Thursday. It’s Thor’s Hammer Day. Q. In the Tzolkin Matrix we are on Yellow 11 Spectral Chaos SEED.

Biden is C=/_<. Trump IS NOT C+×÷=. Verified by Corey Goode.

That’s why the C%^&* Dems and MSM want to hang Teump on the White House lawn. Not gonna happen.

Thor’s hammer is THE SEED packet of DNA, time and karma that cannot be stopped. One little seed began the GIANT SEQOUIA trees out west.

It’s not over yet peeps. Today is Thor’s hammer day and the military will be brought in to clean house at some point. I don’t have absolute intel on that but the military has been active under the direction of POTUS all along. He has had the goods for 4 years and had to spin the web before he goes in with… the hammer.

The synchronicity here is the SEED is the hammer that targets the truth.

I dissolve in order to TARGET.

Releasing AWARENESS I seal the input of Flowering with the Spectral tone of LIBERATION.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Dreamspell Kin#24

What is THE SEED full of? DNA. There is nothing stronger in the Universe to set a destiny path than DNA. It controls time and karma for each individual. There is no escaping it. People can say whatever they want but what they have seeded in their lives bears either a good fruit or a bad fruit.

Congress is BAD FRUIT and worse. STAY TUNED.

Destiny is in TIME and time is DNA.

Spectral Tone;

Releasing, Liberation, Dissolve

The spectral tone knows the refined art of letting go and being present. You may lose track of time which is not a bad thing because you are so present in your situation. The Yellow Seed Targets Awareness and Flowering. It’s an active Dynamic, spiritual creator, potentiality, leader, performer, and influence.

The analog is Blue 11 Chaotic EAGLE! What is the U.S. emblem? The Eagle which is the case for many countries around the world who are also in trouble. The vision of the TRUTH about what these people and governments around the world are doing with human trafficking and children is the deepest evil you can imagine. POTUS was given all the file in 2016. That’s why he’s in office.

The Guide Power is Itself.

The antipode challenge is White 11 Spectral Chaotic Wizard. The end of the Maldek karma for Red Serpent and White Wizard. MIKE PENCE IS Red 9 Solar SERPENT. He’s done for Maldekian Karma as are Biden (W. WB) and Harris (Red Serpent).

The Hidden Wisdom points to Nancy Pelosi today who is Red 9 Solar Earth whose analog is SPEAKING White 9 Solar Wind. The SUN is the solar informer and she is finished. The Hidden Wisdom is Red 3 ELECTRIC Earth. There is plenty of electricity coming from Thors’ hammer. POTUS is Tone 3.

The 5GForce is Yellow 3 Warrior. That presages an electrifying war based on INTEL or Intelligence.

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