Physics Unfolds Right Before Your Eyes in this Display of Synchronicity

11. 25. 14  by   JAIME TROSPER

From Futurism

In both biological and physical systems, something called synchronicity sometimes surfaces. In the broadest possible terms, it explores the relationship between cause and effect and ‘meaningful coincidence.’ Not to mention, makes a stunning display of physics.

Simply put, synchronicity is a phenomenon in which one or more external things seem to be intrinsically tied together. 

Take an orchestra — when an assortment of separate instruments work together to make music — for example. Despite the fact that each has a separate, distinct sound, they eventually get on the same wavelength.  Of course, there are other examples,  like GPS systems, certain sporting events (like synchronized swimming) and even a human heart beat.

Unlike the other examples, in nature, nothing in particular forces these things to sync up. (Yes it does. The past and future timelines that are the DNA strands)

Oftentimes, it isn’t even intentional, but the pure result of chance (like, say. when you look at a clock and see that the hour/minute are the same as the month/day, 11:11 on 11/11). In the spirit of the seemingly impossible happening, picture one, single metronome (a device that was built to tick at regular intervals, like a wristwatch). It can march to the beat of its own drum perfectly, but staying in sync becomes more difficult when we start adding additional metronomes into the equation.

Two can tango, and 4 can effectively square dance, but how many more metronomes can you throw in before they start doing their own different dance? 

This video demonstrates that, over the course of a minute or two, not ten, or even twenty, but thirty-two metronomes can sync up and remain that way without even the slightest intervention by humans.


The video’s author explains how it works: Metronomes (or “pendula”), when on table, oscillate with random phases, since that is how they started and they are “uncoupled” (no energy/information flows from one to other so they do not “know” each other.) When they are all together on the cans, notice that the cans themselves oscillate little, providing coupling/information crossover. which forces “synchronization” in periodic systems.

Monday. The Purpose of Evolving and Raising Your Frequency is to Realize Synchronicity

I pulse in order to Evolve. Realizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of Space.

Today is kin 217 in the S. Polar Zone of Earth which is negatively charged (-) in the crossover polarity of the double helix DNA. Coordinate is 55:17:9:217. Hz frequency for mediation is 1090.8Hz.

I Ching Hx is 51; Arousing Shock and Thunder. Hmmm. Maybe in 2 days on Blue 11 Spectral Storm. My Dream-spell book is full of big events on that day. Eyes open, head up on Wednesday. The next I Ching Hx is “Progress”.

  1. Raise your frequency by becoming conscious of bad habits and replacing them with good ones, especially regarding your body and thoughts.
  2. When you do that you start to notice and understand Synchronicity in the matrix.
  3. Forthwith, your navigation or decision making starts to be ON TARGET bc you are loving yourself and have no guilt, thus no resentment, thus no jealousy. Self-esteem raises your frequency. But it’s not ego.
  4. Add to all of that, writing down your INTENTIONS meaning things you really want to do and can do or people to meet up with.
  5. The power of Space is Red Skywalker. My tribe is very supportive of people to improve themselves and get heathier and happier. No competition on that. We can all achieve that abundance.

Body Holon

Tone 9 pulses to the left elbow all day.

  • Theme is 9Phenylalanine or Red 9 Solar Earth. Body pulse is to the left side of the face, nose, mouth, cheek
  • Analog is 9Glycine or White 9 Solar Wind. Body pulse is to the right side of the face. (the mouth, communication), nose, cheek.
  • Guide Power this morning was 9Glutamine or Red 9 Solar Skywalker. Body pulse is to the left thorax, ribs, organs. I was thinking of you this morning even though I’m late again. Snowed under with duties.
  • Antipode right now is 9Isoleucine or Blue 9 Solar Hand. Body pulse is to the right abdomen.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Valine or Yellow 5 Overtone Seed. Body pulse is to the right arm and hand. Plant good seed with your choices so you don’t feel guilty
  • 5GForce is 5Alanine or Blue 5 Radiant Night. There is nothing wrong with feeling abundant whichever way you define it. Body pulse is to the right neck.

Earth Holon

We are in the South Polar Zone on the planet. The Time Portal pulses to the majority of the African continent. Red Earth is a Core Kin pulsing to the heart of the planet whose job it is to TRANSDUCE info. from the cosmic web to earth. It’s location is Equator–15°W, the mid Atlantic off of the coast of Liberia, Africa.

Interplanetary Holon

Red Earth is mediated by far out URANUS

Mercury is in square to Chiron so communication can be tricky even though we have White Wind as our ANALOG. Still, go ahead and talk through it.

There can also be some self-doubt with this aspect but it’s just clarifying what we still need to release from our upbringing that doesn’t suit us as conscious adults.

Sun is semi-sextile Venus this afternoon with Blue Hand holding space. Eat a healthy lunch. That will be for starters and do your best not to resent people who are in your way or who you don’t agree with.

The Moon is void right now but will enter Sagittarius at 5pm. before we hit radiant Yellow Seed. The archer has that target in mind you know and Seed is all about targeting and flowering potential. Go ahead and be a leader in your own vortex and fulfill your potential no matter how threatening it is to weaker and lazier kin. If they’re not happy for you they don’t love you so let it go.

An example of Synchronicity

My 40-year-old ID card

This card turned up in a drawer recently. It’s amazing it lasted this long so I took a good look at it.

I’ll preface this with the historical fact that I won a full four-year scholarship to study opera in Chicago at Chicago Musical College, Roosevelt University when I was 18 and didn’t want to do it in the least. It was my mother’s dream, high school director and family dream for me. None of them cared what I wanted or how I felt about any of it and didn’t ask. There are these huge SHOULDS around selfish people stuck in their egos when it comes to young people. I used the situation to get out of my hometown and kick off the dust. It was an escape plan. I ended up losing my voice and giving up the scholarship.

Now I’m 57 and people still say “should” to me when they find out what I’ve accomplished and what I can do. That would be anything I want to put my mind to and focus on. I have many options and could easily get overstretched.

There is the key word; FOCUS. I am blessed with a large goody bag of abilities and skill I’ve likely honed over many lifetimes so it’s not as though I haven’t worked for it and I’m lucky. That’s not the case. When much is given much is asked and I’ve been hated jealously most of my life for it so I stay to myself.

Here is the synchronicity. The emblem in the corner of the card is the triquetra or 3 circles within a circle that is also used by which was founded by Jose Arguelles. Time is Art. The symbol on my card was for Three Arts because the place I stayed was for Female Artists. Jose put the triquetra in the center, set it on a triangle and spread it out to 3 earths and put another circle around it. That makes it Universal. It links my destiny from Chicago in 1981 to 1990 when I started working with the Mayan information in Sedona, AZ.; only a stretch of 9 years. I am Red 13 Skywalker; 4:13:13:13 is my coordinate.

The address of The Three Arts Club is 1300.

My room number adds up to 13.

The street I lived on was Goethe, a famous poet, writer and more from the 18th century. He was Red 11 Earth born in the Blue 1 Hand wavespell, my 5GForce and my profession as a Healer.

I was not destined to be a performer and it’s all over my astrology and Sabian Symbols. I was born to do WHAT I AM DOING NOW of my own choosing. That is all over my Mayan signature, my astrology placements and my Sabian symbols. Ignore what humans say. They are not Universal Oracles. They are not God in you. They need to mind their own business and the world would be in better shape. Besides, they usually have stars in their eyes and are riding your coat tails by saying they know you, like a parasite. It’s soul sucking.

This is confirmation 40 years later that I’m on the right Universal track. That and I see 1234, 456, 122, 111 1111 daily. When your life is improving you can feel it. Line it up with the Universe not with human society. You won’t be sorry.

Knowing and Admitting Your Feelings About a Situation is Really Important

Welcome to another day in the matrix where synchronicity with All That Is are the road signs, as long as we’re paying attention. This blog is an attempt to free your VISION so that you glide easily between inner vision of yourself and your body and the outside world, or what we perceive as the outside world. I believe it’s actually ALL ONE Big Mind in the illusory hologram that we perceive with our five senses.

For thirty years I’ve witnessed and been personally involved in amazing, unmistakable synchronicity that can be explained no other way. So have countless others. But there is still this outside screaming chorus of CONTROL from the spiritually ignorant, greedy, bitter victims and psychopaths that would have us believe THEY are in control of the Matrix. Yeah, no. But in this local universe they are free to try up to a point. I can tell you that the E.T.’s helping us have time and again shut down our nukes and that will continue. They are not allowed to destroy the human race or the Earth. It’s in the contract.

The Matrix command and control is Galactic Center. We live in a Grand Universe that is organized according to Love and Light but because of free will, dissent, evil, violence, resistance and mischief are allowed to exist. There are 300 species of E.T. alone on THIS planet, underground, among us as humanoids, and in our local solar system. They are NOT a threat to us but we are EVER SO MUCH to them because of our unwillingness to control our drama and bodies. Humans need to get with the program and become CO-CREATORS instead of reacting like little children all the time. E.T.’s are just people. Hopefully soon all will be disclosed and the intelligence they’ve left us will come to the surface.

Knowing our Feelings is EMPOWERING!

Today is Red 5 Moon or Radiant Methionine which is the START CODON for the tRNA in all RNA sequences. It’s attributes are; purification, flow, and universal water. I talked extensively about water, hydrogen, and the tetrahedron yesterday without realizing that TODAY was the Water archetype. It’s analog is White 5 Dog which is Radiant Love. Red 5 Earth is the Guide Power, Blue 5 Storm is the Antipode and Yellow 9 Human is the Hidden Wisdom. The nutshell of that is, our bodies and feelings are bonded to Love and Loyalty. That truth is our accurate NAVIGATION in the matrix. Notice I didn’t say we ARE our feelings or that we should SIT IN our feelings. They are just road signs and then should be released. But don’t ignore the road signs in the Matrix or you’ll go off your rails. Our challenge and gift is to use that to catalyze SELF-GENERATION and INTERNAL ENERGY or QI. As Solar children, children of the Sun and the earth, our wisdom is to accept who we are in this incarnation. Follow the Sun cycles and the Earth cycles, not humans and their institutions. We have free will and real influence with other species. We are creators and holders of the chalice, the Holy Grail. We are vessels of a higher power and some would like to steal that from us. Hold your boundaries with the FOCUS of your mind. Navigate your body and mind. The Universe has your back. It’s not useful to offload your story or drama onto other people right now. Just align your daily behavior with your internal power. People can feel it. Act more, talk less.


  • Red 5 Moon is the theme; Methionine, the start codon
  • White 5 Dog is the analog; Aspartic Acid
  • Red 5 Earth is the Guide Power; Phenylalanine
  • Blue 5 Storm is the Antipode; Tryptophan and a type of Stop Codon
  • Yellow 9 Human is the Hidden Wisdom; Glutamic Acid

Just for fun, look at how similar the scientists depiction of a tRNA molecule looks to the Tzolkin Themeplex. Again, synchronicity. Just flip it to the right. The antipode/anti-codon is on the left.

Contains attachment site at the 3’ end for an amino acid. Contains a loop with the ___________. Fig ’ 5’ The anticodon base-pairs with a complementary codon on mRNA. If the codon on mRNA is UUU, a tRNA with a. ______ anticodon and a tRNA carrying phenylalanine will bind to it. The anticodons of some tRNAs recognize more than one________. Why? Because the rules for base pairing between the third base of the codon and anticodon are ________ (called______________).

Re-Program; Curtains

curtains at Moms

I’m editing my blog posts (8/31/19) and just noticed this synchronicity. I posted this blog on the curtains on 12/2/18. Look at my post below from 11/18/18 where I blogged about my dream when Spirit put literal pictures in front of me of my Twin Flames Family at Thanksgiving. Then at my Thanksgiving time at my Mom’s, I see the same curtains as his. !!!!! Synchronicity of family Thanksgiving and curtains.

Here is the previous post that has my dream in it before I posted this.

Telepathy is a function of Intuition


I was just visiting my Mom last week for Thanksgiving and was excited to see her new house. She has an extra room where I slept for three days.

I walked in…and the curtains on the windows were exactly the same print as the curtains on the front windows of my Twin Flame’s house in California. As you may recall I visited there two months ago, meeting him for the first time. We just hung out. I even remember photographically etching the pattern in my mind as though something was unconsciously telling me to remember the pattern. I specifically “noted” his curtains.

I was aghast and told my Mom as she helped me bring my things in. She said, “That’s impossible. I just picked those up at a garage sale at the old place where I used to live.”

“Mom, it’s the same pattern. Oh my gosh.” What is the meaning of that?

curtains 2 at Mom's

When you’ve met your Twin Flame, all kinds of crazy synchronicities happen to stimulate the release of your self-identification with the subconscious mind. As I’ve said on here before, the subconscious is our GPS system given to us by our birth family, imprinted irrevocably on our minds by our mother between in utero to about age six.

Ok, so, this is my Mother’s room! She picked out the curtains. I guess the question is, who picked out the curtains on the front windows of his house?

The talking to I got from my spiritual guidance team yesterday was, “The two of you have work to do and need to get cracking! Move your vibe to warmth, faith, and love and release fear, the past, and negativity!” I’m stubborn-seriously- and fairly cynical about this planet so they have a hard time with me. Especially with regard to men, I know I really need to get over it. My readers may agree.

That is what meeting your Twin Flame is about. Your male and female selves become ONE and there is no more subconscious conflict. You both are individuated adults, no longer sitting in emotional choices programmed by your mother. It’s not for everyone but if you have been called to the Twin Flame journey there are major revelations about who you are and who you are not.

When I finally realize that my mother’s projections onto me do not define who I am, it’s “curtains” for my subconscious mind and hopefully that of my twin flame as well. Then we can be together without fear or resistance but love instead. A reminder here; Twin Flame relationships are spiritual and don’t necessarily translate into living in partnership or romance. Many times the mirroring is a bit too intense for the physical dimension. We’ll see.




Re-Program; What is your Tzolkin Themeplex?


Anyone who wants to input their full birthday into the Tzolkin Day Calculator, just go to the site at the link below.  At the top is a rectangle.  Click on the rectangle at this page that says “Dreamspell Calculator”.

Tzolkin Day Calculator

Scroll down the page until you see where you input your birthday.

Your Tzolkin Themeplex will then pop up.  Now go back to the first page.  Find the name of your archetype on the huge list, click on that and there is much great reading about your multi-dimensional self. That said, my FB Group, Time Science & Art has taken it up a notch and given it some other dimension. It’s best to follow that daily.

Welcome to your journey to synchronicity where Time is Art and every day becomes your field of play.

There are also a few apps you can add to your phone. Just search online.

If you’re interested in a full chart that includes parts of your astrological profile rolled into your Tzolkin Themeplex you can order that from me in the FB Group, Time Science & Art. Just message me. They take me about two hours to do and the fee is $70.00.



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