Moving From Hx48 to Hx49 on October 5, 2022

This table corresponds exactly to Map 8 on page 45 of Earth Ascending.
Map 8, page 45 showing our DNA according to the I Ching which is the basis of binary code.

I’m looking more in-depth at what the tables and math are saying about what we’re going through. First, I Ching Hx48 nucleotide is 010110 in binary computer code. It is PROLINE in 3D. Proline is a sub-stop codon below Yellow Sun Stop Codon in DNA sequencing. Some call it the 21st amino acid and I wrote a section on it in my book “Time is DNA”. Hx49 is 011101 in binary and is the amino acid HISTIDINE. The next time we see Yellow Warrior is HF34 coming up to Yellow 6 Warrior after HF33. The fact that proline precedes the stop codon is significant for Yellow 10 Planetary Sun hitting on October 5, 2022.

As you look at the I Ching Hexagram/trigrams please remember that they are 0’s and 1’s. One straight dash is 1 and the two broken dashes are 0. That’s how we calculated the binary code. It’s actually a DNA nucleotide. I’ve already parsed that all out in my book as well.

The short of it is, when you add up the numbers horizontally and vertically their sum is 260 on every line. It meshes exactly with the Magic Square of 8 in Earth Ascending. 30 degrees south to 30 degrees north on the planet is going to be directly affected. I guess that’s a prediction based on what I see on the tables between them, page 45 and page 99 in Earth Ascending.

In the Mayan Harmonic 0=20 and Proline is 20. 0 is the Stop Codon. Books have been written on ZERO and in the Mayan mathematical system it creates exponential cycles in the vigesimal system, vigesimal meaning 20. So 0=20 is the cornerstone of 13:20 and the 0-19 Code. It causes the reversal, the crossing of the strands, the infinity of our world and our DNA

YouTube Video by Me on 911 Harmonic and It’s Inverse

Warning; I am in high intuitive mode as I read the time back and forth between Harmonics. As I sat in my office and decided to make a video it was 11:11 and I had just posted an image of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan on my blog post on page 111 of “Time and the Technosphere.” So…this is how synchronicity rolls if you’re paying attention.

Folks, we are watched over on so many levels by loving E.T. Ancestors, Universal Directors, and J.C. our friend and creator. The less you give any credence whatsoever to MSM or Google propaganda the better. I feel deeply today for the souls that were murdered by the planes on 911. I don’t think we have yet made full sense of it but I’m trying with this information to let you know that YOU, YOUR LIFE, and YOUR BODY belong to YOU and it is in YOUR POWER to focus your destiny in the manner of your choosing, using free will, to play it out with the rest of the human family. It’s all good. Love yourself and love each other.

I Don’t Like Fireworks, I Like Math. Happy 4th.

I stared at this Psi Bank Image and figured it out.

The Psi Bank, The Collective Mind of Earth Composed of ALL sentient thought from DNA

This looks like a 260-day Tzolkin but it’s not. As I mentioned before, look at the 52 green Galactic Activation Portals or G.A.P. kin! They are divided into 3 days or 3 kin, or 3, 24-hour periods on one square. Why?

Because in the 4th dimension, it takes 3 days for DNA to activate in a sequence. It could also have to do with the action of the tRNA or the transfer RNA. I did the simple math;

  • 52 x 3 (The G.A.P. kin) adds up to 156 days, not 52 days
  • The normal Tzolkin is composed of 5, 52-day castles that add up to 260. Now we have more than that.
  • 52 x 4 = 208 days and 52 x 3 = 156 days. We now have…364 days! The approximate length of a solar year (or will be in our lifetime since the rotation of the earth has sped up, so the days are shorter. Right now we are at 365.24 but that decreases daily now.

The image above is actually the earth’s solar year merged with the 13, 28-day moons in a solar year and the 260-day galactic spin.

What are the amino acids where the G.A.P. kin land and sit for 3 days in 4D?

I’m going in numerical order on the green squares. Notice that these are occult kin to each other as the tones add up to 14. Therefore they pulse directly to Hidden Wisdom, the subconscious mind, and the mother’s DNA. It’s obviously all about manifestation as a carbon-based lifeform. How alchemical! It’s also very basic. Everything is made of carbon. But consciousness comes from the female. That is not basic. Your soul is made in your mother with the help of Mother Spirit and Source.

Each amino acid listed lasts for 3 days!

  • 1 Cysteine, 7Stop Codon, 7Cysteine, 13Stop Codon = Spins for 12 days
  • 9Glycine, 13Tryptophan, 1Glycine, 5Tryptophan = “
  • 4Alanine, 6Tyrosine, 8Alanine, 10Tyrosine= “
  • 11Aspartic Acid, 12Asparagine, 2Aspartic Acid, 3Asparagine = “
  • 12Valine, 12Phenylalanine, 2Valine, 2Phenylalanine= Continue down the line the same
  • 4Methionine, 7Glutamic Acid, 7 Methionine, 10Glutamic Acid
  • 7Serine, 5Histidine, 9Serine, 7Histidine
  • 10Leucine, 2Glutamine, 10Leucine, 4Glutamine
  • 2Threonine, 11Arginine, 3Threonine, 11Arginine
  • 3Isoleucine, 10Lysine, 4Isoleucine, 11Lysine
  • 4Leucine, 9Glutamine, 5Leucine, 10Glutamine
  • 5Methionine, 8Glutamic Acid, 6Methionine, 9Glutamic Acid
  • 6Aspartic Acid, 7Asparagine, 7Aspartic Acid, 8Asparagine

Find Your Psi Chrono Unit

Psi is short for psyche which literally means intuitive mind and chrono means time. So Psi chrono is the intuitive mindset in time under which you were born. If you have app it has your Psi chrono lineup included with your galactic signature and destiny Oracle now. It’s an added piece to your DNA evolution while you’re on the planet. Please remember that these symbols are just amino acid proteins in a sequence but amino acids are 5th dimensional as we now know.

For example. I am Red 13 Skywalker which you see on the far left. I am kin 13, born in the first 13-day cycle so I am 1:13:13:13. But on the Thirteen Moon calendar of 28 days each, I am 1.18 or Magnetic Moon, the 18th day in the psi bank of collective mind. That means my mindset in time is White 12 Crystal Wizard and it’s attributes are spelled out when you tap on it. It is exactly accurate about my mindset and why I’m here.

NOTICE the green squares which are the gap kin. They are THREE psi Chrono units so each of the 13 moons adds up to 28. So if you follow the ones 1. onto the green squares, you see 1.4, 5, 6, 23, 24, 25 and the bottom left green square, 1.26, 27, and 28. It is supremely interesting that each GAP kin accounts for 3 Psi Chrono units which correlate the 13 moons with the 260-day Tzolkin going through its seasonal cycles.

I will study this further. But the point is, this proves the math for the larger cycles for our local system, the earth, and the seasons, including us. When we turn 52 years of age we begin our second life. So, you should plan to at least live 2 lives and live to be 104. And our third life would be until 156 years old and so on. Why not? Our DNA is timeless. We just need to line it up and turn off the fake programming that is about to hit a wall..

July 7, 2022 is White 11 Spectral Dog

Read that. Mediated by Mercury. And through July 13 follow the tribes mediated by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Those are the planets named in the science post that was in spectacular alignment. If they don’t understand the connection they should be reading this blog!

This is either a dress rehearsal or the real enchilada.

Just for the record, I’m 99% sure our Watchers and Helpers can immediately step in as a bridge in communications when our entire satellite system goes down. I highly doubt we’ll descend into the cataclysmic stone age as Ben Davidson is predicting. For god’s sake.🙄

A Huge New Cycle is coming on July 7, 2022. Head’s up.

Here it is. Once again, I posted this twice giving warning. THE MAGNETOSPHERE IS THE PSI BANK. There is a chapter in my book about it if you want to know more.

Man do I have a headache. Time to meditate.

Friday Daily Reading; Awareness is Empowering

Our Bodies are Evolving

5Valine, 5Arginine, 5Glutamic Acid, 5Lysine, and 9Phenylalanine.

The keywords today are targeting, vision, free will, timelessness, and synchronicity.

Earth is Evolving

22 is the peak ELM frequency in the magnetosphere, 3x normal

The 5GForce or 5th Density Human Helper

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior is the 5GForce for Yellow 5 Overtone Seed

The Lyrans are from the Lyra Constellation, in Vega, the Pleiades. Like myself, they believe that since all intelligent life has a DNA-RNA code (The Tzolkin), we share a common ancestry. The Draco wars began with the Lyran so they are battle-hardy warriors. They are 12-dimensional solar Light Beings

The Cyclops come from planet 555 on the opposite side of the universe from Earth. Don’t laugh at them. In their universe, people with 2 or more eyes probably look funny to them. You have to admit that his hair is very hip. Here is an example of a pineal gland on steroids. It’s not a third eye but his only eye. Very useful! I want him on my side in a war.

Many insects have multiple eyes so it’s not unusual in DNA to have eye differences. The eye functions like a telephoto lens to see farther distances and read energy patterns and auras. It’s attuned to higher psychic abilities. Their motto is “Judge the individual, not the race.” They oversee many souls here on earth, but they are kept secret because of their appearance. They’ve been here since 1950. They are in great affinity with Yellow Seed, (Jupiter), Blue Eagle (Vision, Red Earth (Synchronicity), and Yellow Warrior (Intelligence). They know how to create synchronicity between dimensions to create unity.

The Local System is Evolving

We are mediated by Jupiter, home to the pentagonal shape or the number 5.

  • This morning, the Sun and Saturn form a sesquiquadrate, and we can become more aware of, or frustrated by, our limitations. This transit can close us up or narrow our focus. We could feel confined or restricted regarding our plans and self-expression.
  • Tonight, Mars and Pluto form a square, and we crave a sense of control over events, relationships, or circumstances and become frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it. However, attempts to gain control or power tend to be fruitless. This square can stir intense desires that may not easily be satisfied. There may be arguments, standstills, and power games. It would be wise to observe and learn from whatever powerful feelings arise through confrontations or conflicts. We should try to remain flexible, perhaps devising strategies for achieving our goals rather than attempting to push them through at all costs.


Wednesday Daily Reading; Seal the Input of Spirit

Body Evolution

Symbols for a tRNA molecule evolving; 3glycine, 3phenylalanine, 3threonine, 3glutamicacid, 11tryptophan, 5gforce is 11Tyrosine

Earth Changes; Evolution

Everything happens gradually.

The peak frequency came down to 23.

5th Density Human Helper in Meditation

The Ceitans wholeheartedly stand by us as we transition to where they are consciously so we will come to know that feeling as well. They are very heart-oriented, choosing love to reveal wisdom, allowing the inner spirit to guide them through life. I feel they are in affinity with Uranus because they believe that their spiritual connectedness to the universe is the foundation of brotherly love. Also, the Uranus time tunnels in the cosmic web run from Uranus’s right fire hand (White Wind) and Uranus’s Left Sky Foot (Red Earth). The ten planets combined on both the hand and foot are responsible for opening Uranus’s time tunnels through the heart chakra whose job is to transduce energy from the local system.

The Erideans harmonize their mind, body, and soul through advanced meditation practices and they can help you. They know how to program the energy around them to help. They are also watchers of the twelve creational timelines for 3D. They are good at dismantling false timelines.

Local System Evolution

We are mediated by Uranus.

Uranus rules 3D Aquarius and mediates 5D White Wind~Red Earth
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, bringing protective, warm, and cautious energy.
  • We seek comfort and familiarity, but with the Moon’s sextile to Uranus, (The Theme and analog) we’re open to new methods or ways of getting comfortable.
  • The Cancer Moon is nourishing and receptive. We can be quite nostalgic, rooted, and domestic. It’s a good time for activities that engage our emotions. (I have two ancestors who were born on this gateway so the Cancer energy is coming through)


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