13:20 vs 12:60 Science

It isn’t so much that the 12:60 narrative science is incorrect as the fact that it’s myopic and lives in a 3D time warp bubble. Our cycles are 1300, 13,000, 26,000, 260,000 not 1200, 12,000 and 24,000 and so forth. We live in a galaxy, not just on a planet.

People follow, they don’t lead so the majority of the planet believes they are valid if they are in the majority. It’s groupthink. Humans are funny that way. It’s not so much that the information is actually assessed rationally as it is the majority of people AGREE with it. That’s what they call science.

However, as we well know, most people these days do not trust the science or their methodology. Thankfully, humans are highly intuitive and feel and see synchronicity all around them. The narrative controllers can’t stop it. The universe has nurtured evolution for billions of years among all species and the nefarious ones are not going to win to keep people blind.

To that end, my books and writing are here to help you understand how RATIONAL your intuitive instincts are. Just look at the animals and plants. They thrive by following their natural instincts and have been on earth longer than we have. They don’t have to get clever.

Intelligence is another matter. There is nothing intelligent about following the majority down the wrong road just so you’ll be accepted by them. Humans are a species that are humanoid. Other DNA is not, so we have to develop our brains another way on earth, and we are in the thick of it.

I’m here to show you a more accurate assessment of your life in the body being humanoid with E.T. ancestors, one that frees you from slavery and prison to be used by the c÷=/_. But you have to free yourself. The universe has your back as it’s had mine.

I hope you ponder the piles of alternative information I have on here to raise your quality of life. It’s the only reason I’m doing it. I make very little on my books right now due to the cost of printing. That may change if I contract with a publisher.

It’s all good.🙏

Earth’s Magnetic Field


This basic I formation is very helpful in understanding the dualistic evolution of all RNA on earth at the present time. The Tzolkin Harmonic’s organization of this is in Earth Ascending.

José’s maps of the EARTH HOLON correspond exactly to this evolutionary process

But our work shows the the evolution of time on a planet is caused by the evolution OF US. Out mindset, choices, past karma, emotion and thought habits, awareness of synchronicity and magic in our families and daily lives, and our commune with the earth all.set the actual coordination with the exponential cosmic cycles. Mayan math bears it out. None of this is New Age, Wiccan, or religion. It’s really cosmological science and probably fairly predictable which I work on .

I do my best not to sink into mythological archetypes with any passion as those symbols are always in flux. Media and gaming goes overboard, I think, and forgets to apply mathematical precision to fiction. Of course, that’s what makes fiction, fiction. The equations are incorrect or not applied at all. I don’t know why humans prefer fantasy to the truth. Maybe they feel it’s easier even if it’s wrong.

I parse through these patterns and math because I enjoy the process and value the truth. And I respect our ancestors who left oracles for us. They are not toys or fiction and can help us understand earth changes we feel can threaten our existence..

Multidimensional Understanding of How the Sun’s Changes are Affecting Earth and Our DNA Through the Tzolkin


I posted this in 2021. It bears taking another look again. I know you have to put on your thinking cap but the Sun is not causing these changes. The evolution of our DNA is causing these changes and then the Sun and earth respond.

The Genetic Code is 13:260 or 13:20 because the Tzolkin is 65. It’s not 64 because 12:60 is only 3D. Our Genes are Multidimensional

The Chinese I Ching is intimately connected to the Mayan Tzolkin Harmonic thus my focus on it here. King Wen in China, Wenwang, Wade-Giles romanization Wen-wang, also called Xi Bo, (flourished 11th century BC, China), father of Ji Fa (the Wuwang emperor), the founder of the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC) and one of the sage rulers regarded by Confucian historians as a model king gave us the I Ching which is the foundation of our 64/32 bit computers.

Today is White 12 Wind, Analog Red 12 Earth, Guide Power White 12 Wizard, Antipode Yellow 12 Human and Hidden Wisdom Blue 2 Storm. The 5GForce is White 2 Mirror.

This is the Traditional 64 Chinese Kua I Ching. It is my sense that these hail from the Dragon Family in China a race of E.T.’s that helped give rise to the Human Species long ago.

Two Short dashes = 0 and one dash = 1. They are read from the bottom up. The IChing Hexagrams are binary code in 6 lines and there are 64 hexagrams. They also express the main four nucleotides that are the foundation of the 20 amino acids; Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine. Just 64 is fine if your whole world can be communicated in binary code but it can’t. Our perception is becoming multidimensional. We’ve hit a wall now because our planet is being brought into the universal stream and consequently so are our brains and bodies. That’s part of the purpose of the Covid19 virus that everyone thinks is the Black Plague that should stop life in order to stop death. Ah, the logic.

If you don’t like change, improvement, evolution forward, your pineal gland being opened and thus your vision being opened, and you like all the restriction we suffer on the surface because we can’t see past the nose on our face, you won’t be able to accept the current situation in good humor. Getting the virus isn’t a picnic but you can get through it. It’s like a plant pushing through the rock. It does reach the sunlight eventually and puts down roots in the crevices. Such is our life on Earth. It’s best not to whine about it since every…single…living thing has to go through evolution. Human beings need for pity and sympathy rather than compassion is a weakness. It’s time to spiritually mature. If you have compassion for yourself you’ll have compassion for others. That’s not immature pity or sympathy! Physical struggle and taking care of yourself is part of life. So is enjoying yourself despite others moods.

Life on Earth does tend to be a struggle thus it is a good thing that we have the free will to focus our own minds and make some happiness for ourselves despite the miasma of negativity and habit around us. No one is twisting your arm to react.

“With the DNA codons we are dealing biologically with the very code of life; with I Ching, we are, at the very least, confronted with an equivalent bio-psychic ode, a map of the development of intelligence itself. Thus, these are not just two casual systems that find in each other a complete identity of structure, but two codes that underlie, determine, and describe the complete development of life and intelligent purposeful behavior upon this planet.”

Jose Arguelles, “Earth Ascending” page 44
The Tzolkin Harmonic Code can be turned into the Mayan 13-Moon Calendar. The Maya of MesoAmerica left this here for us, coming from another world, purported to be Venus and before that, the Sirius Star system.

Anyone can do the math. 64 x 4 = 256. Each 4 kin on this harmonic is mediated by one amino acid 3-letter codon dictated by the IChing. Harmonic 33 right in the middle has NO IChing Hx governing it so it has no 3D manifestation energy directly like the other 64, thus 256. It spirals in on itself whereas the other harmonics have an inverse harmonic that they directly pulse to. The pulsation that I’m figuring out will be the NEW GENETIC CODE that governs our light bodies as we go forward. The new healthcare system will be about WELLNESS, WHOLENESS, FACTS OF THE UNIVERSE, and not for grand profit by those who manipulate and hold secrets and would use and enslave the human race. They will be adjudicated and reap their karma for what they’ve done to humans for last millenia! In the meantime, the Universe has the back of all Light workers on the front lines right now.

What are the 20 amino acids in the other five kin saying? There are 4 harmonics in each Harmonic Family made of 5 archetypes spinning in each kin. 5 x 4 = 20. There are actually 1300 actual kin in the entire harmonic because 5 kin make up one gateway, thus 13:20 and the power of 5. The 5/4 pulsing is significant as we observe the movement of the double helix. In the top left square alone, Red 1 Dragon, spins 5 archetypes in a gateway that I have proven pulse directly off of one another in occult relationship to one another. That speaks to the the programming of our subconscious minds by our mother and then our birth family. There is more though.

Stay tuned. I am working with Dr. Chavez, a PhD molecular biologist who collaborates with Dr. Luc Mongagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize Winner and Dr. Chavez has collaborated with me from the beginning. I’ve read all of his work and need to read it again. Hopefully, soon we will meet as he said he wants to come to see me! I don’t know how long this will take but there is a new genetic code in the offing and I’m assembling a team. I’m on the planet for this, for the future of the human race, our universal family and the destiny of this beautiful planet that has always been here for us come hell or high water. We need to be here for her as well.

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