Watch “American Lions: JFK & Trump’s War with the Deep State over UFO Secrecy” on YouTube

Original posting of this was November 2020, one year after Covid first hit, but no one knew what it was.

This is a must watch video by Dr. Michael Salla on the 57th anniversary of JFK assassination. 9 minutes. Share with your friends via email, mainly for the history and suggestion it contains, not because you agree with it at this point. Trump is no savior. He has said and shown that he loves money. The ICC loves money too. So do the Dems. Is he working with the ICC? And Trump supported the Covid Vax!!! Very bad.

Just for the record, I’m not convinced about the agenda behind linking JFK, his son John Jr. and Trump. Supposedly John John is Q. I have no problem believing he’s alive. People’s deaths are faked for all kinds of reasons. And Dr. Salla is supporting whatever the agenda is. Are these folks really opposed to A.I.?

I question everyone these days. Use your critical thinking. Everyone has an agenda. My agenda his health and body empowerment for the entire human race and the absolute eradication of A.I. -Lisa T. 12/29/22

Yesterday 9:30am NPR posted this, BEFORE the violence started

I originally posted this on January 7, 2021, the day after the left tried to frame Trump and his supports for the rioting on the capitol.

FACT: At noon, Trump began an over one-hour speech encouraging protesters to PEACEFULLY march to the U.S. Capitol. At 12:49 p.m.

Elon Musk Exposes Real Reason Twitter’s Censored Former President Donald Trump

Man, is it ever White 11 World Bridger. 11~3 pulse. Musk and Trump are both tone 3 making the 11 occult or hidden wisdom coming forward.

These two men also have in common the adoration of money. Time is money to them. Trust the universe and your body. They are not saviors.

The C$%^& theme song

The latest disclosure revealed that Twitter executives used the platform’s formidable “visibility filtering” powers against Trump ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and that engagement with the FBI intensified before Trump was permanently suspended.

The article

The executive said the “decision on whether to pull that particular tweet” or use it “as a last straw” for Trump depends on “the overall context and narrative in which that tweet lives.”

Before Trump was banned, Twitter also created a new tool to censor the then-sitting president after the election when he was vocal with his claims of election fraud. Internally, executives referred to the tool as “L3 deamplication.”

The article

If you’re an Independent, conservative, something else or just not a Dem, be sure to show this article to an ex friend or family member that drank the MSM Kool Aid, called you names and cut you off because they were weak and wrong. They can repent to the Universe or stay in the dark with their mask on. Just don’t expect an apology.

I don’t even really trust Trump but I knew MSM was doing this to him. It doesn’t matter who it is! They can’t do this to anybody. Better yet, stay off of all social media and MSM. I do. But I was banned from most of them so it doesn’t matter. They don’t exist.

The point is, an official agency of our government, the FBI, which our taxes support, meddled in FREE SPEECH and has been for 100 years. There are a pile of stories of media manipulation in the U.S. for control and money.

Are we just going to wait another 180 years until the cycle ends at 13,000 years or run these nefarious actors out of our system for good?

Biden Would Like That Wouldn’t He?

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Mr. Biden told a crowd at the second of two fund-raisers he attended on Thursday evening.

And I just posted a video on today’s blog from 1963. I’m surfing timelines today folks. No atomic weapons are allowed on Earth anymore. The E.T. will STOP them. End of story. He can stop pouring billions into a money laundering war in Ukraine, Mr. Corruption.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was October 16, 1962 – October 29, 1962. That is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey – Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed. Wow! That covers the entire Yellow Human Wavespell;#8, the Power of Free Will. What we know is JFK, who was the President at the time, believed in democracy and free will and was going to disclose everything about the ICC and the LOC to the American people. That’s why they assassinated him, his brother, Marilyn Monroe, and Martin Luther King. 1963 was a bloody year for the C!@#4. What was Joe Biden doing in 1963? JFK, RFK, and MLK.

GEE, look what I found from the NY Times dated October 23, 2021~! Post is below.

As you read and ponder what Biden is doing TODAY, what he is saying and what the FBI did to Trump and is doing, Biden and Trump are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN THE TZOLKIN. White 2 Worldbriger leads to Blue 3 Hand. So we are playing out Maldek karma, intervened on by WB~Skywalker and seeded on Earth by Blue Hand~Yellow Human tribes. It is no mistake that the Cuban missile crisis happened exactly over Yellow Human Wavespell. We are still trying to get freewill manifested on this planet. Continue reading…

JFK assassination records. Hmm, who might have those as we speak and is being investigated by Biden D.O.J.? Do you see below where they say the National Archives need MORE TIME TO WORK ON REDACTIONS? Holy crap. Well, we already know the truth. The Biden Admin. is so corrupt. The Dems weren’t always like this. It really turned in 1963. The root of all this trouble is the existence of ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate in our local system and the continued suppression of E.T’s. I found all of this after I finished today’s blog. I’m really time traveling today. It’s all connected with synchronicity.

An estimated 50 million people dies in WWII. War needs to end on Earth.

‘Playtime Is Over’: Judge Dearie Impresses Experts as Hearing Set in Trump Case

I wasn’t sure if MSM was Sharing this good and fair news so I’m sharing it here. Nothing destructive or slanderous of either party. This is a good lineup for Monday.

9/22/22-I Predict Mara-Lago Circus Will Be Finished Bc They Can’t Win. Nor can They Assassinate Him as They’d Like Without Drawing Attention to Themselves

I wrote this 5 days ago because I had a premonition. You can’t fight time nor can you win against destiny. It’s fabulous. Your own choices, heart, and mind create your own time and destiny. Choose well.

Trump is Blue Hand. Blue Hand people are healers on many levels. They care about people and are very, very accomplished and cause tremendous jealousy. They aren’t perfect, just smart and tuned in.

I do not see us having a normal election in 2024. The world is going to be a different place soon as the secrets come up, the main energy sources are changed and equity naturally comes to the earth. Partisan politics will not be necessary anymore. But this shift will happen in society over the next 2 years. I don’t think there will be a president anymore, but I’m not positive. Again, the future is based on collective choice.

Trump suggests the Mar-a-Lago documents were bound for his library. But advisers say he’s rarely talked about it.

He can’t talk about it!

This article is a bit long but it is fascinating with regard to what rights ex and future Presidents have to their records or records kept by the government that THEY had a hand in creating, such as…

E.T. contact. Someone has already spoken to Trump about the inhabited universe and for all we know he has met some of them. What we DO know is that he is a believer. We also know that he doesn’t like the military secrets with regard to E.T. any more than we do.

What if that’s what all the hullabaloo is about? I think it is. Remember, he is the one who proudly started the U.S.Space Force and picked the flag for it.

The Space Force is a branch of the Air Force

What Happened in the Afghanistan War? – The New York Times

The original plan was to exit Afghanistan on Sept. 11, 2021, 20 years to the day after 9-11, but Biden changed it to Aug.30. 9-11 2022 is coming up in this wavespell, Yellow 12 Warrior and pulses on Biden’s birth gateway.

The withdrawal was Blue 12 Crystal Storm, also pulsing on the hidden wisdom of Biden, ruled by Pluto. 2-12 are occult Tones.

9-11-01 was Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey with Blue 4 Hand as Guide Power so that pulses on a different timeline.

I’m suggesting that there is crossover synchronicity between the Afghan war, 911, Biden, and Trump. They are manipulating the timeline. or trying to.

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