Intuitive Categories Updated

I just programmed the site to allow for expanded amounts of intuitive categories so other important ones are coming up. It also appears you can search on Mayan Daily Reading per the year like 2021 and 2020.

Bear in mind I’ve only categorized to March 2022 so far. I still have over 1000 to do.

Categorizing and Tagging

This is turning out to be a big job but I want all of my 2500 posts and information accessible to you. I wish you had a search box right on the home page but instead Word Press gives you intuitive categories that dominate my posts.

To that end I will make sure that all the posts over the last three years are categorized with one of these. Then they will come up chronologically.

  • Mayan Daily Reading
  • Podcast
  • You Tube
  • Public Figure Birth Gateway
  • Propaganda
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis (nerdy)
  • Ascension
  • Timelines
  • Light Body (tagged health)
  • Science (nerdy)
  • Schumann Resonance (which are posted daily and alone)
  • Gender Balance

Then I will tag based on the subject matter.

From 2013 to 2018 I posted on relationships which is already a main category. There is also a lot of prose also which may need a category later. I guess I haven’t gotten that book published yet. I have it on my hard drive. There are nine years of posts on here.

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