Feeling Better Emotionally Comes Directly From Sitting in the Sun

Our connection to our Higher Self from the astral plane up to 13th density comes right into the eyes through the sun. All 13 chakras or our Lightbody are activated by The Sun.

We must absorb sunlight to grow just like plants with photosynthesis. The sun also activates or makes Vitamin D that is already in our bodies. It cures a myriad of ills. We are no different. We need soil, grounding in the earth, water, and sunlight to be mentally and physically balanced. We are natural beings like trees and always will be.

We don’t necessarily need much food at all or social with others especially if they are toxic and projecting, doing transference, and offloading because they are not aware of God in them. I’m sensitive to people who are unloving or using food all the time to feed themselves instead of energy. I start to feel sick or drained around them.

They’re using others in all types of relationships to create a surrogate parent or they unconsciously vampire energy off of others because they don’t know how to create their own. It just creates chaos and is not spiritual at all but childish. We are in a time now where that will have to end if you are to come into your own light body, your Higher Self.

The Weather

No one has ever contended that the Sun did not affect the weather or that the changes in the natural solar cycles aren’t drastically affecting earth. DUH.

But what …or WHO…initiates or precipitates these changes to the Sun? Does it just automatically happen? It is THE SUN after all. It has a mind of its own if anyone dares ascribe sentience to it? Do they? I think the scientists believe their own sentience and interpretation control the Sun’s narrative.

Actually, what I hear is the male scientists’ interpretation of TIME in history in 12:60 cycles supposedly controlling the Sun. Maybe male time controls the Sun. Voila! What do the French say? “Au Contraire mon ami. Le soleil est le grand parent de nous tous.”

In ancient wisdom, the Sun is mother and father in the ether, tending to all evolving life in our Sol Ring. Tending to, not controlling, not beating, not killing. A section of the Urantia Book is the story of the birth of our earth and local planets being born out of our sun so there is the parentage. It starts on page 651 if you want to google, “The History of Urantia” It’s Part III and quite moving.

Our Sun was born from the Andronover nebula. This was 987,000,000,000 (billion) years ago so…And it is in direct communication with Galactic Center, Source. So, it’s all good. I love this book. It’s mind-blowing and precise.

6 billion years ago marks the current functioning of our sun for our system. That’s on page 655. Our sun’s Number on universe records is 1,013, 572. The birth of our solar system or Sol Ring is on pages 656-659. Our Sol Ring is 3 billion years old and was originally called Monmatia. I love that name. Sounds like “My Mother” in Spanish. There is nothing more nurturing than our Universe and its Directors. Any suggestion to the opposite is a pure error.

987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of materislization phenomena in a certain sector of the, then, easterly segment of Orvonton.

The Urantia Book, page 651
Note Etheric Mother Sun and Etheric Father Sun. This is the Mayan Way.

What is a Binary Star?

The scientists don’t PRESUME binary stars. They exist in 85% of star systems. They are ideal and are needed to bring balance to the frequency.

How rare is a binary star?

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Actually, most stars are in binary systems. Perhaps up to 85% of stars are in binary systems with some in triple or even higher-multiple systems. The orbital periods and distances of binaries vary enormously.

For some time now, astronomers have known that the majority of systems in our galaxy consist of binary pairs rather than individual stars. What’s more, in recent decades, research has revealed that stars like our Sun are actually born in clusters within solar nebulas. Aug 19, 2020

We likely have the Draco and the Reptilians to thank for busting into our system when the grid came down during the Maldek explosion and trying to take over. They are very male-dominated and patriarchal so Lucifer B.S. had his way on Maldek and Earth. It wasn’t supposed to be this way and caused great error and imbalance. And Lucifer was a highly trusted system ruler, an angel of light. We know how that turned out.

What does it mean if a star is binary?

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A binary star

Binary stars are two stars orbiting a common center of mass. The brighter star is officially classified as the primary star, while the dimmer of the two is the secondary (classified as A and B respectively). In cases where the stars are of equal brightness, the designation given by the discoverer is respected. Jan 17, 2018

The Tzolkin pulses to the binary triplet configuration 2/3, which holds the 13:20 coordinate but sprockets with 3D 12:60. It’s explained in my book, “Time is DNA”.

Everything about our Harmonic is BINARY (+/-). We are binary and bilateral in our bodies, our system is currently dualistic. The bridge is 2, 3, and 4. 12:60 divides by 2, 3 and 4. 13 is a prime number and 20 is exponential as well as being divisible by 2, 4, 5 and 10. 13:20 is going to move our DNA into fifth density. 5 is dynamic throughout the Tzolkin.

The Sun IS Sentient and Has It’s Own Type of DNA. The Sun is our Mother…and Father. Everything in the Universe is Gender Balanced. Earth needs to Copy That.

I’m not saying the sun is any less sentient than the 10 planets, or that it’s not evolving also in its own way. But it’s not in charge of the local system cycles. The Tzolkin Harmonic is in charge of the local system cycles for Earth (the moon), Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Sun ( a star), the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Kuiper Belt.

They’re going to have to read my book, “Time is DNA” “Earth Ascending” and many other great books on the power of the Tzolkin Harmonic and its exponential cycles. It’s been ignored and denigrated by the Science narrative for too long, probably because its coordinate is 13:20 instead of 12:60. Our bodies don’t follow a mechanistic clock or a B.S. Gregorian Calendar put in place to confuse our mind, body, and spirit. We evolve according to a 26,000-year cycle.

I’m sorry so many people are superstitious about the number thirteen that brings BALANCE of power to females and males but that is the way of the universe. Human tradition’s way is not the Universe’s way, the evil and error that reigns supreme in science and government on Earth are trying to mandate to all humans that it’s their way or the highway. It’s not going to work. Take to the highway please with your lack of understanding of what earth wills and needs and Universal Law that accords empowerment to EVERYONE no matter what gender or culture. Human insecurity and ego are going to have to submit to the larger universal cycles and what’s good for the collective survival of those on the planet that want to stay during our ascension. What the scientists surmise from past cycles and their own fears will not dictate or usurp the will of individuals in a region.

If someone (or a large group) sits in fear, hates the human race, thinks we are slave insects, and wants to leave the planet they will be free to do that. They are not free to take others with them who love life, love their bodies, want to be here, and are going to stay.

So, I heard Ben’s little sarcastic whisper at the end of his post today about the sun. I know very well that guys have a psychological preference for anything that is BIG and Blows up because of their male physiology in the Blue Monkey, Yellow Star region, but what is big and can micronova or supernova doesn’t mean it’s the RULER of the LOCAL Universe. Most of the time the sun isn’t blowing up. It’s just nurturing all Life.

One-half of the body pulses the male energy and one-half pulses the female energy. The Yellow sun tribe initiates KARMA on the right and the Blue Storm tribe receives the crowning DHARMA on the left. The yellow sun tribe is in charge of initiating the male principle and WHITE DOG from the LEFT FOOT going up initiates the female receptive energy coalescing in the sub-stop codon that balances our brain, TRYPTOPHAN or Blue storm. The whole time they are weaving bilateral or binary ∞∞∞∞∞∞

The measurement of what is finished on the karmic side; Stop Codon, Cysteine, Glycine, Alanine, Valine, Serine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, and Methionine, moves to refinement to teach a lesson as;

Aspartic Acid (the female teaches love and loyalty), Asparagine, Glutamic Acid (we birth humans), Glutamine (big muscles), Lysine, Arginine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, and Tryptophan.

Go ahead with your various Novas on the karmic side. On the dharmic side, we sit in love and loyalty, make humans and all good things, and go to sleep during a rainstorm. But what use is that if humans are just going to be blown up by a Supernova? Life and death. The two exist next to each other, don’t they? Is it ironic that the female receptive left side is SOLAR-prophetic? No, because the Sun is our mother. She birthed ALL LIFE and all of the planets. The right male side is GALACTIC-KARMIC. Karma comes through the male from Galactic Center and goes directly to the sun for the planets to parse out and teach via the kin.


Evidence of Superionic ice provides new insights into unusual magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune

How a conductive form of ice is formed at several thousand degrees and millions of times atmospheric pressure. — ScienceDaily


Does the Sun have any water?

As strange as it may seem, yes water has been detected on the Sun. Actually what was detected is ‘steam’ over a particularly cool sunspot where the temperatures were only about 1000 K or so.

Ask the Space Scientist All answers are provided by Dr. Sten Odenwald (Raytheon STX) for the
NASA IMAGE/POETRY Education and Public Outreach program

The sun is 92% hydrogen, the main ingredient in water, and 8% helium.

Uranus is made of water, methane, and ammonia fluids above a small rocky center. Its atmosphere is made of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter and Saturn, but it also has methane. The methane makes Uranus blue. Uranus also has faint rings. Aug 4, 2021

If Uranus is mostly hydrogen and helium then it’s mirroring the Sun. Maybe it will become a sun? Same for Jupiter and Saturn.

It’s clear to me that the 5 outer planets are more mature than the 5 little ones right next to the Sun. We’re newbs in the local system. The Sun isn’t going to force Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury to do anything except to keep changing and growing which is our destiny.

This is a 2-minute podcast on the Uranus Time Tunnels in the Cosmic Web


Intense Eruptions from 20,000 Km Deep Canyon of Fire on the Sun May Cause Geomagnetic Storms and Auroras on Earth | The Weather …

You may physically feel this today and people around you may be cuckoo. I feel very tired and I’m drinking extra water.


The Sun has DNA. I’m as Surprised as Anyone

Our Sun is Amazing. Like the earth, it pulses WITH us.

Once again my intuition leads me to ask these questions that most people would answer, “Of course not. It doesn’t have a body and isn’t conscious.” Yes, it does and is. Second, having a body like we do and being conscious as we are doesn’t dictate DNA. How very cool. I’m in a good mood now.

“Sun’s ‘DNA’ revealed — ScienceDaily” https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/07/110706094335.htm#:~:text=Scientists%20reached%20this%20conclusion%20after,rise%20to%20the%20solar%20system.

“Solar nitrogen is very different from that of meteorites or the Earth. Science reached this conclusion after analyzing samples of solar wind collected by the Genesis space mission launched by NASA in 2001. They succeeded in determining the isotopic composition of the Sun, its “DNA”, which reflects the composition of the cloud of gas and dust that gave rise to the solar system.”-Science Daily,, Jul 6, 2011

The sun is composed of hydrogen, helium, and some nitrogen. Note that the main component of water is Hydrogen…and it’s on the Sun. Meditate on that.

Saturday Daily Oracle; Kin# 130. We take Flight. The Dragon Genesis is Complete. This is a Mega Omega Point or End Point in Our Evolution. It’s the End of an Inhale From Galactic Center

This harmonic turns in on itself∞.

Yesterday, the hidden wisdom, Yellow 2 Human is the kin at the bottom of the harmonic as the theme. Today, the hidden wisdom will be the theme tomorrow. Tomorrow, today’s theme will be the hidden wisdom. And the next day, Yellow 2 Human is Red 12 Moon’s hidden wisdom. It’s a lemniscate that opens the gateway as a spiral energetic, DNA key. It’s evolution.

Body Holon

The Trinity

The theme and analog are Father/Mother, the hidden wisdom is the Human Son/Daughter, The antipode is The Holy Spirit the Guide Power is Eternity or Timelessness

  • Theme is White 13 Cosmic Dog: God the Father, THE MALE as a god; perfect love and loyalty. 13 Aspartic Acid
  • Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Moon; God the Mother, flow of cosmic universal feeling the loom of the 13 moons, THE FEMALE as a goddess.
  • Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic Magician/Jaguar: Timelessness or eternity guiding human ascension
  • Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun; Christ Consciousness through The Holy Spirit. 13StopCodon. The DNA sequence ends.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, which is also tomorrow’s theme. A human being has been born through this union into an evolutionary seed of monkey; The Son/Daughter manifested in human form; 1Asparagine
  • The 5gforce is white 1 Magnetic Dog or magnetic love and loyalty pulsing exactly with the hidden wisdom, Blue 1 Monkey to manifest the human son and daughter in one person; Christ Michael.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury. The Moon is in Aries which aligns with Red Skywalker. Sun in Capricorn and retrograde Venus align. We’re reassessing our situation with grounded issues. Venus and the Sun will soon be semi-sextile Mars causing us to parse whether to be direct or indirect.


Earth Holon

Big Cosmic Ray health alert ⚠️ on cosmic tone 13. Synchronicity.

I will look up the time portal for White Dog today in a bit.

Biological Activity on Earth Really Is Affected by The Gravity of The Sun And Moon


Biological activity = DNA since everything biological IS DNA. So, All DNA on earth is affected by the gravity of the Sun and Moon. They forgot to add the rest of the planets in our solar system and the cosmic web acting on earth.

(Pat on the back) “So now you know the earth really is round and not flat.”

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