Hayden Christianson, who was Anakin Skywalker/Darth Sithious Vader, is…

I think WB’s are the Sith. My adamant son, who is my Guide Power, Red 13 Earth, says, “Mom. You have to know the history of the Sith. They bring balance to dark and light.” The Jedi don’t want to accept their dark side.

Sure. Anakin was/ is Skywalker and turned on Obi One. Some support. Worldbriger is on the right karmic side of the body, and Skywalker is the dharmic teacher on the left. But I’ve always felt that way about my cosmic death/change analog. How is death supporting me?

There is some DEEP lesson in this archetype for me. Loads of fun.

I know that shadow is the lesser light. There is no such thing as dark because there is always still some photons even if minimal. The world is light and lesser light and bother are fine for learning.

Hayden Christianson is also an Aries which is ruled by Mars, just like Red Skywalker. The two are always in sync in the chart, if not the sun than other planets.

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