Tuesday Daily Reading-Life Likes to Nurture Other Life. The Instinct Creates Birth of All DNA Forms

Body Frequency

We enter HF46 today; Lunar Input. Inform the flowering of challenge as we move toward Yellow 2 Seed over 4 days initiated by communal Dragon Fire. The new 3D I Ching Hexagram is 39; Obstruction and Obstacles (It will probably manifest as conservative challenges to the vote count and Pub resistance to the popularity of 45. More mischief.)

12 Cysteine, 12Tyrosine, 12 Glutamine, 12 Asparagine and 2Stop Codon
Red 12 Crystal Dragon Cysteine mediated by Neptune

The 5GForce is Blue 2 Storm Tryptophan. This is pulsing in unison with the Hidden Wisdom, it’s analog, Yellow 2 Sun. It’s Proline in 5D and the Stop Codon in 5D but pulsing on the Red Dragon 4D Time portal.

Earth Frequency

As you can see on the right, it’s going back up to 30+ today. We also have winter storms coming in.
ScR power is 25 at 1:50pm EST

The Location of the 4D Red Dragon Time Portal on Earth is 30 degrees N–30 degrees E in Cairo, Egypt.

The Location of Hx39 as TCC Serine in DNA is located at 135-180 degrees West and 45-60 degrees south spanning that whole area on the planet. It coincides with the position of the Red Skywalker Time Portal which covers all of Hx 39, 25, 40, and 26. They are in the Z.O.T., the Zone of Transformation on Earth which covers 48 Hexagrams, a vast area around the middle of the earth. The top 8 hexagrams are the North Polar Zone and the bottom 8 hexagrams are the South Polar Zone. I have it figured out and will post on it today. The 4D Tzolkin Time Portals PULSE to the 3D Hexagram regions to initiate evolution as Time.

Interplanetary Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness😏
  • This morning, the Benefics Venus and Jupiter form a trine, (superficial) generating friendly energy, encouraging our desire for the ideal, and lifting our spirits. This transit helps to both soften and strengthen us. We are big-hearted, and our feelings are big, begging expression. Gestures tend to be thoughtful, and we’re particularly hopeful, cheerful, and cooperative. It can be a somewhat lazy or self-indulgent time. Our tolerance for rudeness or crassness decreases. We are especially open and trusting of others, expecting the best, and both integrity and loyalty are favored.
  • However, later today, the Sun is quincunx retrograde Mars, (Red Skywalker Guide Power and Yellow Sun Hidden Wisdom in 5D on a 12~2pulse) presenting some mild (I’d say moderate+) challenges and disrupting the flow. There can be a dilemma between what we want and what we think we should do. (Sunconscious resisting conscious mind)Tension is possible due to divergent needs or desires. Desires can be compelling, but we may be on the fence about how–or whether–to fulfill them. We may feel a little out of sorts, which can ultimately prompt us to make some valuable edits.
  • Today’s Leo Moon encourages our theatrical, playful, and competitive sides, although Leo’s ruler, the Sun, in an awkward aspect to Mars can point to troubles channeling these drives. (Follow 12 Skywalker lead here and explore the community on the 12 pulse)

How Do the 4D Time Portals Move in HF43?

These locations are in the 4D TIME body of Earth, not on the surface. These are the Tzolkin kin I post daily in the harmonics; the gateways in our current harmonic.

  • Red Moon Time Portal is a Gateway Kin; 60 degrees South–105 degrees West
  • White Dog Portal is a Polar Kin; 60 degrees North–165 degrees East
  • Blue Monkey Portal is a Cardinal Kin; 30 degrees North–150 degrees West
  • Yellow Human Portal is a Core Kin; Equator–105 degrees West

So, there are 4 TIME PORTALS (HF43) locked to ONE 3D I Ching Hx location on the planet DNA which right now is Hx63 (Proline). Just as we have only ONE flesh body but multiple energy bodies coming from our chakras which are the wheels of the light body.

As I just posted today, IChing Hx 63 is in the center of Hudson Bay in Canada. How does that merge with all of these time portals? How does the 4D Time Portal move the 3D Earth body? What is their relationship?

The time portals must be the Earth’s chakras. There are 20 of them whereas people have 13.

I’ll have smoke coming out of my ears as I intuit and channel on this today. I guess I need some Monkey magic.🎩

It must the same as our human 4D body is to our capacitor, ELM body (our flesh). Synchronicity is everything. See my previous post below on the light body. Maybe Hudson Bay 3D coordinates are the connective meeting point of the 4D Time portals.

Body Truth; Activating the 13 Chakra System

Post Note to Corey’s Update Yesterday From Corey

The Starseeds being removed is not a mass event where all star seeds are removed. Some stay through the solar event and keep incarnating here. There are certain groups that are coming to Earth to remove their operatives.

There are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Star Seeds on this planet right now – only a small fraction of the Star Seeds on this planet will be removed. The portals begin opening randomly because of the upcoming solar event and its increased activity. Some people will rush to try to enter portals only to end up in an inhospitable place or worse. This is not a situation where human refugees are going to be removed from the planet en mass. These are alien operatives who incarnated on this planet to observe or guide this civilization leading up to the solar event.

Those who signed soul contracts to incarnate on this planet for various missions are not a part of this star seed evacuation. This is not a rapture event but a series of random portal openings and apparent abduction events – or deaths believed to be related to abduction events. I should have communicated that a bit more clearly in the update above. The vast majority of those on the planet now will be here for the solar event and will be the same people that will be a part of building a new future for humanity as it explores 4th density consciousness.

When it comes to the Zulu and Wandering Star event on Mars – they rescued the inhabitants of a couple of large cities that were scheduled to be forced to accept transhumanist technologies into their bodies. Mars was not fully liberated – only the bases that were going to be the pilot programs for testing invasive technologies.

Monday Daily Oracle; Rhythmic Tone 6 and Moon in Capricorn, We Can Be Organized and Focused.

We are in a new harmonic; HF25 and the I Ching attribute is deliverance and liberation.

Body Holon

Getting the job done.
  • Theme is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth; navigation and synchronicity in 4D
  • Analog is White 6 Rhythmic Wind; spirit in 4D
  • Guide Power is Itself
  • Antipode is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand or Accomplishment in 4D
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed or wider DNA flowering in 4D
  • 5gforce is Blue 8 Galactic Night or Expansive, equitable abundance that is not coming from 4D but higher densities that rule other planets and other sectors of the universe. Earth is not normal…at all…in it’s gender bias.

Interplanetary Holon (Our 10 Planets and Our Star (the Sun)

The mediating planet is Uranus (Red Earth~White Wind)

Uranus has a ring also. It rules Aquarius
  • Mars forms a sextile to Pluto this morning, bringing a stronger ability to focus.
  • It feels natural to pursue our goals and satisfy our desires under this influence.
  • We’re better at strategy now, and ambitions and determination increase. We’re getting in touch with what we want and devising plans to pursue it.
  • We benefit from a patient and deliberate approach rather than pushing for immediate action.
  • The Moon spends the day in practical, sensible Capricorn. With this transit, we recognize that reasonable boundaries and rules can reduce worry and chaos.
  • This Moon aligns with Venus and Pluto and harmonizes with Uranus (Red Earth∞White Wind), Neptune, and Mars, and diplomacy and creativity are the routes to take to advance our goals.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:43 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Mars), until the Moon enters Aquarius the next day, Tuesday, December 7th, at 6:49 AM EST.

From CafeAstrology in part.

Earth Holon – Today’s Time Portal

The location of the Red Earth Time portal is specifically the Equator–15 degrees west which lands on the mid-Atlantic off the coast of Liberia, Africa. The entire portal generally covers all of Central Africa and South Africa. Below is the link to the visual of the time portal on Google Earth.


Yesterday, the big news was that the President of S. Africa will not allow lockdowns, masking, or vaccine mandates in that country. Those folks tend to be holistic.

Anti-grav. in Antarctica. Do you Know Which Time Portals are Down There?

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