A Personal Example of Sychronicity Yesterday

I was on the phone with my Mom. She brought up ancestry.com which I found to be fun because I would dial up key ancestors and see the synchronicity with current family members. It gives you all their birthdays. It I haven’t been on it for five years.

Meaning, as I’ve said before, family members incarnate into the same harmonic either in this current time or on either the CA or AC timeline that is the two strands of DNA. One goes to the past and one to the future. In every cell of our body is our past and our future! It’s the truth people. I see it in the Tzolkin all the time.

So, my mom starts talking about my two greats Grandmother Luettig and told me she was magical, a Healer, like me. I knew from my previous research that my 4 greats Grandmother Miner was also. I dialed up both of them in the oracle.

Mary Miner is my son’s Guide Power and Grandma Luettig comes right after Alex’s birth gateway; Red 12 Earth. She is White 13 Mirror. So both of these magical women are right on the beam with my awesome son who wants nothing more than to be of service on this planet and help as a social worker. He is very talented with art and music but doesn’t want to go that professional route, like me.They were helpers too, doing what I do. I’m so proud of him and we discuss how to empower and not be dysfunctional with clients. Humans always have an agenda and boundaries are #1.

I was working on Grandma Luettigs profile. Her birthday was April 16th, same as mine! She is Tone 13 also like me. And this was yesterday White 8 Wind. I dialed up her death day in the oracle. It came up WHITE 8 WIND.

That was all the confirmation I needed that she had reached the minds of mom and I, that we needed to research the ancestry of the magical woman and Healers in our family. There may even be a book there.

Mom was born in 1940 so her stories of her life just throw me. It was a completely different society back then. Some good, some bad. Much has improved also. Families knew each other and sat together and shared their lives. I did that with my huge family growing up and marvel at how much I remember those folks when I talk to my mom and sister.

We have a foot in all dimensions followers. Our ancestors from this life and lives on other worlds are with us still, as DNA in our bodies that is still evolving as RNA. That natural evolution is holy and so is THE FAMILY OF ALL LIFE.

Don’t put stuff, money, or tech ahead of sentient life whether it’s in the natural world, humans, or animals. Decide to give of yourself and find your mission maybe by getting to know your ancestors. Maybe you can learn how not to be also. That is a valuable lesson if they went down the wrong path. It’s all good.

Friday Daily Reading-11/11/22. We evolve to Model Synchronicity (Not Chance Accidents), with Integrity

There are no accidents in the Matrix. We co-create everything.

Every Light worker, Mystic, Mathematician and Enlightened Co-Creator that Ever Walked the Planet

Body Frequency

We enter HF45 with the 4, 4D time portals and tRNA evolution of Red 8 Earth phenyalanine, White 9 Mirror tyrosine, 10 Blue Night alanine, and Yellow 11 stop codon. This is the spectral matrix that self-regulates the universal fire of liberation. Time is DNA, and what collective DNA moves with it’s mindset and heartset, changes the earth.

Collective DNA, ALL LIFE, uploads it’s MIND and intention to the Sun via Yellow Sun Stop Codon every 20 days, then the Sun moves the earth based on what we choose. WE start it. End of story. If we want something different, we need to shift our collective minds and hearts.

Lisa T based on Tzolkin research over 35 years

We are not little victim insects. We are co-creators with All That Is and have Source in us.

Today we land on Red 8 Galactic Earth, analog White 8 Wind, Guide Power Red 8 Dragon, Antipode Blue 8 Hand and Hidden Wisdom Yellow 6 Seed.

Notice 2 rows to the left where we were in the harmonic switching timelines on October 5, 2022 on Yellow 10 Sun! They always start with Red Earth synchronicity.

Today is 11/11/22 which is a 10 or a 1 and refers back to Yellow 10 Sun as I just mentioned. If we write the date this common way, 11/11/22 it’s also 44 which is an 8 and matches the tone.

The 5gforce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Night, kin 123.

” I organize in order to dream. Balancing intuition I seal the input of abundance with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Earth Frequency

For 4 days the 4 time portals are pulsing on ICHING Hx 22 in the south Polar zone of 🌎 in synchronicity with the date and 11/11.

Amplitude is 8. We appear normal but not flat. That number is again in synchronicity with Tone 8 and all the rest. There are no accidents or chance in the matrix

The Red Earth 4D Time Portal is located at the Equator–15 degrees west in the mid Atlantic off the coast of Liberia.

Notice that the Sun Tribe is right over the Prime Meridian in Europe.

The 3D earth plate is Hx22 located at the ROOT or south polar zone of earth at 60-90 degrees south and 180-205 degrees West on the prime meridian. It is PLATE VI of the 8 Earth plates covered by 64 hexagrams.This one covers a large swath of Antarctica.

Interplanetary Frequency

Uranus is mediating. Pulsing are Neptune, Earth, and Jupiter.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Early today, the Sun-Saturn square perfects, and we can be cautious or experience lowered vitality. Sacrifices may be necessary. It’s best to conserve energy.
  • This afternoon, a Venus-Mars quincunx occurs, and our timing may be slightly off. There can be a dilemma or difficulty in feeling entirely at ease with others and making satisfying choices for entertainment or pleasure. Our romantic sensibilities and desires may be at odds, and problems (especially misunderstandings) in romantic and sexual relationships may result. Conflicts are likely between desires for independence and the need for nurturing or to nurture.
  • The Moon is in observant Gemini until 7:24 PM EST, when it moves into protective Cancer.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:30 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Cancer at 7:24 PM EST.

From cafeastrology.com

Kari Lake-R, in a Super Close Governors Race in AZ. Here is Her Public Figure Mayan Gateway

Kari spent 22 years working in media so she knows what they are made of and who pulls the strings. She is tight with Trump and MSM is trashing her all over the place calling her “conspiracy performance art” she learned from Trump. She is Light and they are D.S. shadow. Of course they have to try to destroy her.

Well, these days, free will, empowerment and healing is a conspiracy of wholeness for humans. The media really are scum and need to be taken down. They are controlled by Democrat corporate interests that use humans as victim slaves. It’s very profitable for them. Conservatives are about EMPOWERMENT. The left will never stand for human empowerment. Not in a million years. Humans are supposed to be dependent children. If they are empowered, happy, and whole, the democratic party would have no reason to exist.

I have her back with my Light worker energy, which is not minor.

Blue Hand is her Analog; Trump

House Republicans Won or Lead in 221 Race, Enough For a Majority.


Set Your Intention on 11/11/22 at 11:11am Tomorrow, Friday.


You need to meditate in a quiet spot for a few minutes at the very least. This is 11:11:11:11 so the manifestation piece from 4 is important. I would use it on your body!

This can also be seen as 44 or 8. OR 22 + 6 = 28 because 2022 is also a 6. 11/11/2022 =10 which is also a 1. You can either add digits or numerals to see the different vibrations. 28 is also a 10 and a 1.

In 5D we have Red 8 Galactic Earth for further synchronicity with 3D 8 synchronicity.

In addition, because the 5D Mayan Oracle syncs exactly with the 3D I Ching, we have Hexagram 22 covering the region of the planet at 60 degrees south, 180 degrees west. This is located in the South Polar zone of ROOT transmission kin so MORE GROUNDING with intention with integrity to level up your personal synchronicity. It’s quadruple synchronicity tomorrow.

All 4 Mayan 4D Time portals in harmonic 45 intersect to inform 3D Earth Hx22 of the timeline status. If you look at Earth’s 4D Holon, they are Core, Signal, Gateway kin pulsing to South Polar zone Hx 22. Then at the end of the harmonic, they upload all of our info. to Galactic Center on none other than…YELLOW 11 Spectral Sun which is Monday. We seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the spectral tone of INTENTION. I’m tellin’ ya folks, do not squander this one. AND, we will immediately see shadow action and choices through mainstream media and politics right away to know who is on the beam and who is not.

The Tzolkin Harmomic is the Earth’s COSMIC CLOCK pulsing its truth in time to all DNA on earth whether they like it or not. We live in a DNA collective, the web of life.

I don’t advise you squander any mindset on emotional addiction, habitual focus on politics, T.V. MSM or social media. Those are all vibrational garbage. That’s a one way ticket off the planet if you don’t like taking responsibility for your own mindset and heartset.

Hawaii Time Portal


Where are we here as far as IChing Hx and Tzolkin time portal? It’s not hard to see that ahead. I’ll post it a day ahead as far as earth movement to prove how predictive the Tzolkin is. How predictive DNA evolution is.

What is the line up on the earth holon, the merging of 3D into 5D Earth body and light body? I have to study that. The relationship between the hexagrams and the time portals is more complicated. I can tell you that the hexagrams program all DNA nucleotides. How that moves the time portals will be interesting to see. It’s probably right in front of my face.

The 5D location for Hawaii is the Blue Monkey time portal. The IChing Hx can only be synced when it actual happens on the timeline.

Tomorrow is Blue Monkey so the current swarm happening at the volcano is big synchronicity. We’ll.see what the situation is tomorrow.

I believe we are in Hx 63 for the HF45. I have to go to bed. The ScR being super low, at 4 right now is no easier than it being high…for me. My body is like radar for dimensional movement in our sector.

11/11/22 is Coming up Next Week. It is Four Elevens, not just Two. HF33 Will Become Unhacked! Implicate Order Will Come Through

It is unbelievable synchronicity that the governing 3D I Ching hexagram for this 5D Tzolkin harmonic is 22; Grace. It is a week from today on Friday. You heard it here first. Please share this with your friends and send them to this site. Look at the link below. This Hx is also about Love seeded by the White Dog Wavespell. More synchronicity. Please read all the info. in the link about the trigram.

Also, be mindful of the fact that while the trigram pulses on a section of Earth for 4 days it also controls one amino acid nucleotide in our DNA. It’s not like the Tzolkin day that evolves 5 pieces of tRNA each day in 5D to total 20 evolutionary pulses at the end of the harmonic…in your light body. It controls your ELM energy, your natural electrons/protons that make you visible because you intended to manifest for this adventure. Your mother wove you in her womb. It’s sacred. The Loom of Maya is magic.


11/11 and the 5th Dimension

The number 11 also grants us access to the 5th dimension, where time and space are constraints that don’t exist. On 11/11, we experience 5D energy in the form of synchronicity, alignment, and acceleration. You might experience that “right place at the right time” kind of feeling – the reassurance from realms beyond (but they are right here-Lisa T.) that you’re on the right path and everything you’re seeking is seeking you in return. When 11/11 comes around, pay attention and actively tap into the 5th dimension.

The article


11/11/22 will bring 11:11 11:11, quadruple 11:11 manifestation and magic. Note that in the Tzolkin we have 3:11:11:11 in HF3 as Blue 11 Monkey 🐒, our visionary Jose’s gateway. But this day coming up is more.

11/11 is a day that’s incredibly potent for manifestation – one of the most powerful of the year. It’s a day when we’re reminded that our guides are always near, supporting us on the path to our deepest desires and dreams.

The article
Red 8 Galactic Earth phenylalanine on 11/11/22. RED EARTH IS SYNCHRONICITY AND 8 IS DOUBLE MANIFESTATION.

In the tarot, the number 1 corresponds with The Magician, a card representing creation, beginnings, willpower, and leadership. The Magician uses all of his tools – both physical and spiritual – to manifest his dreams. He corresponds with Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and makes things happen in divine timing. The number 11 is The Magician’s power doubled, and it symbolizes manifestation – our dreams coming into physical reality.

The article

Next week it’s going to be quadrupled! Use it wisely, in light, truth, and integrity.

Friday-New Podcast from Time is DNA by Lisa K. Townsend

The Tzolkin and Synchronicity and the Letter from Einstein. Please note there are TWO new podcasts here. They are on top.

Note on the Letter from Einstein. Yellow Sun Kin come right before Red Dragon kin or the Draco who were still in our system in 1939…very much so. Albert Einstein was Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun so there is a connection, a time influence here for him. I believe his decision to pursue this was unconsciously put there by the Draco.

Also, James Van Allen was in charge of the Manhattan Project and Nicholas Smith worked with him. But obviously, Dr. Smith felt that Intuition was left out of the picture and wrote the paper that became my book. The conclusion of his paper says,

Knowledge depends as much upon intuition as it does upon extrospection and logic. and that these aspects are interdependent. I have hoped to make you aware of the implication that the nature of the rational act is much more complicated than heretofore supposed and that the simplistic views of cognition must irrevocably be discarded.”-Nicholas M. Smith

His Paper, The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method

(And for that, his family probably dissed him and I cannot find his picture on the internet. That’s what happens to PhD’s who are CORRECT and vocal about balancing the intuitive and rational mind. So be it.)

The Role of Intuition in The Scientific Method by Nicholas M. Smith Staying on Earth Through Our Ascension

I bought the copyright to this paper so It's my book. His family didn't want it. I wrote the Preface, glossary and history. Dr. Smith worked with James Van Allen on the MANHATTAN PROJECT. Van Allen is the namesake for the Van Allen Belts or the magnetosphere ELM field around the earth. Tzolkonics calls it the Psi Bank and the Schumann Project measures the Resonance in Russia as well as other places. I post it on my blog daily. I read to you here, the letter that Albert Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt during WWII before the atomic bomb was built. I find the letter to be quite controversial. I hope it stimulates discussion.
  1. The Role of Intuition in The Scientific Method by Nicholas M. Smith
  2. Time is DNA by Lisa K Townsend
  3. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Science and Spirituality Revistited-Chapter 11
  4. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Essay30 from 2018|Science, Spirituality, and Religion
  5. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Science and Spirituality Revistited-Chapter 11

In This Halloween Season…A Mother’s Love

Harry Potter…

Lily Potter is murdered by Lord Voldemort while standing in his way to Harry. Sacrificial protection (but it’s not a sacrificial LOSS. It is a change in TIME or a timeline by moving from 4D physical to 5D Light Body thus giving the protectee more 3D time in physical) is an ancient, powerful and long-lasting counter-charm that is endowed when one person ultimately gives his or her own life (Time) willingly and out of deep and pure love to strongly save the life of one or more people.

Note that Harry’s scar is a lightning bolt, an archetype of Blue Storm Tribe which is true to Harry’s destiny. He has to self-generate from being raised by ignorant muggles into a conscious wizard.

Daniel Ratcliffes Birth oracle. Remember the first scene of the first movie The Sorcerer’s Stone with the snake? Red Serpent tribe comes after Red Dragon. Harry can speak to snakes because of his tribe. And Hagrid has a discussion with Harry on the bus that Dragons are vastly misunderstood creatures.

Yellow 7 Sun is a super powerful gateway to be in the subconscious mother position. Look at the zig zag mirror as his analog and the mirroring he had with Voldemort. And what was his challenge? Resonant magic with his friends. Harry was ultimately guided by the Skywalkers but he hails from Red Dragon, where ALL humans began.

Remember the Mirror of Arisett scene that shows Harry what he wants, desperate desires of your heart. It is one thing to have a dream but the only way it can be manifested is if you live. Anyway, Harry’s analog is White Mirror in line with his destiny oracle.

Harry’s vault 687 at Gringotts adds up to 11! After that is vault 713 which is the second 11 so it’s 11:11. Lol

Platform 9 and 3/4 is 9.75. 9.75 x 2 = 19.5 which is the latitude on all of our local system planets where evolutionary events take place to change the planet body such as volcano and storms.

The Hogwarts train # is 5972=23. 1: 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers – a number that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits. Primes have been described as the “atoms” of mathematics – the building blocks of matter.

The quidditch snitch is an archetype for the subatomic nucleus of our DNA cells. Harry is a seeker for the game of control over time which is our body. Notice that after the quidditch game the snitch comes OUT OF his body and they win.

There are Tzolkin archetypes around every corner in all of the Harry Potter movies.

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