

“Human beings can begin to understand that they are a function of the biosphere, but not necessarily its controlling mechanism.” (Actually THE SUN and the Van Allen Belts around the Earth are. Together, they program the biosphere with DNA which is Time.)

“Who owns your Mind owns your Time. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.” (and your body. Same thing.)

“The destruction of the Twin Towers defines the LIMIT of artificial time.” (And A.I.)

“The synchronic order is measured and gauged by the 13:20 matrix.”

“The Science of Time is dependent on two factors; a sudden and radical disruption of the historical continuum; and a genuine globalization or planetarization of consciousness.

“With the Final War between blood and money now upon us the question we must ask is; will the TECHNOSPHERE collapse before the BIOSPHERE or not?”

I use this symbol all of the time; ∞∞∞

“TV~~~~~~∞, means; Formulation: velocity of time is instantaneously infinite”

“The purpose of the 12:60 measure was to establish a timing standard that was actually a pseudo-solar calendar to assert male intellectual dominance.” (Ya don’t say.) (They had to do something to compete with women since they can’t automatically make a human being with a soul in their bodies. The competition hasn’t stopped.)

“Although we tend to think of the moon as feminine, the knowledge of the synodic measure, the cycle from new moon to new moon, became the exclusive province of a male priest class that used the lunar calendars to capture and control the feminine principle and to oppress women in general.”

“There is no question that the lunar calendar civilizations are the tool of powerfully patriarchal societies, the tables of the moons and the years being the possession of a dominant male priest class.”

In gratitude, Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker


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