Thursday Podcast on the History of Lunar Time-Keeping

The consciousness of earth remained static and earth-focused until some four hundred years ago, (1600’s) whereas a conscious comprehension of the Law of Time is dependent on a WHOLE-system perception of the orbiting Earth in relation to its local star, the sun, as well as to the solar system and the galaxy as a whole. This is a new CONTEXT for humans to think about time, even today. Thus I refer to all three as the Earth holon, the Body holon, and the Interplanetary Holon as the accurate context within which all DNA sentience is evolving.

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These are my four books for sale. The newest one is on the left. I really like all of these books. The third one includes the fascinating letter from Einstein to Roosevelt before the atomic bomb was built by the Manhattan Project. The fourth book, Healer has documentation of the crazy synchronicity around the death of my son’s father, my ex-husband and my fiance. I had finished the book and my editor asked me to include all of those events in it so they are at the end. Healer means I have healed myself, not that I heal others. I talk about we can all be healers our ourselves.

The easiest way to buy them is from Amazon. Just search on my name, Lisa K. Townsend and they will all come up.


Lisa T.

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